GLONASS will help domestic companies to enter the global market

The Russian navigation market is growing faster pace. However, to enter the global level it needs more support from the business, says trade publication "Journal of GLONASS."

In 2011, the volume of domestic navigation market has increased several times: this was due to the completion of the formation of the GLONASS satellite constellation that provides is now 100% coverage of the globe. In the short-term positive trend will continue through the implementation of projects such as ERA-GLONASS implementation of intelligent systems to monitor and control public transport, full navigation equipment to equip the fleet of emergency services.


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Domestic fingerprinting equipment

Yesterday saw the news that more than a hundred in Tver traffic police cars will be equipped with devices for fingerprinting, for follow-up inspection on the basis of raziskivaemyh criminals. As a result of searching the Internet I found a domestic company producing a wide range of equipment for fingerprinting and forensics. Oh, and I want to tell her. Papillon

The company was established in 1991 and is engaged in the development and implementation in the following areas

biometric fingerprint identification by fingerprints and palm prints (AFIS) biometric identification system for iris recognition Fingerprint scanners and electronic

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Unmanned ASW complex tracking ACTUV

Magazine «Jane’s International Defence Review» Article Richard Scott «DARPA proceeds with ACTUV programme» reports that the agency DARPA U.S. Department of Defense continues to develop applets promising underwater unmanned complex long tracking non-nuclear submarines enemy — Anti-Submarine Warfare Continuous Trail Unmanned Vessel — ACTUV. At its base is meant to make the system of regional, and eventually, perhaps, global tracking of non-nuclear submarines. Earlier in 2010, DARPA under the first phase applets ACTUV price contracts provided $ 2 million to three developers (Northrop Grumman Undersea Systems, QinetiQ North America Technology Solutions Group and SAIC Intelligence, Security and Technology Group)

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From Morpheus to Knight


Options armored SAM 42S6 "Morpheus" with air defense radar, missile AFAR on the chassis and the car BAZ 70N6 with AESA radar with dome lens (History of Soviet radar. M., "Capital Encyclopedia", 2011).

The latest anti-aircraft missile system 42S6 "Morpheus" short-range plan to adopt in 2015. The journalists said Deputy Defense Minister, Colonel-General Oleg Ostapenko. Earlier Ashurbeyli Igor, who headed up the company in 2011, the developer "Morpheus" (lead system design bureau "Almaz-Antey") reported in an interview with RIA Novosti that the enacting of the complex is scheduled for 2013. The system of

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On the Russian ships will establish European artillery

In the last couple of years, dramatically activated by buying Russian weapons abroad and technologies of military significance. UAVs purchased party in Israel, the contract for the construction of France 2-helicopter, in preparation for the construction of the Italian armored vehicles in Russia, bought small armament for special units, etc etc.

And here's another "happy" news on the subject. Visiting of "Severnaya Verf" February 4, 2011, on a working visit, Russian Federation Navy Commander Admiral Vladimir Vysotsky — gave an indication to discern the ability to set foreign-made artillery systems on ships under construction class "frigate".

Apparently, this applies

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Reconnaissance aircraft «Boeing» made its first flight

Boeing has completed the first flight of the modernized aircraft Beechcraft King Air 350ER in the intelligence embodiment EMARSS (enhanced medium altitude reconnaissance and surveillance system — extended medium-reconnaissance and surveillance system), reports June 4.   The flight lasted four hours has been audited by different systems without using a complicated set of sensors.   «Boeing» builds first four aircraft of this version, the total number created for the U.S. Army vehicles will reach 12 units.   King Air 350ER EMARSS were designed to change the 200 aircraft electronic reconnaissance RC-12, which are extensively used in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

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Weapons will equip the system identification of the owner

In the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs and commissioned by the Industry and Trade Ministry have developed a system of control over the circulation of weapons that can identify the shooter from the photo, fingerprints and other biometric data. According to the newspaper "Izvestia" in reference to the system developer on condition of anonymity, if approved by the military-industrial commission, the system could be implemented within a year. According to the official publication, the system is a microchip with information about the direction that can be embedded in any pistol, rifle or machine gun. This chip will block

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Russia may set up a system of detection of dangerous space objects

Rogozin wants to establish a system for the detection of dangerous space objects

Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin called for the creation of a system of detection of objects that represent a threat to Earth. The first proposals to the Prime Minister Medvedev will be ready by Monday.

"Detection System for Dangerous Earth objects and their neutralization humanity will create" — said Rogozin in his microblog on Twitter. The message attached link to the article of the newspaper "Izvestia", in which it is said that he, Rogozin, who gave only comment, "affecting the essence of the problem."

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The prototype locomotive SinaraHybrid shown on the LTZ

On Lyudinovo locomotive factory (part of "Sinara-Transport Machines", is a member of "OPZHT") took the prototype inspection process innovation shunting locomotive «SinaraHybrid».


The project is the first Russian locomotive with hybrid propulsion system developed scientific and engineering research unit of the holding-Sinara Transport Machines — "Center of Innovation Development STM" supported by the Innovation Fund "Skolkovo" and JSC "Russian Railways". The design of the locomotive «SinaraHybrid» is modular production. Placed on the frame of the locomotive: • diesel generator, cabin and sanitary household units, • rendering of compressed air, • compartment of clean air, • unit

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Experience in the use of Russian drone

Moscow. May 30. Airports — ZALA AERO Group has developed and implemented in the on-board payload unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) system for automatic object tracking, said "AviaPort" Group CEO Alexander Zakharov.  According to him, the establishment of such a system was driven by the need to provide a comfortable environment for the operator of UAVs, which for two or three hours of the flight was forced "to taxi" — control the position of the camera to keep the subject in the lens. "Even a very well-prepared statement after two hours was not able to analyze the progress of

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