Reducing the consumption of water in the city

President Theodore Roosevelt once said, "civilized people should know how to dispose of sewage in a manner different from the direction of it in the drinking water."

One-time use of water to disperse human and industrial waste — is an old-fashioned practice, obsolete because of new technologies and water shortages. However, it is still common in many countries.

Water comes into town, polluted by human and industrial wastes, and leaves the city dangerously in dirty condition. Toxic industrial wastes discharged into rivers, lakes or wells, are also made available aquifers, making water — both surface and underground — unsafe.


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It works fine, even a little better than expected

Space Radio Telescope Interferometer "Spektr-R" ("Radioastron"), put into high-elliptical orbit on July 18, spent the first test observations of the space object. This object has become one of the most powerful sources of galactic radio — the remnants of supernova Cassiopeia A (Cas A). On board the observatory are four highly sensitive radiometer for astronomical observations in the radio waves from 92 cm to 1 cm

First space test of the four radiometers have confirmed their reliable operation in normal mode. Measured the total system noise temperature of the radio telescope, showing the proximity of the

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Omsk region: solar power provides 22-apartment house in the Russian Glade

In the Omsk region use solar energy. As the press service of the regional government, as an experimental object is an 22-apartment house in the Russian regional center field.

Almost a month house is provided with 40 vacuum solar collectors. The system installed in the end of the building, allows the spring to provide residents with hot water up to 60% of the demand, and in the summer — by 100%. If there is insufficient solar energy to work the system automatically turns on the heat exchanger. Already, the water is heated to 55 degrees and accumulated in

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Earths apparatus Cassini in orbit of Saturn




Research began giant planet and its rings


This week, an international auto probe "Cassini" has started direct study of Saturn and its many moons. The mission will last for 4 years, and it began in 1997, when the "Cassini" from Cape Canaveral went on a

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Our new sun will be Sirius?




This sensational news recently told its readers Almanac "The Fourth Dimension." In evolutionary development, state the researchers, humanity has come close to the end of the time period 260 000 Earth years. During this time, the Sun will visit all the 12 signs of the zodiac. Approaches are also several other, equally serious "birthdays":

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Britain bought French antisnayperskie system

England ordered the French company Cilas party complexes detection sniping SLD 500 total cost of £ 5 million (eight million dollars). It is reported by Defense News. According to the publication, the contract was signed on November 26, but this became clear only at the moment. Supply of equipment to begin in January. As expected, the devices will be used by military personnel of the English contingent in Afghanistan. Accommodation enemy snipers system SLD 500 defines a laser beam, which «scans» area in search scopes and binoculars. Upon detection of a sniper (laser beam is reflected from the glass

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At CES 2013 showed Linux-gun for 17,000 bucks

The exhibition CES, held in Las Vegas, usually considered a place of demonstration of new electric devices. Here in the presence of New Telecom, cameras, microprocessors, tablets and much more. But perhaps for the first time here demonstrate the true gun. Not the usual gun, and the gun running Linux.Texas startup Tracking Point, specializing in military high-tech solutions, currently engaged in that classic TUNING Magnums and Winchester in the direction of high technology. At CES 2013 the company showed a modernized version ruzhy Winchester Magnum and Lapua Magnum, complete with an advanced computerized system, which in appearance resembles that shown

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Omsk engineers have developed a draft of a new generation of cargo airship

Omsk inventors have created an innovative system of regulation aerostatic lift airship. All in all an innovator — more than two hundred patents on the basis of which Russia may appear radically new form of transport.

Modern airplanes, cars, trains and ships are still far from perfect. Some require the construction of highways, others — rising in price of fuel, others can not be used as a vehicle all year round. Omsk engineers believe that they can become an alternative to blimps.

Popular in the beginning of the last century zeppelin, according to scientists, quite undeservedly forgotten.

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Omsk ambulance online

In the Omsk region all the ambulances were recently merged into a single set of information together with the central station in Omsk and substations in the area.The system was put into operation on the eve of 2013, and today its components that make up an information center, in trial operation. Details — in the article.



Any innovation is based on need. In the case of Omsk ambulance was a sad situation a year ago, the central dispatch station is a practical system of vintage telephones, operators,

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Thoughts about the weapon the coming future

I do not know how the instrument will be conducted the third is global, but the fourth just sticks and stones.A. Einstein

Eminent scientist majestic phrase came at a time when progress in the field of arms was a prerequisite for concern for the fate of the entire planet. Means of liquidation, as the human eagerness to use them could lead to the most dire consequences. But over time, formed the doctrine of nuclear deterrence, and people finally realized that the thin and shaky peace is better than at least some of the war. Great reward for this belongs

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