Asymmetric response to Russia

So may be the development of tactical nuclear weapons and super-low power Significant changes in the look on the conduct of hostilities and their role in the missile and artillery (RAV) occurred at the end of XX — beginning of XXI century with the formation of the concept of network-centric warfare. Immediately identify and backlog of in this area of ​​the world level. Own eyes on the state of the Russian RAV and priorities of its development scientists are intensively working on this topic within the Russian Academy of Missile and Artillery Sciences (RARAN). Missile and artillery armament is

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Equipment for the long-term IL-76MD-90A


Holding "Aviation" and "daughter" of the United Aircraft Corporation ("KLA") — "UAC-Transport Aircraft" (UAC-TA) reached a new level of cooperation. As part of the air show "MAKS 2013" partners signed a long-term contract for supply of aviation equipment for heavy military transport aircraft Il-76MD-90A.

In accordance with a contract until 2020, "Aviation" will deliver KLA-TS 39 sets of onboard equipment and units over $ 5 billion. Integrated suite of avionics for the Il-76MD-90A, which will be delivered Holding include 160 items, including a set of chassis and drive control system of the wing specially

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Equipment Prirazlomnaya passes the acceptance

On a unique fixed offshore platform "Prirazlomnaja" (Pechora Sea), constructed of "PO" Sevmash ", finalized acceptance committee, which included representatives of" Gazprom Neft Shelf, "" security Gazprom "," Gazprom state control, "Federal Ecological, Technological and Nuclear Supervision and others.


Commission were filed several systems of the first stage, including one of the most important — emergency stop system: on the platform successfully tested gas fire suppression system. Ahead of skilled manufacturing one of the most difficult areas — delivery of an extensive system of ventilation systems and other equipment of the first stage. In

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Upgraded model of the Russian BMP-3 is present at the Difensis-2010

Different directions of modernization of Russian infantry fighting vehicle BMP-3 will be presented during the period of October 28-31 in Thessaloniki (Greece) at the special exhibition of the land, sea and air defense systems "Difensis 2010"(DEFENSYS 2010). This korr.ARMS-Tass was told in the press service of the LLC" Corporate Governance "Concern" Tractor plants ".

In the course of the exhibition is also planned to hold a presentation of BMP-3M. As the source said, the experience of operating in different regions of the world and the current requirements for technology have allowed to conduct combat spice of "Special Design Bureau

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The modernization of Mi-17 MO Rwanda Lithuanian company ASU Baltija together with South American partners, has developed a set of modernization of Mi-17

Lithuanian company ASU Baltija together with South American partners, has developed a set of modernization 3 E-17 Ministry of Defence of Rwanda.

Rwandan E-17 are used to support the operations of the United Nations, except for the additional armor of ASU Baltija they are equipped with modern navigation devices, communications and intelligence systems:

1. Navigator GPS-400W (Garmin);— DME KN-62A receiver (Honeywell);— ATC transponder KT-76C (Honeywell);— VOR / ILS navigation receiver KN-53 from the display KI-206 (Honeywell);— methods radar ART-2000 (Honeywell) with a functional screen EX-600 (Avidyne);— ELT C406-1HM (Artex).

2. Search and rescue equipment:— System observation Ultra Force

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Overview: IT in Health Care (2012)

That long awaited computerization of health care has finally begun. Over the past 2012 failed to make a qualitative leap in the development of the infrastructure of medical institutions begin to develop the necessary software and implement the first electronic service for the citizens — the ability to remotely schedule an appointment to see a doctor. Now the main thing — do not stop there. Ahead — the introduction of electronic medical records, laboratory automation and the creation of a single information system at the federal level.



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FREMM multipurpose frigate class

The Navy of France entered the head multipurpose frigate class FREMM (Frigates European Multi Mission) D 650 Aquitaine (Aquitaine). The official ceremony was accomplished November 23, 2012-year. The act of acceptance signed by the Chief of Staff of the French Navy (chef d'etat-major de la Marine) Enrogel Admiral Bernard (Bernard Rogel). FREMM is a joint French-Italian applets construction of multipurpose frigates built for anti-submarine and anti-aircraft defense, destruction of surface ships and attack ground targets deep in enemy terrain. Each frigate has the ability to act as both ship Motivated control group.

According to the program there FREMM, will

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Overview kindergartens, were not included in the news over the past week

In Vologda, after the cap. Repair opened a kindergarten for 300 places

In Vologda opened kindergarten "Lenok."

Construction work in a kindergarten in the street Spinner began in January 2013. For six months the facility has done a lot of work: redecoration, double-glazed windows, replaced plumbing, wiring, ventilation system, installed automatic fire alarm and warning system, and a video surveillance system.

The repair of the kindergarten has been allocated more than 50 million rubles. Landscaped grounds and gardens. A special pride — is grounds for walking. There is also a separate playground and

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Snow Nemo system threatens northeast U.S.

All the north-eastern states of the U.S. is preparing to blow thick snow system called Nemo. It is expected that this part of the United States will fall more than 0.6 meters of snow, and the wind speed at the same time exceeds 96 km / h This can result in zero visibility on the road and complete paralysis of life in both small and large cities in the north-east. High risk of extensive flooding of coastal areas of Massachusetts and surges of up to 1.2 meters.

Forecasters compare this atmospheric phenomenon with a violent storm in 1978

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On strengthening the Navy

On the basis of 242 Airborne Training Centre (Omsk) from May to begin training under the program of intensive military training. Education course is organized as a "survival" of intense cycle, during which practiced a situation as close to the fighting as in nature, and in the stress on students. Interestingly, of the approximately 800 military personnel, which will be held in the course of May and June, "winged infantry" are only about 200. The rest will come from the parts of the Southern Military District. This is due to the fact that the training of Navy and so quite

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