Uralvagonzavod system is implemented lean manufacturing

At the head office of the corporation "Uralvagonzavod" a seminar on the results of the quality management system. Particular attention was paid to the methods of lean manufacturing, implementation of which began at the northernmost site UVZ — in the shops Volchansk mechanical plant.

Quality Director Victor Shchekotov summed up the quality assurance during production and use of products produced at the plant. He stressed that in 2010 there was a significant reduction in losses from marriage relative to gross output:

in steel production — by 33.5%, a railway car — by 44% in mechanical assembly

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On the streets of Moscow will soon have new trams production of PTMZ

JSC "Petersburg Tram-Mechanical Plant" (PTMZ) will again produce trams for Moscow. Prior to December 1, 2011 St. Petersburg car builders plan to send to the capital of 30 new trams model 71-153 with a partially low-floor.

In 2010 PTMZ already delivered to Moscow tram 23 for this model. New trams successfully operated on the streets of the capital.

Trams are designed specifically for Moscow, will be equipped with: — ASKP system (automated monitoring system drive) from the original design of the sliding door cab; — A more powerful system kalorifernogo heat the passenger compartment, including

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Vision can be corrected!




Computers deeper part of our lives, forcing us to spend at the monitor screens for hours. It's no secret that the radiation monitors, to put it mildly, does not improve vision. Smartly furnished our their workplace, we can reduce to zero, or at least to minimize the

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At the edge of the solar system discovered something

Voyager 1 spacecraft can not leave the solar system.

It appears, on the border of the solar system and deep space there is a kind of customs. Where the magnetic field lines generated by the sun and the presence in the solar wind undergo reconnection with the field lines of the magnetic field of the interstellar medium. This became known as information received from the probe Voyager 1, which so far they can not leave the solar system.

Now a veteran of space research launched in 1977 by the American apparatus Voyager 1, is close to the edge

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On the territory of the Orenburg helium plant construction installation OG-500 helium liquefaction

This project is part of the investment program of "Gazprom gazenergoset."

Installing the liquefaction of helium will be a single structure for the production and shipment of liquid helium, followed by transportation. The unit will include compression system, a system to remove oil, helium liquefier, liquid helium storage system, the system of training of the helium gas filling station, the system will store and supply of liquid nitrogen. Plant capacity is 500 liters per hour (4.2 million liters per year). Commissioning of the liquefaction of helium will allow the company to expand the wholesale distribution of liquid

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Jubilee Berkut

August 9, 1950 came out, only recently declassified, USSR Council of Ministers № 3389-1426, signed by IV Stalin, on the development of defense systems of cities and strategic targets under the code "Golden eagle. "This press service said GSKB" Almaz-Antey "them. Academician AA Raspletina. Its foundation was a fundamentally new class of long guns — anti-aircraft missiles.

The uniqueness of the project in addition to the fact that the Regulation provides a vision of the political and military control of the USSR and its ability to predict the course of events, to anticipate them. Since then, the situation was

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On SSHHPP set a new seismic sequence

As explained in the press service of the Sayano-installed equipment "… will allow for monitoring of the dynamic state of hydraulic structures and the registration of earthquakes." Moreover, data recording system will be maintained continuously and automatically. According to the information provided about the new equipment and its capabilities in comparison with the old: now in the updated seismometric complex involving 22 special pavilion, located in the dam body and intended for the seismic equipment. Previously, the station was used only 7 of these pavilions. The old system was in standby mode and ran when a seismic event

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February 22, 2012 20:40

The film tells the story of human chakra system. According to Indian tradition, their 7. Detailed account of the purpose of each of the chakras in English is provided with Russian subtitles.

Next — an interesting article about Voice effects on the chakras (Taken from here).

Technique to restore the balance in the system of chakras by voice has been described by three thousand years ago in Ayurveda — the Vedic system of healing. In most cases, the impact on the chakras comes to singing mantras, but may also include some harmonically related

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Effective business management

As you know, the law of modern economic development says that no matter what company created only in order to receive income from its own activities. People who spend recruitment, trying to make it in such a Makarov, that the company's staff participated in a very good profit. With all this people who are organized to work on that or any other company in the first place, too, have a puzzle in front of him a profit. The financial side of human interaction in a team can be an obstacle to effective economic growth, if the management staff will not

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Photon belt

January 26, 2012 15:33

The author began to wonder what exactly is the photon belt, which should enter the solar system. That is the type of information could be found.

1. To begin to hear the views of NASA for the terminology

I fear that the Earth will enter the Dark Rift (Dark Rift) in the Milky Way. Where will this lead? He will swallow the Earth?

"Dark Rift" — is known (popular) name of vast clouds of cosmic dust scattered inside the sleeves of the Milky Way Galaxy, which cover us an overview of the

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