MES South completed the installation of the ice melting system at a substation Budennovsk

Branch of OAO "UES FGC" — Trunk Power Grids (MEA) of the South — has completed installation of basic equipment ice melting system at 500 kV Budennovsk. Installation of the ice melting system will improve the reliability of electricity supply more than 150 thousand inhabitants Budenovsky municipal district of the Stavropol Territory.


Ice melting system is designed to deal with the icing on the wire and ground wire transmission lines. As part of work on the 500 kV substation mounted Budennovsk: rectifier unit for the heating wires, circuit breakers, current transformers. The new system of melting

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Astronomers have seen the formation of an exoplanet

November 21, 2011 12:21

The planet formed in the disk LkCa 15 (illustration Karen Teramura, UH IfA).

Astronomers Adam Kraus (Adam Kraus) and Michael Ayrlend (Michael Ireland) University of Hawaii at Manoa (USA) and Macquarie University (Australia), probably removed the planet at the time of its formation.

The object of the new study was the star LkCa 15 — analogue of the Sun, which lies in the approximate (145 ± 15 pc) to us the star forming region in Taurus and Auriga. Weight LkCa 15 is estimated at 0,97 ± 0,03 sun, and its age is only (2+2-1) Million

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Ninth planet Earth saved

November 11, 2011 22:06


She was a shove out of the solar system. In our solar system once there were nine planets, five of whom were giants. Ninth planet was literally push out the limits of the system, which saved the Earth from catastrophic destruction. So says astrophysicist David Nesvorny of the Southwest Research Institute in San Antonio. When the sun turned 600 million years, and it has already started to gather around him the heavenly bodies, the major planets of hydrogen and helium — like Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune — moved more erratically. At

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Mankind can not see the aliens

November 10, 2011 11:32

The recent statement of the U.S. government that it has no evidence of extraterrestrial life, does not mean that the aliens are not with us. Just mankind is not yet able to see aliens, writes The Daily Mail. The aliens can hide even in the solar system, scientists believe the University of Pennsylvania. "The vastness of space, combined with our limited capacity means that any unmanned exploratory probe of extraterrestrial origin, is likely to remain unnoticed" — noted Jacob Haqq-Misra and Ravi Kumar Kopparapu.

According to scientists, humanity is still too poorly known solar system,

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Excellent An old forgotten. Russian education system requires Russian

Judging by the fact that Andrei Fursenko chair of the Minister of Education and Science, landed in the Russian Federation President's assistants, the summit of his eight-year activity is recognized, if not perfect, it is applicable. Namely, deemed applicable and its concept, retold by an abundance of journalists in different terms, but in general reducible to think, not necessarily to educate creators and the need to first educate people well reap the benefits of someone else's creativity. Although judging by my many years of observations, without their own creativity difficult to use even carefully documented ability.

The new Minister Dmitry

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Owners of the Seas

Modern politikum offers two geopolitical eye on the future. In reality there is a unipolar world with a sole favorite — the United States. The second involves the movement of the eye of the world society to a two-pole (the second pole, led by China, has developed rapidly) or multipolar system of international relations. Accordingly, it will not stop sharpening rivalry amidst the leading states in the political and military-technical cooperation, in particular in the field of armaments. The most important here is the transition to the weapon of the last generation — the precision and the "information" that

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MSSZ signed the act of acceptance cargo-ship A. Kunahovich

August 1, 2013 between the Moscow shipbuilding and ship repair yard and JSC "Zelenodolskoye PKB" the signing of the act of acceptance cargo-ship project "Volgar". Under the terms of the state contract, the signing of the act of acceptance of the ship took place at the arrival of a vessel Zelenodolsk.


The company's management and crew praised the quality of the completed project, the construction of the Moscow Shipyard specialists took into account all the wishes of the customer. Utility "Volgar" was built by the project of "Zelenodolsk Design Bureau". The ship is named

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The development of small personal weapon fighter to nedavneshnego time went on his own, separate from the latest technology path. Electronics in assembly machines and assault rifles or not used at all or used a very limited — mainly in the construction of optical and night sights. But the reduction in the size, price and resource in the manufacture of electrical components, as well as vsepolnotsennyh computing allows us to apply them not only on military equipment, but also for the modernization and the creation of entirely new types of small arms boytsa.Odnim modern example of widespread use of

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MSSZ delivered to the customer 26 meter motor yacht

June 22, 2012 in Sochi, the solemn transfer of the customer 26 meter motor yacht. In just a year and a half the builders of the Moscow shipbuilding and ship-repair factory has managed to build this beauty.

The hull is made of steel and aluminum superstructure. In the creation of the yacht «White Crystal» (Crystal White) were involved some of the best design and design offices Holland: Guido de Groot (interior), GINTON naval architects (designer). The yacht has excellent sea keeping qualities and a very impressive useful volume.

The ship has everything for a comfortable and safe journey. Endurance

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Chimera freedom

The concept of "freedom" — one of the main chimeras with which the ruling structure of the "brain stem" people. Transforming the rapidly evolving public system of the country in a pile of rubble.

If you analyze at least some event in the world, be it political, war, just a death of 1 person, it is completely clear that all natural. For what ever event, the phenomenon is a system hierarchy: the laws of the Universe, the Cosmos, the laws of nature, art, politics. Even at the current time, you can find information on the effects of solar flares,

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