Technique reporters returned, but so far not much

According to journalists, members of the Committee explained the withdrawal of state security check in the investigation criminal case Article about insulting the president.Now Bobruisk journalist Andrei Shobin became the first person to return confiscated March 27 vehicles. By him, about 14 hours staff interdistrict State Security Committee of the council gave him a laptop, a computer system with a monitor, a video also several 10-s floppy disks and CDs.Immediately returned equipment and Mogilev journalists Vadim Arshinsky th Gennady Soudnick. Arshinsky returned laptop and video, and Soudnick — a computer system. Technique journalists were taken to the Regional Directorate of

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French «Vampires» for future Russian UDC type «Mistral»

28.09.2012 year. Military branch of the French company «SAGEM», part of the holding «SAFRAN», prepared to do and put on amphibious assault ships being built at the shipyard DCNS / Alstom for Russian customer prospecting and targeting infrared system «Vampir NG». Contract for the supply obtained from the head of the French builder — unions «DCNS». About to sign a treaty told the press representative of the French «SAGEM». Under the agreement, the first of the systems to be installed first Russian ship in 2013, and here and there in six months this system equip second ship. At this

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Transas has established a system of transport security waters in Vyborg and Vysotsk

Transas has completed the installation of a modern system of transportation security seaport of Vyborg and Vysotsk.

The implemented system today is a modern complex of technical means with a single central station monitoring. Coverage of the system covers the waters of ports, anchorages and approaches to them.

The main objective of the system is to prevent acts of unlawful interference and to increase the level of traffic safety on the waters. However, the information system can be used for process monitoring and control of the overall situation in the area in the interests of administrative ports,

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Iran to get missile S-300PT from Belarus?

Mark Geryngtan, be reported to the Web site "Jane’s", notes that if at the end 2007 Moscow has agreed to implement several air defense systems to Iran, at the moment of Belarus Iran gets two anti-missile systems S-300PT (SA-10A "Grumble"). These systems were to nedavneshnego time located near Minsk Belarus as part of the current anti-aircraft defense system. In their structure — missiles "Torch" 5V55K acts with a radius 47 km and the main syaredneaktyvny radar and guided missile "TVM" (Track Via Missile) with a radius of 75 km acts.Citing an unnamed source from the defense industry Belarus information group

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Transas will hold a second stage of conversion icebreaker Kapitan Dranitsin

The company "Transas" won the tender for the execution of work on the second phase of conversion of diesel-powered icebreaker "Kapitan Dranitsin."

The first phase of renovation navigation and communications systems of the vessel is also made by experts of the company. As part of the agreement "Transas" will produce a complete redesign of navigation equipment icebreaker:

* Install modern navigation and communication, * Equip a wide range of specialized equipment for ice breakers including a radar unit, accurately displaying the ice conditions around the ship, allowing you to run the best route * Equips electronic

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Transas has commissioned the communication system of the Volga-Don canal

The contract with the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport company "Transas" established a system of VHF communications Volga-Don canal with several control centers.

Experts of the company have been carried out to develop and approval of engineering design, supply and installation of equipment, carried out pre-commissioning, commissioning tests, as well as organized coaching staff. At the heart of the implemented system is a hardware-software complex for the production of "Transas" specially optimized to meet the challenges on the inland waterways. Coverage of the system covers the area from the Volga to the Don Constantine hydro, included in the

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Trams XXI century

Considering the current global trends, the rejection of topping the rings in order to save space, facilities, Branch Tram Repair Plant "TRZ" SUE "Mosgortrans" designed and manufactured by six tram trains Tatra T-3 Series MTTA-2 to work on dead-end lines. These consist of two train wagons linked by a system of many units of the rear ends. Thus, the cab drivers "look" in different directions according to the principle of underground. Trams also have access to both the right and on the left side. The compositions have pantographs polupantografami company «Lekov» 1 EPDE 16-2600 electric. Heating cab

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Tor-M2E. Coming Brazilian trip.

One of the contenders for victory in Brazil conducted a tender for the purchase of short-range air defense systems is a Russian anti-aircraft missile system "Tor-M2E".

"This year in Brazil opened a tender for a short-range air defense systems. In order to participate in it, we have presented a new system of "Tor-M2E" development and production of Concern PVO "Almaz-Antey",

— Said the exhibition LAAD-2011 in Rio de Janeiro, head of the regional department, the head of the delegation of "Rosoboronexport" Sergei Ladigin.

In turn, the head of the

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Top 5 most technological inventions Ukrainian

The first patent in the history of independent Ukraine was issued November 30, 1992 for an invention anti-friction material for the friction surfaces. Exactly 20 years later, in November of 2012, the State Intellectual Property Service has announced the registration of one hundred thousandth of a patent. Jubilee was the invention "Method of improving the effectiveness of chemotherapy resistant to chemotherapy of malignant tumors."

According to the study of the World Intellectual Property Organization, in 2011, Ukraine was ranked seventh in the number of applications for patents among the fifteen countries with an average income.

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LLP «» offers new services

Service-188 information service, which provides help, service and consulting services to the public in March 2013 with the continued active development of software with which you can choose the most rational solution to problems posed by the client.  Also, the service was able to organize 188 Call Center to outsource to more than 10 companies. This enabled them in a short period of time to expand the list of services and open up additional opportunities for the development of a successful business. Service-Information Service 188 was founded in 2004 and quickly became the market leader in Almaty to provide

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