T-90AM TAGIL: The fire control system

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Continuing the theme of the design analysis of the latest Russian T-90ms, we'll see how it had affairs with the fire control system. After all, a MSA "Kalina" — this is the main feature in all of this wonderful machine.

The basis of complex airborne equipment is modern, world-class SLAs "Kalina" in the multispectral gunner's sight, commander's panoramic sight with a digital ballistic computer and a set of sensors in the shooting conditions. In the FCS integrated combat management information system tactical level. The multispectral MSA is designed to provide high efficiency of the combat vehicle in

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Damascus was the antidote to the «Tomahawk»

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U.S. ready to use GLONASS for safety

The U.S. official in charge of navigation, said he did not rule out the possibility of using GLONASS and other foreign satellite systems to ensure the safety of their country. U.S. ready to use foreign satellite navigation system in addition to GPS for public use, including for homeland security, for example, in the aviation industry. This was at the International Summit on navigation in Munich said Anthony J. Russo (Anthony J. Russo), the head of service of the U.S. government responsible for the coordination of projects in the field of navigation systems, said the publication Space News.


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APKWS II rocket Pentagon allowed to use on airplanes

U.S. Department of Defense issued a permit for the use of rockets equipped with laser guidance system APKWS II, with aircraft.   As reported by Jane’s, the permit was issued October 15, 2013 on the basis of tests carried out by the control PMA-242 fighter planes based on the A-10 Thunderbolt II and F-16 fighter Fighting Falcon.   APKWS system developed by British company BAE Systems. Initially, it was designed to implement helicopter types UH-1 Huey, OH-58 Kiowa Warrior and AH-64 Apache.   The system is a laser target mounted on a helicopter, also block rudders, engines built between ordinary

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Supercomputers SKIF-Aurora

South Ural official Institute (SUSU) and Russian manufacturer of supercomputers JSC "RSK-SKIF" put his signature on the contract for the delivery of SUSU newest supercomputer "SKIF-Aurora".

The solution proposed by the "RSK-SKIF", is considered to be the outcome of a supercomputer program "SKIF-GRID" Union of the Russian Federation and Belarus. The main goal of the program is considered to be the essence of Russian rulers systems similar features on their own most powerful supercomputers produced by major foreign companies.

Supercomputers "SKIF-Aurora" is the 1st study, which represents the freshest lineup SKIF supercomputers in row 4. Technology expressed in

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Supercomputer in Sarov

Currently, nuclear power supercomputing centers in Sarov and Snezhinsk are about 2 petaflops. Power supercomputer Sarov nuclear center (VNIIEF) to the 2018-2020 year will be increased to a colossal value of 1 exaflops, told the supervisor VNIIEF Radium Ilkaev:

— "We have before us the task to bring our supercomputing power at VNIIEF to 2018-2020 years before 1 exaflops"

Performance is measured in petaflops supercomputer, which is 1 quadrillion calculations per second. In turn 1 exaflops — a thousand petaflops. As of November 2011, the most powerful in the world is the Japanese supercomputer capacity of 10.51 petaflops.

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Shipping company ARK SHIPPING taken into use self-propelled tanker metanolovoz for Caspian

Shipping company ARK SHIPPING (CEO Nicholas Sochinskaya) decided to use self-propelled chemical tanker for transportation of methanol deadweight 1267 tons. The vessel will operate between Baūtīno and block D of the Kashagan field in the North Caspian.


Not self-propelled chemical tanker is a ship of the converted barge project 81370.   Project conversion ROB17 designed by the Marine Engineering Bureau (Odessa).   The work carried out by specialists of JSC "Kranservis" on shipbuilding and ship-repair plant them. III International (Astrakhan).   The ship was a class of Russian Maritime Register of Shipping KE *

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Neo-liberalism as it is

You may ask, what are my moral obligations to humanity? No, only duties to oneself. Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged"

The philosophy of mysticism, dialectical materialism, self-sacrifice and obedience brought the Soviet people only tyranny and death. Only a philosophy of reason, rational selfishness and individualism will show them the way out. Michael S. Berliner, Ph.D., director of the Ayn Rand Institute

Alan Greenspan, one of the world's leading liberal economists, who led for nearly twenty years (1987-2006) the U.S. Federal Reserve, in his book "The Age of Turbulence" (2007) began the chapter on Russia from

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Turkey has chosen a system of Chinese companies under U.S. sanctions

Ankara decided the fate of the long-awaited competition for the purchase of air defense / missile long range, in which, apart from non-NATO countries participated, such as the U.S., France and Italy, reported defense-aerospace.com September 26. Following the meeting of the Executive Board subsecretariat defense industry (Undersecretariat for Defense Industries’ executive council) of Turkey at a meeting chaired by Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Recep Tayyip Erdogan) was decided in favor of the acquisition of the Chinese HQ-9 systems (missiles FD-2000) as more than a cheap, despite the fear that these SAMs may have difficulty with integration of early warning

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Russia and the West: two ways of social life

The history of Russia is the story of how the spirit conquers the matter, and the history of the United States have a history of how matter suppresses the spirit of the … I. Solonevich.

Russian reforms, as the practice of recent years, and at the request of many active agents of these reforms are aimed at creating a society of "Western style". This implies, first of all, from the point of view of the reformers, the formation of the capitalist economy, the main elements of which in their view are the

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