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Sound Simplicity



Bosc Lifestyle V-Class Home Entertainment Systems aren’t just designed for superior audio performance, but enhances user experience by solving the clutter of modern home theater setups. This is achieved through the new Bose Unify Intelligent Integration System. With this intuitive Unify technology, the Lifestyle V-35 supports up to six HD video and music sources, helps optimize the setup process with easy on-screen guides, intelligently assisting in the selection A/V sources, and can even detect if connections are made properly. The Unify system will also help program its

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Samsung Galaxy NX

Build and handling

The Samsung Galaxy NX looks very similar in style to the firm’s own NX20, although measuring 136.5×101.2×25.7mm the Galaxy NX is larger but with a thinner body profile. The size increase is largely due to the giant 4.77in screen on the back of the camera. This screen covers most of the camera’s rear, leaving only a small amount of space for a raised, rubberised thumb grip. Coupled with the large handgrip, it is really comfortable to hold, especially with larger lenses. I find both thumb and fingers have great support.

There are very few buttons on the

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Rockwells Lancer

NAMING a MILITARY aircraft is an unofficial seal of approval; the withholding of it betrays uncertainty. When in June 1990 the name Lancer was officially adopted for the Rockwell B-1B, some four years after initial operational capability was achieved and more than two years after the 100th and final aircraft was accepted by the USAF, it looked suspiciously like belated remorse. Prior to this, the unofficial soubriquet of Excalibur had been applied, but as this is also a brand name for an unmentionable rubber product, it failed to catch on. After a long and chequered history, it now seems that

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The Atari 2600PC boots rapidly and has no problem running the various emulators and CyberLink’s included PowerDVD player. If connected to a computer monitor, the Atari 2600PC could easily be used for traditional PC tasks, such as surfing the web. sending and receiving email, and word processing, all without noticeable lag.

The system is connected to my home wireless network, which makes it a snap to load updated emulators and new game ROMs onto it. When I play DVDs, which uses a fair amount of computational power, the system gets pretty hot. However. I have yet to experience any problems


NDB, the Instrument Approach That Wont Die

The newest jets still leave the factory with ADF receivers

MY CESSNA 140 HAD a big loop antenna mounted over the cockpit. You rotated the loop by hand using a knob on the cabin ceiling to find the “null” in the signal from a non-directional beacon (NDB). Loop antennas can be designed to have a very pronounced null, or dead spot, when aligned in the direction of the transmitted signal.

A compass rose on the cabin overhead showed the orientation of the antenna relative to the nose of the airplane, and you noted the bearing as you heard the quiet

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NATO & USAF Sentry changes

AS A RESULT of the decreasing world threat, the USAF has cut back overseas deployment of its 552nd ACW Boeing E-3B/C Sentries at forward operating bases. The single Sentry of the 960th ACS at Keflavik, Iceland and one of the three stationed with the 961st ACS at Okinawa, Japan, will return to the USA and join one of the 552nd’s four squadrons at Tinker AFB, Oklahomo. Approximately 234 personnel will also return home.

A long-awaited contract to upgrade NATOs fleet of 17 E-3A Sentries is finally expected to be awarded in May to Boeing Defense and Space Group. The first

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Suzuki’s GT550 confounded perceptions about two-stroke triples being classy and comfortable high-speed tourers. John Nutting tested three versions of the model in the 1970s.

While the top-of-the-range GT750 is rightly regarded these days as the epitome of the Hamamatsu factory’s stroker technology it wasn’t always that way.

Back when two-strokes ruled the roost at Suzuki a midrange model was snapping at the heels of the ‘Kettle’.

Suzuki’s range included three triples; the GT380, GT550 and the GT750, but the GT550 was my favourite. The two smaller models were air-cooled, and while the smallest was more nimble, the GT550 offered usefully


Make Yourself Automatic Music Search System

Automatic music search system, popularly called AMSS*, is nowadays incorporated in many commercially available cassette recorders. With AMSS one can skip the present music or go to the starting point of the presently played music by pressing ‘Cue (FF)’ or ‘Rew’ keys. This reduces repeated cueing and rewing of tape in order to reach the desired point of the tape.

AMSS does not require elaborate circuitry, but the mechanical modifications necessary in the cassette deck mechanism alienate an average electronics enthusiast. In this article, it will be shown that the mechanical modifications are not as complex as imagined and that

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Italian Flair

Dr Riccardo Niccoli reviews the structure, aircraft and helicopter types of the Italian Navy Air Force — an increasingly hi-tech amphibious force.

IN THE aftermath of World War Two, and during the years of the Cold War, the Marina Militare Italiana (MMI — Italian Navy) was structured and organised to operate in the Mediterranean theatre, with Soviet submarines as its primary opponent. The helicopter held huge potential as an anti-submarine warfare (ASW) weapon system, and in 1956 the Italian Navy purchased its first helicopters — three Agusta-Bell AB-47Cs. In subsequent years the new service gained momentum, and further helicopters arrived,

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«The main directions of the social development of the USSR for 1986-1990 and for the period until 2000» before the rail tasked accelerate the turnover of cars, increase train speeds, increased capacity and carrying capacity of roads, increasing the processing capacity of the sorting, passenger and freight stations. These problems cause an acute need for improving existing and developing new organization processes at the stations, nodes, railway transportation enterprises. Requires improving the reliability and functional development of energy devices, means of signaling, centralization and blocking systems, automatic control of trains, more efficient repair and maintenance of rolling stock. Special attention


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