The system ERA-GLONASS was successfully tested in Kazan

MOSCOW, June 14. / ITAR-TASS /. In Kazan successfully tested the performance of state of the system "ERA-GLONASS", Itar-Tass learned at the press service of the NP "GLONASS".

"Out of the car equipped with a terminal" ERA-GLONASS ", an emergency call system in the" ERA-GLONASS ". System is created and sent to the duty of the Office of Internal Affairs of Russia in the city of Kazan card with information about the incident and location of the vehicle VIN, time and place incident — told the company about the tests. — On the basis of these data,

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NATO can «neutralize» air defense systems / PRO TURKEY AFTER PURCHASE CHINESE SAM — EXPERTS

The representative of the Turkish defense procurement admitted that choosing a Chinese anti-aircraft missile system HQ-9, Ankara did not fully understand the importance of integrating public defense / missile defense system with a unified NATO Defense News reported on September 29. «We will strive to make the national system of defense / defense, and not China, but based on Chinese technology,» he said. He did not ogtvechat the question whether this system will be able to be integrated into NATO defense infrastructure, hosted in Turkey. But experts, analysts and bureaucrats NATO they say that the integration of the Chinese system

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The system Tral-D successfully passed the state examination

The new automated digital system of communication "Tral-D", developed for the strategic level in the Armed Forces "Concern" Constellation ", has completed the passage of state tests. The system was tested in the army and showed using a high efficiency, the press service of the Concern "Constellation". "In fact, it is a complex command and control, — the chief designer of the development, the head of STC" strategic link "Concern SS Ferenets. — The new software enables equipment without material cost to increase the capacity of existing military lines of communication." Inclusion complex of the general communication system Forces can

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The system of Barnaul: one in the field — a warrior

Five minutes, and the shooter-aircraft gunner ready to fight. Grozny "hunter" for aerial targets enemy today is equipped with the latest technology, due to the complex automation "Barnaul", which make the enterprise at the Smolensk "meter". More says Sergey Andreev, General Director of "meter": "As part of a unified system of tactical control we have developed and implemented supply for the production of products 9C 935, allowing gunners in vsesutochnom mode with high efficiency to carry out their tasks."

"Barnaul" — an intelligent system. It provides not only the target information, but also constantly communicates with the command

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APKWS II rocket Pentagon allowed to use on airplanes

U.S. Department of Defense issued a permit for the use of rockets equipped with laser guidance system APKWS II, with aircraft.   As reported by Jane’s, the permit was issued October 15, 2013 on the basis of tests carried out control PMA-242 fighter planes based on the A-10 Thunderbolt II and F-16 fighter Fighting Falcon.   APKWS system developed by British company BAE Systems. Initially, it was designed to implement helicopter types UH-1 Huey, OH-58 Kiowa Warrior and AH-64 Apache.   The system is a laser target mounted on a helicopter, also block rudders, engines built between ordinary unguided missile

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Best photos of each planet in our solar system


Every planet in our solar system, provided one of the best ever obtained images


Obtained from a spacecraft NASA «Messenger», it is — the best ever picture taken of Mercury. It has been compiled as recently as February 22, 2013.


It's a little more than an old photograph — with the mission «Magellan» 1996. He was in orbit since 1989, but this is one of the best pictures taken them for all the flight. Dark spots on the entire surface of the planet — it traces

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First firing of the new systems «Tornado-G»

New multiple launch rocket systems «Tornado-G» August 17, 2012 made their first shooting, which took place at Training Ground Prudboy in the Volgograd region. First 20 units of the new MRLS «Tornado-G» entered service of the Southern Military Area in February this year. Position come to replace old systems «Grad». Were involved in the shooting 6 salvo systems «Tornado-G». Firing range because of the size was not large landfill — to 2-thousand meters, then how can it be to hit targets at a distance of 40 km. «Tornado-G» combat effectiveness of 2.5-3 times higher than the predecessors, namely the

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SIBUR has commissioned a new gazoproduktoprovod

"Zapsibtransgaz", part of the holding SIBUR, completed construction and put into operation a new high pressure pipeline "Gubkin GPP — tapping into the Urengoi-Chelyabinsk."

Single-line pipeline diameter of 720 mm and a total length of 21.2 kilometers will provide reliable and safe transportation of dry stripped gas from the Gubkin GEA pipeline network of "Gazprom". Old gas pipe diameter of 500 millimeters, which has been operated since 1989 and took place in the immediate vicinity of the village purpe and federal highway "Surgut-Urengoj" out of service.

Compared with the

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Continuous guided submarine Sadko

… In early 1995, General Designer Yuri Kormilitsyn started working on a new tourist submarine "Sadko". The second and the only functioning Russian tourist submarine was built by the Central Design Bureau "Rubin" and launched in 1997.

In the design of "Sadko" used unique designs CDB. Management is carried out by means of submarine electric motors, without the use of hydraulic systems that pollute the environment with engine oil, so "Sadko" environmentally safe. We have a system of submarine emergency surfacing, which allows to reach the surface in just a few minutes. In this case, a high level

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Silver Age of defense

In recent years it has become fashionable to criticize the military-industrial complex of Russia: corruption, inflated the cost of production, the failure to develop and produce modern armaments to meet the real threats to the security of the state — the main "the charges." Extracts and the Ministry of Defence: reducing the number of divisions and disorganization, modernization of obsolete military equipment instead of buying new and promising, placing orders abroad. Let us see how well founded or that charges by resorting to the inexorable facts and figures sold today projects the MIC.

The continued weakening of the defense

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