The best storage is the type that you didn’t even know was there. A system of sliding doors on rails, the Close system is specifically designed to close the units of Poliform walk-in closets.


Hafele’s Elite pull-out storage system is an organisation solution to any messy wardrobe because it can flexibly be adapted to fit different wardrobes. Thanks to an extensive range of trays, hampers and racks that effortlessly fit into the system, everything has a place.


The elegant Vodder tallboy was designed in 1959 and features Arne Vodder’s trademark

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An elevator system with several cubicles


Masami Sakit — an independent consultant and inventor, specializing in transportation systems. 11 He owns U.S. patents and Japanese Patent 3 pertaining to the elevator systems with several cabins, rotary motors and controllers traffic control signals. He has a Ph.D. from the University of California at Berkeley in transport engineering. Before becoming an independent consultant, he led the company Sakit Sakita Corp., specialized in software development for traffic control signals. Work in the company SRI International, De Leuw, Cat- her and Co. and the regional transport department of the State of Colorado.

This article discusses the new elevator system

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If Jupiter became a star, what would happen to the Solar System?

It is often said that Jupiter is a failed star – it is regularly mentioned that with a little extra material Jupiter may have started fusing and shining like a star. So what would happen if this occurred? The smallest star we know of is OGLE-TR-122b. This star is around 20% bigger than Jupiter but has around 96 times more mass. So what would happen if we replaced Jupiter with OGLE-TR-122b? Well, the first thing to consider would be how much brighter our skies might get. The answer to that is, not much. OGLE-TR-122b has a luminosity that is equivalent

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Montessori children’s group entered our lives not so long ago. But if the Western countries the idea of ​​Italian physician, philosopher and teacher of Maria Montessori has become one of the recognized directions in pedagogy, then we have the opposite situation. WHY this educational system causes so many contradictory responses and heated debate?

In Montessori education in Russia — a long history and difficult destiny. The first kindergarten was opened at us in 1913, several years after it first appeared in Italy. However, in 1926, Nadezhda Krupskaya, criticized the absence of such groups, education of collectivism, after which they were

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Of course, all systems are different from each other, but the one that will be discussed now — rare, indeed unique, as not assembled from standard components. Much of the technology developed individually for a particular room and thought out in the details of the owner’s wishes. The second is exactly the system does not and never will be.

TEXT Victor Gorbatov

The system was conceived a long time. Even at the stage of buying an apartment Alexander Knyazev one he asked in the future to build a home theater system. For a long time the cinema has existed in

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The development of control systems for thread rolling machines

German experts who conducted the study of the formation of threads on Fasteners laid the standard for a family of similar control systems. Applying these results, many companies involved in the production of such systems began to develop this area. Today, many manufacturers of equipment thread rolling machines used in their system configuration management tool.

The task of fully automated configuration process thread rolling tool today is still relevant. One of the innovative solutions offered to the Italian company Smart — manufacturer of high quality thread rolling machines.

Automatic adjustment of the threaded tool series Genius established this company in

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PR LIFT Lift comes to the rescue

I thought I saw almost all types of elevators and lifting systems, have found practical application in the different countries of the world. But in October 2008, during a trip to Paris, I had to get acquainted with the system, which in this city is typically used for the delivery of bulky furniture in the apartments on the upper floors.

The unique architecture of Paris is largely determined by the abundance of the buildings of the XIX century. Sculptured buildings stretch along the wide boulevards, surrounded by trees chains. Curly streets and avenues like solid tributaries of the Seine flowing

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According to Dr. Brown’s recipes

Dr. Chris Brown

Doctor teaches, writes and consults on Linux. PhD in elementary particle physics it this does not help.

Esoteric system administration of bizarre volvulus server

Old Tux?

We all know Tux. This chubby penguin became the face of Linux in the mid-1990s, but those remained. But few of us are lucky like me, met him in life. Now he is retired and lives on the beach in the coastal Penguins zoo in Devon. In spite of the progressive disease of fins, he hobbled up to me and graciously gave me an interview. I asked him how his

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With special rebates available and the promise of long-term savings, green technologies like geothermal heating and cooling are piquing the interest of homeowners.

But can geothermal be installed in the city? Can you retrofit a home to run a geothermal system? And what the heck is geothermal heating and cooling anyway?

«The common misconception is that we need to drill down into the earth into somewhere where it’s warm and we bring that warm liquid or air or whatever it is up and we circulate that through the house, which absolutely isn’t true,» says Kevin


Security Premium

«FIGHT armor and shells» continues!

In this case, the logical to think that we are talking about the armor. And if you do not go to a highway tank terminology, Alligator S-500 — is a combination of all known types of armor power, punch which probably just does not make sense — are some alternative ways to weaning of private property, which is for the car. However, it is the methods from the arsenal of whether citizen Bender, whether Mr. Al Capone, in any case, beyond the range of interests the readers of this publication …

And so, in

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