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The consequences of defense reform for the Navy

Fleet is now virtually no one in command — consider themselves explorers

The weekly "military-industrial complex" has repeatedly appealed to the topic held in the Armed Forces of members of staff activities. Namely, № № 32-35 for the year 2012 shows the peer review step Forces military construction, which began after 2008. At number 36 number, 37 were affected by the value of military construction and a number of doctrinal issues. In № № 27-30 «military-industrial complex" addressed to certain dilemmas shipbuilding applets. This room is offered to the readers about the latest outlook structure of the Russian Navy.

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F-22 Raptor — not for war.

May 6 CBS television show in the program "60 minutes" of two American pilots who master explained why they are afraid to fly on the world's best fighter F-22 Raptor. The story caused a strong reaction in American society, but in our opinion belatedly. It is known that the Air Force bought 179 F-22 fighters at the price of more than $ 400 million apiece, but neither of these wonderful aircraft has not taken part in the fighting in either Iraq or in Libya or Afghanistan. We bring to your attention an article on the subject, published in April

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What else is contained in the vaccines?


A couple of days ago we published version of one scientist who believes that vaccines are responsible for the change in sexual orientation. It turns out that the use of vaccines may cause and neurological disorders. And it is no coincidence, because in addition to the weakened or killed by members of the microworld, which are a key ingredient of the vaccine, they contain something else. Vaccines also contain some additional substance — adjuvants which are intended to reinforce their action.  

Before you get vaccinated yourself

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Mass information culture

Neo or update anachronism

Marx said about Napoleon III: the case that the same events occur in the history twice: the first time they have historically real value, the second — the nature of caricature, the grotesque transformation of living attitude in the legend. Likewise, cultural consumption can be defined as the time and place of the cartoon consumption, parody memories of what no longer exists more — that "consumed" in the first sense of the term (over and passed.) Tourists who go by bus to the Great North, to relive the gold rush, who listen to the praise

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New AAMS MEADS withstood the test

Air missile system (AAMS) medium-range acts MEADS (Medium Extended Air Defense System) successfully passed tests proving ground to demonstrate abilities vserakursnym provide air and missile defense (air and missile defense). As an international company said MEADS Inc., Tests were conducted on the missile range White Sands (New Mexico). During tests AAMS MEADS could immediately seize and kill two aerial targets (VTS), soaring to the opposite direction. During the tests have been involved all the main components of the system: radar surveillance SR (Surveillance Radar) with radial visibility, command and control network host MEADS, two lung rockets launchers improved PAC-3 MSE

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The most accurate calculations of chimneys from the Company Corax

The company "Corax" engaged in the development, design and installation of systems for flue gases, in June 2013 offers its clients an estimated flue pipe and tube. Calculations are made with high-class engineers, taking into account all the parameters of the future system dymootvedeniya.  They will further ensure the safe and reliable operation of any heating equipment. Ltd. "Corax" is present on the market for more than seven years. At the heart of the business are experience, knowledge and skills to enable in the shortest possible time to draft, assemble and supply any equipment associated with the flue gases.

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NATO aircraft will receive the Russian missile defense to protect against MANPADS

NATO experts have completed testing of the Russian-Spanish system MANTA, designed to protect aircraft from man-portable air defense systems (MANPADS).


MANTA system is a collaboration of Indra and Rosoboronexport, now it has been successfully tested and is ready for installation on the aircraft.

Tests carried out by NATO, have given positive results. During the exercise EMBOW XIII from 19 September to 14 October 2011 in a rocket testing center Biscarrosse (France) MANTA was installed on C-212 and successfully repelled the attack missiles with infrared homing.

From May to September 2011 MANTA system passed

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Iran launched a new anti-missile system «SAYYAD-2»

November 9, Iranian Defense Minister Hussein Dehkan (Hossein Dehqan) took part in the opening ceremony for the production of industrial band missile defense system «Sayyad-2» (Sayyad-2, or «Hunter 2», pictured), reports New Straits Times. «To counter air attack, we began to create a system of» Sayyad-2. This solid-propellant missile capable of destroying various types of cruise missiles, bombers, drones and helicopters, «said the head of the military department of the Municipal Iranian television that aired footage system commissioning. Minister did not specify the firing range of the system, the first test launch which was held in 2011. SAM is an

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recorded unusual phenomena



Voyager-1 11.11.03, the



Spacecraft NASA Voyager-1, which recently reached the boundaries of the solar system, encountered the strange phenomena.

Located at a distance of 13 billion miles from Earth, the unit has a strong cosmic storm that has allowed scientists to measure the effect of "solar wind." According to experts, the unit was in the area of the

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Only Russia understands that the missile defense system in Europe as a capitulation

Vladimir Putin has said he does not believe that the controversy surrounding the American missile defense system could be overcome within the framework of the existing concept of the system, entered service in the United States.

Having recently completed a NATO summit in the first place is interesting because it puts the fat points in a series of colorful myths that have lived and live Europe. A number of them have already seen an unprepared audience, some still remains a matter of public policy.

The first of these — the myth of "free and united Europe", which is not

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