Poland makes a new sea-based helicopter «W-3PL / N»

Polish subsidiary company «PZL-Swidnik» Italian company «Agusta Westland» begins the development of sea-based helicopters under the title «W-3PL / N». Marine helicopter Polish designers will develop on the basis of last modification helicopter W-3PL — W-3PL Gluszec. Italian company Poles will have to implement the various help them with their development.

The new W-3PL / N will develop a massive radar, infrared sensors, sonar buoys and underwater acoustics. For placement on the sea carriers (hangar ship) will equip the helicopter folding propeller.

Armament helicopter will depend on your needs or the requirements of the customer. He will be

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Poland decided to get his defense on fluctuations in the eternity Obama

The initiative for the creation of its missile defense system made president Poland. According to Bronislaw Komorowski, system must be able to defend the Republic against air attacks, and subsequently become "a little bit of" universal shield NATO.

It creates the impression that the main "governor" of the Polish country after arrival in the country of head rival Barack Obama — Mitt Romney, varies in the fall and the victory of the immutability of the following current U.S. president. Since coming to power of another person, the policy of the U.S. missile defense could further aggravate the reliability of the

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Poland was afraid, Iskander and showed … teeth of the U.S.

Last Wednesday, the head of the State Security Bureau of Poland Stanislaw Koziej General on behalf of the President, provided an update program from the development of the armed forces in the 2013-2022 year.

In this program there are reflected three priorities of the Polish Army, namely: improved air defense system (including the establishment of a public defense system), increasing the mobility of troops and the development of information systems.

Of these 3 areas, the largest and most spectacular project is the modernization of air defense and missile defense establishment of the state. It should be added that not so

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Since the beginning of the year in the North-Caucasian line received 44 new locomotives

20 freight locomotives 2ES4K "Donchak" joined the fleet depot Tuapse, replacing outdated VL10. "Dons" are equipped with microprocessor-based system that provides manual and automatic control.


Locomotive 2ES4K "Donchak" — freight and passenger eight-two-piece main electric locomotive traction motors with collector DC axial capacity of 750 kW. The maximum speed — 120 km / h


In Krasnodar depot came seven passenger locomotives and 15 freight TEP70BS 2TE116U.


TEP70BS locomotive is designed for driving passenger trains on the superior trunk railways of 1520 mm

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American designers showed their helplessness, equipping the F-22 Raptor warning system ailment Pilot

All American fighter of the fifth generation F-22 Raptor equipped with the system 911, through which the pilot can notify you of the first sign of dizziness. According to The Times, the system also includes a pulse oximeter, which is attached to the index finger of the pilot and measures the oxygen saturation of the blood.

According to Maj. Gen. Charles Lyon (Charles Lyon), quoted by the publication, all the pilots were told that in case of sickness or emergency situation you need to activate the alarm system and stop the job. After the activation of the 911 terrestrial

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With Malahit: Documentum everything under control

Justified by the desire of every leader — that his staff were highly of duty. In this case, the effort involved in stimulation of duty, were minimal. However, not every manager is able to build in a structural subdivision of an effective monitoring system performance discipline, not spending on regular meetings, filling journals, etc. a lot of valuable work time.

Since 2008 the company commissioned Malahit CTRP implementing a project Malahit: Documentum, aimed at a systematic refusal from a paper in favor of electronic. Following orders and instructions in electronic form have crossed all the organizational and

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Russian weapons equip individual identifiers

In Russia in recent years may seem like a weapon, gear system and determine the individual «black box» for registration with the perfect instrument of action. Befitting system commissioned by the Interior Ministry and the Ministry of Industry developed staff of the Central Research Institute of Radio Engineering (CRIRE) named Berg with the assistance of a number of other research institutes. According to the developer, which is on the criteria of anonymity quoted by the newspaper «Izvestia», the system will be the basis of a microchip with biometric hand. Such a chip is proposed to equip the small gun,

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Flight with many unknown

In the U.S., carefully conceal information about the purpose of the South American space plane

By creating a powerful fleet of drones, the Pentagon began to step newcomer remotely controlled penetration into the near-Earth space. April 22 launch site at Cape Canaveral Air Force complied launch rocket with an unmanned Atlas V gallakticheskim plane X-37B. Start and orbiting were successful. But on when this apparatus return to earth, the representatives of the U.S. Air Force concealed.

In general it should be noted that the experimental launch of a new auto-return spacecraft is surrounded by dense zaavesyu secrecy. The details of

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Russian cyborg crossover Marussia F2

 Photo source:drive2.ru

Marussia F2 — a practical car for practical people, solving practical problems. The image of the 7-seater all-wheel drive car embodied the essence of the universal vehicle: multipurpose, multifunction, all-terrain and all-weather. Marussia F2 is designed for a wide range of civil servicemen and people. The car's features allow you to use it in the army and fire stations, and detachments Emergency responders as a command-and-staff vehicle or mobile operation control center. A car with spacious and easily transformable interior has a huge potential for the installation of any additional special equipment, instrumentation and communications products.

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Christmas gift of a tropical cyclone

Christmas gift from a tropical cyclone weather and climate

Over Arafura Sea formed tropical low pressure system, which can be one of the largest tropical cyclones on the eve of Christmas. Like a cyclone destroyed 37 years ago, the Darwin and claimed 49 lives. Australian weather bureau predicts probability pyatidesyatiprotsentnuyu storm the morning of 22 December 2011.

Fig. 2. Forecasting model

The upper part of the cyclone spread over eastern Australia, which will increase the strength of the wind at the bottom of the 23 December, and the system will send to the east-southeast. This will delay the formation of

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