From Intruders to SUPER HORNETS

Lt-Col Marshall Lefavor USMC (ret) describes the Fighter Wing US Atlantic Fleet’s new strike-fighter role.

FIGHTER WING US Atlantic Fleet is a US Navy air arm command in transition. The last decade has seen a rapid succession of changes in the way it conducts its mission and how it is gearing itself up for the year 2000 and beyond. COMFITWINGLANT (Commander Fighter Wing Atlantic) or ‘FitWing’ as it is known by its short title, was formerly a component command of the Navy’s Tactical Wings Atlantic which then comprised a dozen squadrons each of F-14s and A-6s that it continually provided

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UNITED input-output in microprocessor systems.

In the previous article in this section the reader acquainted with the basic peripheral devices designed for corporate input-output. Despite the variety of these devices, there are standard methods of information exchange between them and the microprocessor as well as the typical ways of connecting.

Exchange of information between external devices and microprocessor-based system can be organized in three ways: programmatically, interrupt, direct mode access.

Software IO is initiated and controlled by a microprocessor. External devices at the same time can only signal their condition by showing a willingness (unwillingness) to receive or transfer.

Input-output interrupt occurs under the

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The equipment heating and temperature control for hot stamping of stainless steel and high-alloyed

Press-forging equipment company «CARLO SALVI» allows stamping parts and pieces of stainless steels and high traditionally difficult to manufacture. For this purpose a preheating of the workpiece in a special inductor providing a temperature range of 200 to 500 ° C. Using the pre-heating the workpiece before planting allows us to solve many technological problems, which sometimes can not be solved by cold forming.

Additional equipment for induction heating of blanks used for hot stamping parts and pieces of stainless and high-alloy steels, and can be installed on any model of presses manufactured by «CARLO SALVI».

The equipment is

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Fire Sensing System

Fire is one of the most hazardous natural forces. Sensing fire and fighting it in the early stages can prevent losses to a great extent. Sensing fire electronically has become one of the most reliable fire-fighting techniques today.

Sensing fire needs reliable smoke/ fire sensors. Thermistors can sense fire depending on temperature increase principle. We can also use opto devices to sense smoke. One of the projects published in EFY Vol.6 used Japanese Figaro TGS gas sensors. Such sensors are expensive and are not easily available.

The system presented here uses the most common yet very reliable bimetallic strip of

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1 CND: Retention+ Sculpting Liquid and Perfect Color Powders

2 Young Nails: Acrylic System

3 OPI Products: Absolute Liquid & Powder Technology

4 NSI: Attraction Acrylic System

5 Hand & Nail Harmony: Acrylic System


1 Young Nails: Colored Acrylic

2 CND: Perfect Color Powder Collection

3 OPI Products: AbsoluteFX Color Powders

4 EZ Flow: Boogie Nights Confetti Acrylic Collection

5 NSI: Technicolor Colored Acrylic


1 CND: Sticky Base Coat >

2 OPI Products: Natural Nail Base Coat

3 Seche: Seche Clear

4 Orly International: Bonder

5 China Glaze: Ridge Filler Base Coat



Mobile Internet — Retail HELP

— What classes of equipment in the field of IT and telecommunications, in your opinion, are necessary for the retail sector is now and why?

— Retail, as no one else knows how to count money, so all the new technology necessarily examined for the possibility of obtaining benefits from the use. It is a great help in the work was the active development of mobile Internet and all that it involves. Mobile technology will significantly reduce prices for Internet services and telephony, for large retailers is a significant cost item. Mobile Internet is also widely used as a

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My Name Is Nobody

REVIEW OF LIVE CD, provides encryption and user information stay anonymous NETWORK

Among the great variety of Linux distributions, there are projects honed to ensure the protection of personal data, internet surfing privacy and security correspondence. Some of them can be installed on the hard drive, but most of them are designed to run with a Live CD / Live USB. This is useful when you want to quickly deploy environment for private works on another computer. Gentleman’s set of such distributions, usually includes:

• Tor — without it anywhere;

• I2P — Anonymous Internet;

• encryption IM-correspondence.


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The fastest-growing sector of the camera industry is one that many people have still never heard of. and many people still don’t understand. Here we explain what Compact System Cameras are, why you might want one, and what’s available…

Once upon a time, if you wanted to buy a digital camera you’d have the choice of а compact, a bridge (a compact with a high-magnification zoom) or a DSLR. The step up to a DSLR was a big one, literally. DSLRs are much bigger than compacts not only because they have much larger sensors, but because the viewing system that


On the 70th anniversary of St. Petersburg Electrotechnical Plant

The historical path of the plant — it’s years of creative selfless labor of workers, professionals, managers, at different periods of supplying technical equipment of the railways with modern products — from simple relay NR, CR, TFR to modern REL, IVG-KR, electronic components, devices, microprocessor-based systems.

The Great Patriotic War interrupted the peace work of the collective. In memory of those tragic events in the factory park is a monument dedicated to those who did not return from the war. The plant was evacuated to Saratov, where he continued to release signaling equipment now for the needs of the

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Remote communication with the controller.

Tube power plants 1 and 2 of the German city of Duisburg, is visible from far away, it is one of the local attractions.

Power plants built in 1967 and still supply the city with energy and heat from coal.

Total pipe plants, located at the loading platforms, consists of three closely standing tubes, which discharge the flue gas. In the center is the tower, which is located inside the elevator, lifting people to a height of 180 m at a speed of more than 3 m / s. From a platform for visitors to the steep spiral staircase

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