GLONASS navigation system will serve the Russian Forestry

GLONASS navigation system in the near future will come in the service of the Russian Forestry. Federal Forestry Agency in conjunction with the Institute of Space Device Engineering are working on the issue of testing in the field of navigation equipment that will be used for the detection and suppression of forest fires, the inspection reports of works of the state forest inventory and monitoring lesopatalogicheskogo. The first twenty instruments will be tested in five forest districts of the Moscow region, which last summer hardest hit by forest fires.

As reported in the FFA, in the

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In Russia, the device is designed to prevent the Bladder and Transvaal

Scientists from St. Petersburg developed a system that could help prevent a lot of man-made disasters, including the one that occurred at the nuclear power plant "Fukushima" in Japan. The functioning of such a system is based on the constant control of the deformation structures.

Specialists Research and Education Center opto-electronic instrument and the Department of Optoelectronic Devices and Systems, St. Petersburg State University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO) have developed a system that allows time to identify "weak spots" in the construction of buildings. The authors called their development "opto-electronic warning system of man-made disasters," study

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Stadium Geologist

The largest sports facility in Tyumen — the stadium "Geologist" (it’s also called the stadium of FC "Tyumen") — promise to deliver by June 1 of the current year, that is in two weeks. Capacity crowd — 17,000 people. Coverage of the field — artificial grass EURO GRASS 60M with a heating system, which will allow for competition and training in all weathers. On the field, provided the drainage system to drain rainwater.

Sports Complex is not just for sporting events, but is able to place and here nonresident athletes. To do this, the building has a hotel,

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Ascon — a Russian developer of CAD

Despite the fact that many worthy CAD (AutoCAD, SolidWorks, CATIA) developed in the West, however, Russian programmers have, the answer — a program KOMPAS-3D. However, one COMPASS `th line of products is not limited to: the same system has LOTSMAN and verticals. These systems are widely used in the Russian design and manufacture.

COMPASS automatically generates associative views three-dimensional models (including incisions sectional cutaway, local species, species of the arrow to break species). All of them are associated with the model: changes in the model lead to a change in the image in the drawing.

Standard types are

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On Friday, 13th May 2011, the company ASCON announces a new version of the CAD system KOMPAS-3D V13. The distinctive features of CAD-systems with such a positive number: built-in applications for structural finite element analysis and design of molds, new instruments and sheet surface modeling, a special configuration of the Instrument.

Take into account the wishes of users: the new version adds the command "Undo / Redo action in 3D» and reports on the properties of a graphic document.

Engineering design

The composition of KOMPAS-3D V13 system includes rapid analysis of the strength APM

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The new system of data transmission to Earth tested on the ISS

The specialists of RSC "Energia" together with the NPP "goodlooking" (Zelenograd) was developed and delivered on board the ISS RS radio system transmission (WDTS), which allows to ensure the transfer of Russian ground stations on the results of the experiments and service information from the ISS RS.

March 29 and April 1 were conducted test sessions for the transfer of target information on the experiment "Hurricane" (experimental development of an Earth-space system for monitoring and forecasting of natural and man-made disasters). The first session WDTS March 29, 2011 Picture of Japan coast (100 km. South of Fukushima 1)

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Russian equipment for the production of printed circuit boards

The company "DIAL Electrolux" is a modern, high-technology, continuously growing company. Products manufactured at our Bryansk factory with modern equipment using high quality electronic components of foreign origin, characterized by a high degree of reliability and a low enough price. Modern technical equipment of its own manufacturing base allows us to produce a wide range of technological equipment for surface mounting. Modern technology and a high level of engineering preparation of the technical services allow the company to "DIAL Electrolux" work steadily and continuously evolve. And engineering design systems provide rapid development and manufacture of new products.

Automatic screen

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The system of external insulation of building facades

SYSTEM OF exterior insulation of facades of buildings

The system of facades "HEAT VANGUARD"

HEAT-VANGUARD — a complex system of façade insulation and exterior walls, built and existing buildings, homes on the basis of proven high quality materials manufactured in Russia. The system complies with the most advanced solutions insulation of walls of buildings, houses, cottages, "wet", corresponds to the state standards and is inferior to foreign analogues. In the application of external heat insulation Heat Vanguard heat is concentrated in the walls and not being able to go outside, remains inside the building (the dew point is

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Uralvagonzavod system is implemented lean manufacturing

At the head office of the corporation "Uralvagonzavod" a seminar on the results of the quality management system. Particular attention was paid to the methods of lean manufacturing, implementation of which began at the northernmost site UVZ — in the shops Volchansk mechanical plant.

Quality Director Victor Shchekotov summed up the quality assurance during production and use of products produced at the plant. He stressed that in 2010 there was a significant reduction in losses from marriage relative to gross output:

in steel production — by 33.5%, a railway car — by 44% in mechanical assembly

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On the Lada Kalina established Navigators


March 29, 2011 came off the assembly line AvtoVAZ first LADA Kalina, equipped with a navigation system GLONASS / GPS. A new option is set to rounders the maximum configuration (airbags, ABS, air conditioning system, audio system, etc.).


Full-time navigator LADA Kalina adds to the recommended retail price of 13,000 rubles, which is much cheaper than pre-navigation systems for foreign cars, mid-priced segment. The March party LADA Kalina with navigators — 50 cars will be fully represented at official dealers AvtoVAZ — for test drives and demonstrations to potential buyers.

Display navigator

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