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SIBUR has commissioned a new gazoproduktoprovod

"Zapsibtransgaz", part of the holding SIBUR, completed construction and put into operation a new high pressure pipeline "Gubkin GPP — tapping into the Urengoi-Chelyabinsk."

Single-line pipeline diameter of 720 mm and a total length of 21.2 kilometers will provide reliable and safe transportation of dry stripped gas from the Gubkin GEA pipeline network of "Gazprom". Old gas pipe diameter of 500 millimeters, which has been operated since 1989 and took place in the immediate vicinity of the village purpe and federal highway "Surgut-Urengoj" out of service.

Compared with the

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100-mm naval gun AK113

Asreportedin the newspaper"Arsenal"(№ 15 dated September 27, 2013) — the corporate edition of the St. Petersburg JSC "Machine-Building Plant" Arsenal "- currently number 159 in the bureau of" M3 "Arsenal" initiative is performed development work on the theme of "Creating srednekalibernoy naval artillery installation c inertial supply of ammunition. "develop products has received the preliminary designation AU AK113 (chief designer — PI Nemirovsky.) is used as the prototype AC A190 100 mm caliber.

By AK113 project was demanded: not yielding to combat weight and size and characteristics of the prototype, to ensure the stability of reliability developed

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Omsk ambulance online

In the Omsk region all the ambulances were recently merged into a single set of information together with the central station in Omsk and substations in the area.The system was put into operation on the eve of 2013, and today its components that make up an information center, in trial operation. Details — in the article.



Any innovation is based on need. In the case of Omsk ambulance was a sad situation a year ago, the central dispatch station is a practical system of vintage telephones, operators,

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In the center of Sankey had unusual exercises

In the center of Sochi Luge "Sledge" held teaching service professionals timing. Employees of different simulated emergency situations and the actions in case of their occurrence. For example, if the power supply fails equipment, the need to quickly connect a backup power source while maintaining the functionality of the entire system of timekeeping.

 "We have here is two-timing system, let’s call them" A "and" B ", both of them duplicates — tells the operator the bobsleigh track Denis Annikov. — We are always working on ‘A’, but in the case of a failure, switch to the second

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At Magadan CHP upgraded pump control


Magadan HPP

At Magadan HPP JSC "Magadan" installed and launched the modern system of smooth frequency control pumps. It is designed according to the latest world technologies. This project is implemented within the framework of energy-saving and re-equipment of the company.

Thanks to the new plant will save electricity and fuel for their own needs. In the first stage the expected annual energy cost savings of about 500,000 kWh.

Prior to the introduction of innovative systems for combined heat and power the pumps regulated by valves and phase to enable or disable the device,

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Scientists KNU them. Karazina with KhPTI create a new system of accelerators

For the new Nuclear Medicine Center in Pyatihatki will set up a special system of accelerators, over which the scientists will work KNU them. Karazina and KIPT.


Told "City Watch" Nicholas told the rector of the University Azarenkov.

According to him, the university has six different types of accelerators and destination. As the case of Physics and Technology Department is located next to the medical unit KhPTI convenient here to create a system of special accelerators for the production of short-lived isotopes.

"It is important

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IntelLeks brings together railway and customs.

Launched in 2012, the issue of cross-border data exchange in rail traffic continued in 2013, the organization of electronic interaction between JSC "Russian Railways" and the Federal Customs Service of Russia. Electronic documents on the export of goods from Russia to the customs territory of the Customs Union formed already in commercial operation. Since the summer of 2013 is the formation of trial operation of electronic documents for the import of goods.

Recall that the first e-invoice has been issued in ETRANe September 17, 2002 at 07:48 Moscow time on station Zlobino Krasnoyarsk Railway. Currently, the system

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ECP to complete the reconstruction of the control system department himochistki

JSC "PA" ECP " (Part of the fuel company Rosatom "fuel elements") plans in 2011 to complete the reconstruction of the control system of main and auxiliary equipment plant chemical treatment based on microprocessor technology, said the plant. "ECP" (Krasnoyarsk Territory) produces low-enriched uranium for nuclear fuel assemblies, stable and radioactive isotopes of various chemical elements, process piping for industrial facilities, static frequency converters for special and general industrial use and a number of other high-tech goods.

Currently, the ECP put into operation in the operating mode microprocessor control CSSA-2 is designed for automated process control, monitoring of

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Transportation of alcohol in the Russian GLONASS brought under control

The Federal Service for Alcohol Market Regulation took control of the transport of alcohol and alcohol-containing products throughout the territory of the Russian Federation. In accordance with the requirements of orders Rosalkogolregulirovaniya (PAP) on September 7, 2012 number 256 and number 258 in the account of the traffic volume, market participants will not be able to get a license for the transportation of alcohol, if the vehicles carrying alcohol will not be equipped with a special on-board equipment on the basis of GLONASS. 

The introduction of navigation technologies provide the maximum transparency of transportation of alcoholic

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In Kharkov, came up with an alternative to gas boilers

In Kharkiv National University im.Karazina developed vacuum steam heating system. According to the scientists, the test system have been conducted on the information available to the developers of the laboratory setting. For production devices requires investment of 500 thousand UAH. The system is good because it eliminates the central and individual heating gas and switch to electricity from conventional network of 220 V.


As noted in the university system is in offline mode. At its base — the vacuum steam boiler, from which the pipe system for heat convectors and distributed premises. "Thus, it

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