Scientists KNU them. Karazina with KhPTI create a new system of accelerators

For the new Nuclear Medicine Center in Pyatihatki will set up a special system of accelerators, over which the scientists will work KNU them. Karazina and KIPT.


Told "City Watch" Nicholas told the rector of the University Azarenkov.

According to him, the university has six different types of accelerators and destination. As the case of Physics and Technology Department is located next to the medical unit KhPTI convenient here to create a system of special accelerators for the production of short-lived isotopes.

"It is important

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LS group — a worthy replacement!

Home sales

On the eve of the World Championship in ice hockey, to support the national team of Russia, 24, 25 and 26 April, the Nizhny Novgorod on the aftermarket Udmurt, under the waving of flags and loud sounds of horns fan, an action-presentation of the new brand LS group.

Given the interest in our country motorists to the topic of hockey, as part of the presentation were distributed to all comers branded posters and calendars to schedule championship games, as well as a nice souvenir — a hockey puck and a group photo. For

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Kerammash manufactured gas oven to Belarusian Railway

Their professional holiday company team meets with dignity. Put into operation by CJSC "Asipovichy wagon factory", Belarus, chamber gas furnace bottom furnaces for normalizing and tempering of large products. The working volume of the furnace Termogaz®-DO-40.130.40/1100 Is 175 m3, the average per capita consumption of gas — 50-70 nm3/ Ton


This unit is equipped with a modern system of "soft heat" to achieve high uniformity of the heating temperature on the section of the furnace, a remote access system by which the company‘s specialists can always see and adjust the parameters of Thermo.

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Volgograd Aluminium Plant (PHOTOS)

A photo essay from this plant was already here, it — the other and with the video. Very large positions, one will not collect. For those who are interested in Russian industrial enterprises.

Author of the report — Denis Lukyanov (LJ denis-mx)

June 29, thanks to the press service of the VgAZ, I and a small team of bloggers managed to visit the workplace. We were shown and told all the fun was taken and taken wherever possible, for that plant staff thank you very much. The plant was opened in 1959 and at first

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Siberian scientists have developed a test system for measuring


Scientists of the Novosibirsk Center of Virology "Vector" have developed a test system for the identification of a novel coronavirus, traveling in the Middle East, told reporters on Thursday, the general director of the State Scientific Center of Virology and Biotechnology "Vector" Alexander Sergeyev.

Employees of the center "Vector" in June began the study of coronavirus hCoV-EMC, which is already lost in the world of more than 30 people. First dangerous new coronavirus was found in September 2012 in Saudi Arabia, where from time to time receive information about fatalities. Cases of infection with this virus

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Armour — a way to success

The latest anti-aircraft missile and gun complexes securely closed down by cruise missiles and enemy aircraft.

Created of "Instrument Design Bureau" (CPP), part of the holding of "NGO" High-complexes ", a unique anti-aircraft missile and gun system" Armour "has occupied an important place in the system of aerospace defense weapons teams. Will it protect and combined arms team. In addition, the possibility of placing ZRPK on Navy ships. The success of the "shell" that comes not only in the Russian Armed Forces, but also in the army a number of countries in the world, driven by a

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PMA has created a double Cornet

PMA has created a double "Cornet"

Photo: © Rosinformbyuro / Anatoly Sokolov

Instrument Design Bureau ("CPP", Tula) has developed and tested a multi-missile system "Kornet-EM" with a number of new features. Advanced and relatively low-cost technical solutions provided an opportunity to engage ground armor and low-flying air targets with a high probability. The operator of the process of the missile guidance to the target is eliminated. This was "Rosinformbyuro" said Dmitry Konoplyev, Managing Director of "PCU." 

Photo: Rosinformbyuro / Sokolov

The complex "Kornet-EM" the principle of machine vision and automatic target tracking. He allowed implement the principle

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Yak-130 as the best

This aircraft is recognized as the best example of international experts, training and military equipment

Yak-130 Russian Air Force

As of September this year, 34 new Russian training planes (TCB) Yak-130 arrived in Borisoglebskoe Higher Military Aviation School Chkalov. The first edition, prepared by fusion of these took place in the current year.

(Lots of text about the Yak-130 under the cut)

Students confirmed that the machine is easy to operate and maintain and is easy to master. "Experts have tried and made the plane" study desk "- until the student does not

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In the Strategic Missile Forces conducted 40 successful test simulators for training

on the missile system "Yars"

Until the end of 2013 in connection SRF has received more than 120 of the latest exercise equipment. These training aids (TCB) will be put into operation in re-equipping the shelves at the new complex "Yars" in Tagil and Novosibirsk missile divisions. 80% of products are now on the connection. In addition, this year is almost completed delivery of TCB in Teykovskogo missile compound (Ivanovo region)..

In the military units and formations of the Strategic Missile Forces commissioned about 30 types of new training facilities for the training command, control, communications, and

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Signalers Russian WB in Abkhazia learn the latest mobile communication system Redoubt

Signalers Russian military base SOUTH stationed in Abkhazia, in the course of large-scale integrated training on communication skills to apply worked newest mobile communication complex "Redoubt", the press service of the district.


"Redoubt 2US" — a basic set of hardware connections and hardware communication control integrated digital field communications OSZU and RAM.

"Redoubt" allows you to combine different means of communication in a single radio network. Built on a modular complex provides an opportunity to apply modern technology and at the same time communicate with legacy systems of communication.

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