Adam Scorey contemplates the future of cameras on a trip to South Korea to check out Samsung’s latest camera smartphone, no, smartphone camera…

There should be no surprise that Samsung, this giant of a Korean electronics company with over 236,000 worldwide employees, should continue its development of the NX system, this time with the launch of the Galaxy NX -essentially it is the Galaxy Camera but with interchangeable lenses.

Now, the Galaxy Camera caused a bit of a stir due to being the first camera that combined 3G, or the ability to take a phone sim card, with a powerful,

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For some added pizazz in the bathroom, consider some of these innovative appliances


Bring Moroccan luxury into your home with the Hammam Touch and Steam by Rogerseller.


Hansgrohe’s ShowerSelect concealed thermostats contain an innovative shut-off valve which enables the flow of water to be controlled by an on-off button rather than a rotating system.


The new Skyline range from Rogerseller effortlessly brings a wellness environment into your home in the form of a sauna. Prepare yourself for healthier living.


The swish appearance

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The future is already here

Dealers and installers will be engaged in custom applications, rather than integration and services for the hardware configuration — these are the prospects for the AV industry, according to Summit InfoComm Future Trends at ISE 2013.

Summit opened the discussion on the topic «Customer requirements of the future.» Speakers — Bёrkett Simon (Simon Birkett) from the University of Derby and Mark Lardzh (Mark Large) of the Children’s Hospital Great Ormond Street coped with the conclusion of current trends in the AV industry.

It was found that, despite the different clientele, experience and development of ICT systems in the hospital

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This, of course, wouldn’t work too well in sunny Singapore, where humidity hovers around the 90 per cent mark! If you’re torn between using air-conditioning and resolving to guzzle less energy at home, get the most efficient cooling system available and keep it in tip-top condition.


Modern-day air-conditioning systems mounted on your wall/ceiling/window cool your space by running the air in the room past pipes filled with refrigerant in the fan coil unit (which removes the heat), and then dispensing the cooled air

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Automated system «ORDER — CONTROL»

In the Saratov Higher Military Engineering School of chemical protection on the basis of a personal computer developed the automated control system of execution of orders (ASKIP) «Order — control.» It is intended to inform the performers of upcoming deadlines of orders and instructions, and command — of violations of subordinated fixed time limits. ASKIP focused on users who do not have special programming knowledge.

In pursuance of control placed orders, given to school officials and higher authorities; decisions of the Academic Council of School; documents that must work in accordance with the sheet of urgent reports (for brevity,

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«Moslift» is the quality and reliability

Stand MGUP «Moslift» all three days of the exhibition «Lift Expo Russia — 2011» has always attracted the attention of visitors. Russia’s largest elevator specialized organization, as always, has demonstrated meaningful and interesting exhibition, especially advantageously looked existing exhibits. At the end of the exhibition «Moslift» deservedly received the award in the nomination «For a comprehensive solution of creating a barrier-free environment for people with limited mobility.»

«Moslift» presented five versions of energy-efficient elevators, meeting all the requirements of safety and comfort; innovative integrated design and equipment to adapt the urban environment for people with limited mobility; Working stands

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Reconnaissance aircraft «Boeing» made its first flight

Boeing has completed the first flight of the modernized aircraft Beechcraft King Air 350ER in the intelligence embodiment EMARSS (enhanced medium altitude reconnaissance and surveillance system — extended medium-reconnaissance and surveillance system), reports June 4.   The flight lasted four hours has been audited by different systems without using a complicated set of sensors.   «Boeing» builds first four aircraft of this version, the total number created for the U.S. Army vehicles will reach 12 units.   King Air 350ER EMARSS were designed to change the 200 aircraft electronic reconnaissance RC-12, which are extensively used in Afghanistan and elsewhere.

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Yak-130 — the best combat training aircraft at «Le Bourget». New Avionics makes for a versatile aircraft flight training

At the international Airshow «Le Bourget 2013» Yak-130 was recognized by the international prototype of the best professional training and military equipment.   Quite complex digital avionics, developed and manufactured by the enterprises of Concern «Radio-electronic technology» allows the Yak-130 mimic the properties of the main flight fighters fourth and fifth generations.   This was our reporter told the press service Rosteh.   Double jet combat training aircraft of the latest generation of Yak-130 is designed to educate, increase skills and maintaining flight abilities for fighter pilots fourth and fifth generations.   Yak-130 for enterprises KRET were designed, manufactured

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«Ajax» — multipurpose hypersonic plane

The concept of a fundamentally new hypersonic machine was launched in the late 80s. Broude Freistadt working in St. Petersburg scientific-research facility hypersonic systems (NIPGS) holding company «Leninist». He proposed to protect the machine, flying at high speed from the heat, but rather let him inside to increase the energy source. Under the concept of «Ajax», a hypersonic aircraft (SFA) is an open bare aerothermodynamic system in which all steps of atmospheric flight portion of the kinetic energy flowing around the SFA hypersonic airflow assimilated onboard subsystems, increasing the overall resource unit and transformed into chemical energy and electronic. This

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Americans visited the radar station in Azerbaijan

Managing a group of 6 professionals, Brigadier General Patrick OReyli stressed that the visit was informal and that the goal was to recognize professionals that still offer the Russians. At the last summit of the "Big Eight" in Germany Russian President Vladimir Putin suddenly proposed to use to deploy parts of a U.S. missile defense radar station in Azerbaijan, which is the birthplace of our leases until 2012. Moscow strongly opposes U.S. plans to deploy antyraketnay system in Poland and the Czech Republic, plans foreseen that the South American government. Our homeland states that the system deployed in Europe, threatens

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