Sukhoi Superjet 100 — pictures from the production

Superjet is perhaps one of the most controversial projects in the local aviation industry. Hundreds of aviation "experts", breaking the keyboard, discuss it on the forums and offer their expert opinions. Meanwhile, in Komsomolsk-on-Amur factory Knafo has collected 33 machine account. Well, the dog barks, but the caravan goes on.

The commentary, by the way, welcome to aviation "experts." I and my readers will be happy to hear your expert opinions on all matters of life, the universe and everything else.

It is worth noting that the development of new technology is always fraught with

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In Vladivostok, completing the construction of the Opera and Ballet Theatre

Today 90% of the installed internal walls. Go commissioning of hydraulic actuators stage equipment, which has no analogues in Russia. Trim ends of stairs, installed and assembled mechanisms that will raise the stage.

In the theater of opera and ballet using air-conditioning system that ventilates every seat orchestra. Much attention has been paid to acoustic project has adopted a number of technical solutions, one of them — a false ceiling, built on a unique system of shock absorbers, which allow you to save a live sound stage.

"The theater is unique, there are virtually unlimited

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GLONASS switch to using third-generation satellite Glonass-K

The GLONASS system is fully switch to the use of third-generation satellite "Glonass-K", according to plans by 2020.

New cameras are able to orbit up to ten years, as opposed to the seven years of its predecessors. Also, compared with the second generation of satellites twice increased positioning accuracy — up to 2.5 meters for civilian users. Launch of the first satellite of third generation "Glonass-K" took place in February 2011. He is currently undergoing flight tests.

The transition will be accomplished by gradually: the satellites "Glonass-M" will be replaced by new models in

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In the Altai region added two irrigation system

In June 2011, in the Altai region will be launched Burlin irrigation system worth more than 1.5 billion rubles. Water from the river Ob go to the lake Pryganskogo (Burlin district, Altai Krai), providing irrigation of agricultural land area of 55 hectares and recharge of the small rivers and lakes. The irrigation system has a number of upgrades to the lake Pryganskoe and flows through the natural course of the river Burla, the bypass thus five grassland areas affected by drought every year. Construction of the system began in the 80s of the last century. Allowed to complete the

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The company SSTenergomontazh established a system of heating of the roof

convention center hotel "Moscow"

Engineering company "SSTenergomontazh" which is a group of companies "Special systems and technologies", as part of a multifunctional complex reconstruction of hotel "Moscow" provides a complete solution for the protection of the roof of the complex of snow and ice. The company "SSTenergomontazh" has significant experience working on objects of cultural value. The company’s specialists have equipped of electrical heating of the roof of the Bolshoi Theatre and State Historical Museum, the building of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation and the Federal Treasury, the Kazan Kremlin and many other architectural sites.

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Our faucets have better Chinese

"Baltkran" won the tender, which was also attended and Chinese companies on the bridge crane 63/10t, with a span of 40m. The crane is designed for the transportation of metal sheets, rolled up in rolls, heated to a temperature of +400′ C. The crane is equipped with a hook, but can also work with the load handling mechanisms: the ticks carrying capacity of 30t, 55t and an electromagnet. Operating temperature in the area of the crane reaches +75′ C. In order to protect against heat all the mechanisms of the crane cab and machine hidden in the closed span

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The new terminal Pulkovo

At the construction site of the new central passenger terminal "Pulkovo" I ended March 14, in the company of two colleagues. In this volume, and angles of the new terminal building still no one showed, so to some extent, this first report, in which the object will be shown on all sides, top and inside. Watch it! The ceremony of laying the first pile of the new passenger terminal was held November 24, 2010, and the planned date of entry of a new terminal complex completed — December 2013 View from the roof of the old terminal Pulkovo-1 (from

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Cut Montenegrin joins Park draglines

Excavator EL 20/90, the third unit of this type of technology, has entered into operation. One and a half years was assembling machine.

In contrast to previous ESH, this excavator for the first time established a system of electric drive with the synchros, giving the technology a smooth ride. Moreover, now the driver controls the pacing without the aid of foot pedals, hands-on control. After the installation during the month was the transition from an excavator assembly area of the bat, during which time he was about five miles away. "The new EL 20/90 was necessary

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Exhibition of trucks at the Gorky Automobile Plant

Presented as new samples, and has long been selling products of GAZ Group.

Cabover version of the Ural-43206

Ural and Ural-432065-43206

The car side Ural-432065 Information system

Ambulance A21R22 GAZ-based Gazelle NEXT Information system

Small medical evacuation system based on GAZ-27527 Sable Information system

Flatbed truck GAZ-A21R32 Gazelle NEXT Information system

Military vehicle inspection based on GAZ-27527 Sable

Medical evacuation complex GAZ-33081-1091 based on GAZ-33081 Sadko Information system

GAZ-33081-1091 and technical support car GAZ-33086 Countryman

Technical support car GAZ-33086 Countryman

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On SinTZ completed performance tests of new equipment


 On Sinarsky Pipe Plant (SinTZ), which is part of the Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK), a tube-rolling shop № 2 (T-2) completed performance tests magneto complex "Uran-3000S", which retrofit installation of ultrasonic testing (UT) "Mayak-8 SinTZ, "and" scanner 5.03. "

Retrofitting lines CPO realized in the framework of the strategic investment "Program implementation and upgrade equipment SinTZ to improve the quality of oil country tubular goods."

Manufacturer and supplier of magnetic induction complex "Uran-3000S" — UralNITI (Ekaterinburg). The equipment includes computer system, magneto control module defects, degaussing system of pipes, paint marking system defects.

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