Tiltrotor (helicopter-plane) Bell V-22 Osprey (part 2)

According to Col. Matthew Malherna manager applets V-22 Command aviasistem Navy U.S. success in Iraq introduction konvertoplanov eclipsed all expectations. Tiltrotor under fire from the ground fell sporadically, no car got battle damage, but March 24, 2009 the entire fleet konvertoplanov flights were discontinued after technicians Squadron VMM-266 on one of the machines was found weakening of bolting in the swash plate right nacelle. Inspection carried out after the pilots were awarded a «sharp» noise and excessive vibration during ordinary flight. Inspection 84 «Osprey», all devices are in operation, has permitted to find such deficiencies another 4 konvertoplanov who

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Nameless modernization «Rook»

About a year ago it became clear that in the coming couple of years about 120-130 Su-25 will be renovated with the extension and modernization of the resource to the level of the Su-25SM. About forty cars had already passed such an update. First of October this year there are new posts about the upcoming future of the main Russian stormtroopers. According to «Izvestia», in late 2012 to begin creating another recent modification of the Su-25 «Grach». Some sources in the command of the Air Force told reporters the latest edition of the existence of a modification that the

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Lithuania is interested in placing protsiraket on its territory

"These systems are needed our country. There is a danger that through a couple of years in unstable countries there are technical ability to attack. We must keep this process. One solution is the anti-missile system, which offers NATO. So makarom, We want to defuse the nuclear power station, which is planned to build in our country "- Said Juozas Alexas.He did not agree with the views that the installation of anti-missile systems in Eastern Europe is aimed against the Russian Federation and is the latest step to cool the war. Juozas Alexas also said that the Moldovan military can

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Guaranteed retaliatory nuclear strike. «The Dead Hand»

System «Perimeter» (index ASU RVSN — 15E601, in Western Europe and the United States is known as the English. Dead Hand, almost «dead hand») — a set of automatic control massive nuclear retaliation made in the USSR in the midst of war cool. Designed to guarantee its combat orders from the highest levels of management (the General Staff of the USSR Armed Forces, Department of RVSN) to team and individual Fri launchers strategic missiles, standing on alert in case of an emergency, when the communication lines may be damaged. The U.S. has a similar set of functionality — Emergency Rocket

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Plane which was not — F-26 multi-purpose STALMA VI-generation (USA)

F-26 STALMA — South American fighter VI-generation. Developed by «Stavati» tactical substitution as the F-16 Falcon. Title says aircraft for itself — STALMA (advanced multi-purpose light fighter with a small takeoff). It was planned that he will enter the program from «DEM / VAL», which took place in 2004. F-26 STALMA — integral triplane with one engine, with one pilot. Wing sweep varies widely — 5-70 degrees. Provide more maneuverability and stealth capability for air defense. Has a similar safety and arming an F-117 Nighthawk, but the cost of the 1st aircraft is much smaller — about 25 million

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Germany against the exclusion of Belarus from the Generalized System of Preferences of the EU?

By him, German side looking for a discussion, that at the moment conducted between Republic of Belarus and the European Union on the EU Generalised System of Preferences.Sovereign Lerents headed the German delegation at the Belarusian-German pasezhenni Working Group on Trade and Investment.It will be recalled that in December last year The Council of Ministers of the European Union has already excluded Belarus from the Generalized System of Preferences. Decision shall enter into force two weeks — in June. It will not take effect if the Belarusian side will fulfill demands the International Labour Organization concerning the situation of trade

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Yak-130 has always come from the spin

This aircraft is recognized by the international prototype of the best professional training and military equipment As of September this year, 34 new Russian training planes (TCB) Yak-130 arrived in Borisoglebsk Higher Military Aviation School Chkalov. First edition, prepared for these CF, held this year. Students confirmed that the car is ordinary in the management and operation, and its just a master. «Experts have tried and made the plane» learning party «- while student does not meet the sequence of actions required annotation or control of the flight manual, the upcoming piloting his plane does not allow itself gives a

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The aviation component of the nuclear triad U.S.

We offer our readers the final part of the analysis of the development of the U.S. nuclear triad, which is now part of the reformed U.S. strategic offensive forces. Brand new long-range cruise missile Reduce outfit intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBMs) and submarine launched ballistic missiles (SLBMs), required for the application of a disarming strike against Russian strategic nuclear forces, the South American side, apparently, wants by adopting the latest generation of nuclear cruise missiles, air (ALCM). Competition to develop promising ALCMs LRSO, which should change the cruise missiles, AGM-86B ALCM AGM-129A and ACM, was announced in December 2012. Officially, the

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A.Potupa: U.S. missile defense system does not threaten us

As for Invitation to the press conference journalists-independent media, sovereign Patupa said:"It’s great that it is possible somehow to ask questions. But I do not know what there was proportion of municipal and non-governmental publications.As for certain issues — for example, "asymmetric" response to the deployment of a U.S. missile defense system. On my eyes, symmetrical or asymmetrical — no answer, only within a single system (for example, with Russia).Belarus, can not really talk about the serious confrontation such system. This, in my eyes, and large is not necessary. I do not think it is a kind of missile defense

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China is able to counteract the U.S. military communications systems

Chinese military use South American secrets acquired by our agents to counteract the U.S. sverhtehnologichnym communication systems used in the «combined weapons systems» and missile defense, said freebacom.com September 20 with reference to the statements of officials of the South American governments. Found that China has the ability to «wedge» in the work of the Joint tactical system disk imaging rassredotachivaniya JTIDS (Joint Tactical Information Distribution System), as has been told in the article «Anti-Jamming Performance of JTIDS-Type Waveform», posted on July 10 in the journal Aerospace Electronic Warfare, coming under the auspices of the Institute 8511 and which is

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