MEGAMASH started bottling plant lemonade for Favorite-Neva

Commissioned the first phase of the plant for bottling soda (customer — the company "Favorite-Neva"). The entire project is made from "scratch" by MEGAMASH.

"Favor-Neva" is specialized in the production of carbonated soft drinks. Now, under their brand name is available in seven different flavors of lemonade. In the production of the product is used on natural sugar syrup and water deep cleaning.

In the technological part of the plant manufactured and installed:

Siropovarochny boiler Blended capacity Capacity for inversion Plate heat exchanger Land Water Treatment — Cascade seven stage water purification system.

Just installed and started bottling line

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In the Yenisei Shipping Company introduced a new navigation system

In the management of the fleet operating on the Yenisei River Shipping Company and the courts have established a new navigation equipment.

The new navigation system includes four modern information monitor that the online mode transmit information about the location of each ship Yenisei fleet, as well as special courts set on the hardware and software of electronic cards (e-mapping), previously used only by sea. In addition, improved and fully automated jobs dispatchers. On the introduction of the new system was spent about 250 million rubles."Traditionally, the Navy was measured distances on the river for miles, as the coordinate system

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T-90ms: a big step forward

English monthly magazine IHS Jane’s International Defence Review published an article by Christopher F. Foss of the new Russian tank T-90ms. Author — the largest international expert on armored vehicles and armament of the Army. He not only browser such well-known among military experts of the world of magazines, as IHS Jane’s International Defence Review and IHS Jane’s Defence Weekly, but the editor of the authoritative annual reference book Jane’s Armour and Artillery («Armour and Artillery"), his opinion on the T-90ms is definitely deserves attention.

With its main battle tanks, increased effectiveness in urban settings, zeroing in on RUSSIAN EXPORT

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On ZabZhD master advanced technology which straightening path

The station Borzya Trans-Baikal Railway held theoretical and practical training of managers and specialists distances ways Zabaikalskaya Infrastructure Directorate to study modern technology of high-precision bearing of the way with the use of the automated system "FS-Navigator"

This technology provides engineering and information management straightening work with current maintenance and repairs to the railway track. With the help of "FS-Navigator" at intervals twice a month a way of digitizing disorders, targeted planning straightening work, objective monitoring of their quantity and quality. To synchronize wagons puteizmeriteley from the instrumentation system straightening machines to coordinate the way with the help of special

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Operative-information complex of power plants SK-2007

Operative-information complex of power plants "SK-2007" allows real-time process up to 210 thousand changes parameters in second.

The complex is set in the Network Control Center (NCC) "Rostov" and had worked here in the test mode. He established himself as a modern technical facilities for dispatching personnel. "IC-2007" provides automatic reception, control accuracy, processing, transmission and storage of telemetry and other incoming data on power system operation.

Its real-time database serves as a repository of the current cut-off and high-speed controller requests. It is placed in the server’s RAM, operational and historical data are stored and processed

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Alexander Mladenov about the helicopter Ka-52 Alligator

Renowned foreign aviation analyst Alexander Mladenov has devoted a long article attack helicopter Ka-52. As usual, the A2 is not too lazy to translate the interesting and informative text.

In December 2010, the leadership of the Russian Army Aviation announced long-awaited adoption of a combat helicopter Ka-52 "Alligator" and the first deliveries to combat units were held in May 2011

In August 2003, the then Air Force Commander Vladimir Mikhailov has publicly confirmed the readiness of the Air Force to raise funds for the development of next-generation combat helicopter. Not one, but

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Optimistic dynamics

Summary of the first half of 2012, the Federal State Governmental Institution "Federal savings and mortgage system of housing for military personnel" (FGKU "Rosvoenipoteka") showed a significant increase in the number of participants and increase the efficiency of storage-mortgage system (NIS).

Military Mortgage steadily gaining "momentum", in 2007, the new system of housing purchased more than 31,500 apartments. The total number of participants exceeded 205 thousand people. NIS has turned into a special, privileged form of payment by the state of military labor. Time has proven the viability and attractiveness of the new system to allow young officers,

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The new controller effectively controls lighting of buildings

In the photo: lighting control system of the building based on the controller K2000T.

Is it possible to reduce the energy consumption of residential and public buildings, office buildings, warehouses and industrial complexes? The answer to this question tried to find the designers of the company "Intelligent Architecture" (Dmitrov, Moscow region). They have created a system "Office lighting Office Building" based on the use of the new development — controller K2000T.

With this controller, the principle of operation is based on the change in the brightness of light depending on the time of day, lighting

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The new village school opened in Krasnoyarsk

New Reshotinskaya school number 1 in just two years, was built in the village of Lower floodplain Nizhneingashskogo district of the Krasnoyarsk Territory.

September 1st new school opened its doors to 460 students. The school principal Tamara Goldenkov presenting institution governor of Krasnoyarsk Krai Lev Kuznetsov, explained that so far the learning process took place in three buildings, one of which was found in an emergency.

"In 2011, construction began on the new school, and now our students will learn in a modern single educational complex. Emergency building will be demolished in a former elementary school will be deployed

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Dmitry Rogozin, Russia’s first tablet introduced

While in Berlin is hosting an international consumer electronics exhibition IFA 2012, Vice premera Dmitry Rogozin, Russia launched the first tablet — "RCISCU" working on "secure" operating system with the same name (stands for Russian Mobile Operating System), which is, in fact, a modified operating system Android.

It is expected that the device will be released before the end of this year, and its main users of it will be the employees of the Ministry of Defense.

CEO of SPC-based industrial park MEPhI Starikovskiy Andrey Rogozin said that the "operating system has all the functionality of the operating system

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