In Salekhard joined a new asphalt plant

In Salekhard JSC "Partner" has put into operation a new coating plant of German company «Wibau». Today, it is running at full capacity — one hundred and twenty tons of asphalt mix per hour. "This plant manufactures products in two and a half times more than the old equipment. Moreover, it can release any asphalt mixture with the latest technologies. "

The plant is equipped with an automated control system. This versatile burner is installed, which allows you to run on either natural gas or diesel fuel. Bag filter system provides a high degree of cleaning products in

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For trucks travel the roads of Russia will be paid

The Ministry of Transport has prepared "Draft Resolution of the Government of the Russian Federation "On approval of charging fees as compensation for harm caused by roads of federal vehicles having a maximum permissible weight of over 12 tons "

The official publication date: 22 June 2012Published: June 22, 2012 on the site "Russian Newspaper"

Starting next year, trucks and lorries weighing more than 12 tons will not release outside of Russia, if they have a run on the debt for federal highways. This is referred to in the draft government decree published on the website of Ministry of

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Saransk buses equipped with Wi-Fi system

June 22 launched in Saransk first five municipal buses equipped with a system Wi-Fi.

Now free wireless Internet access is available for each passenger urban transport. You can connect to the network using a phone or computer that supports Wi-Fi. Use the Internet simply for convenience on the chairs in the bus plastered with special instructions.

"Within two weeks of know-how will be back in ten buses" MAZ ", — told reporters" IM "Deputy Director of the MP" Gorelectrotrans "Andrei Kulagin. System will be equipped with bus routes number number 1, 6, 8, 14, 17, 20.

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The new field communication system based on UAV designed for the Russian Armed Forces

Omsk Production Association "named after AS Popov Radio Plant" has developed a unique three-dimensional field army radio system based on unmanned aerial vehicles.

"Repeaters communication system implemented on the platform of unmanned tiltrotor own design. It is expected that the government will begin testing the system before the end of this year ", — said Deputy General Director Sergei Demensky.

According to him, the system creates the Land Forces of the Armed Forces of Russia, its ability to allow you to maintain high quality radio communication on the battlefield, and even streaming video.

"In the spring of this year,

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Nefteyugansk Promservice equipped with a satellite navigation system Omnicomm

The company "GLONASS OMNICOMM» completed the fleet manufacturer of technical equipment and medical gases, LLC "Nefteyugansk Promservice" satellite navigation system Omnicomm. As a result, use of the system, the cost of fuel for certain vehicles enterprises decreased by 20%.

The property "Nefteyugansk Promservice" There are 32 cars, most of which are involved in transport of oxygen gas produced by the company, and liquid nitrogen. Basically, the car companies ply the territory of the Khanty-Mansi and Yamal-Nenets autonomous district, but also make flights to other regions.

With the navigation system of a Omnicomm started to control the speed and movement

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Meteorology HD

Russian space scanner broadcasts online high-quality image is the planet

Natalia Vedeneev.

Amazing spectacle demonstrated recently at the Research Center for Earth Operative Monitoring. They showed me the planet at a glance, in real time! Bright ball with clear boundaries of continents, seas, oceans and terrain of mountains swam in front of me on the big screen. "Maybe this is computer graphics? The film, created by the animators? "- I tried to center staff. "No — they answered — this is the real picture of our planet’s transferred to the new Russian meteorological satellite" Electro-L ".

View of the

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Launching the third multi-boat project MPB-14

June 19 at the Moscow shipbuilding and ship-repair plant An event dedicated to be launched third multipurpose boat project MPB-14, serial number 403.

MPB-14 (Multi Purpose Boat) — a modern, powerful, cost-effective, high-speed and highly maneuverable boat, which is a fusion of contemporary design and design solutions and innovative construction techniques. Fulfilling the mandate of the United Shipbuilding Corporation (JSC "United Shipbuilding Corporation") for the development of production katernogo, Moscow Shipyard in October 2011 started the construction of a series of 6 multi-purpose craft project MPB-14 on request Rosmorporta.  


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This mossy Blackthorn

When equipped with a tank camouflage kit "Cape" (Moscow Institute of Steel Development), The probability of detection in the near-infrared day and night vision devices, and scopes, thermal imaging systems and homing (GOS) is reduced by 30%. In the thermal range of probability of detection and capture of a tank with infrared homing down 2-3.

Drastically reduced the visibility of the tank in the range of radio — the temperature of the tank with masking and the background are the same. In the radar range and probability of detection range equipped with "cape" tank snizhetsya in six or

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Tral-D system has successfully passed the state exam

The new automated digital system of communication "Tral-D", developed for the strategic level in the Armed Forces "Concern" Constellation ", has completed the passage of state tests. The system was tested in the army and showed using a high efficiency, the press service of the Concern "Constellation". "In fact, it is a complex command and control, — the chief designer of the development, the head of STC" strategic link "Concern SS Ferenets. — The new software enables equipment without material cost to increase the capacity of existing military lines of communication." Inclusion complex of the general communication system Forces can

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Shugurovschina on Pugachev

In early April the TV news already showed hordes of tractors with plows. Graduate medical school and by coincidence Russian presidential adviser on agriculture, a former minister Skrinnik report: "This year, to such a number have already planted spring crops on a certain number of hectares more than in the past." And now again talking about the drought in the south, heard cries that the plans for crops under threat.

It seems that all agrochinovnikov, managers, directors, and farmers need to send a force to study and practice in the Penza region, in a wonderful farm "Pugachev". Maybe it will

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