U.S. Navy strengthen naval defense

U.S. Navy ship’s defense system will improve on the last frontier «Phalanx». Contract to modernize the «Phalanx» Mk15 CIWS (Close-In Weapon System) cost 136,240,000 dollars received system developer company «Raytheon» (g.Tukson, Arizona). Defense system on the last turn CIWS created for the destruction of low-flying or high-altitude high-speed maneuvering anti-ship missiles (ASM), to overcome the other echelons of defense ship. CIWS system is an integral component of defense in depth and compound ship self-defense system of the ship. Issued a contract has a number of options, in which case the total implementation of the contract price will be 231 million

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Aerostat UNRIVALLED prove their intelligence capabilities

Lockheed Martin Company continues development and implementation program from a tethered aerostat system PTDS (Persistent Threat Detection Systems), which in real time around the clock supplies of intelligence forces in Afghanistan, reports ASDNews October 22. The company received a contract in the amount of 345 million U.S. dollars for the management and operation of the system. «PDTS proved fundamental asset to protect our troops and allied troops. We will work on this theater of war, so that the system continues to provide critical information for our military, «says vice president of C4ISR systems of Lockheed Martin Information Systems & Global

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Yaroslavl scientists have developed an innovative system for ophthalmology

Presentation of unique, innovative microsurgical laser systems for ophthalmology using nanotechnology was held in Yaroslavl on October 18, the press service of the regional administration.

 Photo source:nanonewsnet.ru

The developed system is the first in the world of mobile plant for vision correction. Designed Yaroslavl laser weighs 6 kg, while its predecessor — 48 kg. Became easier and a whole new set of hardware — 85 kg. The closest Japanese equivalent weighs 750 kg, U.S. — 600 kg. Power consumption of the unit is 300 watts versus conventional systems of this kind five kilowatts. The new complex laser uses

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Yapontsі kupuyut on Ukraїnі unіkalny mashines for cleansing Vod od radіoaktivnih zabrudnen.

 Photo source:in.ua

Іnstitut "Ekoenergіya" Ukraїnskoї akademії Sciences UCLA dogovіr to supply elektrodugovoї paraplazmennoy purification system Vod od radіoaktivnih zabrudnen s yaponskoyu kompanієyu Vasaki Sktec for atomnoї stantsії Fukusіma-1 on one million vro. About Tse Correspondent UKRІNFORMu povіdomiv president Ukraїnskoї akademії Sciences Oleksiy Onіpko.

For yogo words, Danian hour svіtі nemaє analogіv takoї system, the yak b pratsyuvala on vodі. "Є rozrobki plazmovih systems scho pratsyuyut s povіtryam, ale s water — Ni, Ce novelty" — zaznachiv president of UAS.

Vіn takozh povіdomiv scho given system — i eqsperimental in razі її uspіshnoї robots, UAS rozrahovuє uklasti

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NATO is getting closer to Russia’s borders

North Atlantic Union is close to the borders of the Russian Federation is selected. On the basis of in Deveselu southern Romania on Mon started work on a missile complex, which will be part of the United States posed by NATO and European defense. It is believed that the complex defense system in Romania will be one hundred percent was commissioned in 2015. At the official launch deploy a missile defense system was U.S. Deputy Defense Secretary for Political Affairs James Miller, the Romanian administration, as a number of high-ranking representatives of the Allies. According to Deputy Minister of Foreign

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Yak-130 was the best trainer aircraft at Le Bourget

At the International Air Show "Le Bourget 2013" Yak-130 was recognized by international experts, the best example of training and combat techniques. The newest fully integrated digital avionics complex (OEE), developed and manufactured by enterprises of Concern "Radio-electronic technology" (KRET) SC Rostekhnadzor, the Yak-130 allows you to mimic the information-control field cabins, basic flight characteristics and combat systems use the latest fighter planes of the fourth and fifth generations. 

Double jet training a new generation of combat aircraft Yak-130 is designed for teaching, training and maintenance of flying skills of pilots for the fighters

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South Ural received 11 ambulances

11 cars "ambulance" arrived in the municipalities of the Chelyabinsk region. On the new "FORD" on the program of modernization of health care, now will transport residents Kopeysk and Magnitogorsk, Etkul and Troitsk, Kartalov and Castle, Kyshtym and Chebarkul, Coosa and Yuzhnouralsk and Krasnoarmeyskiy district.

Medical Class cars are not only equipped with the latest technology, but also very comfortable for drivers and doctors: climate control system allows you to maintain in the cockpit and cabin desired temperature in winter and summer, there are airbags and filtered ventilation system. Machines are equipped with GLONASS.


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This mossy, Blackthorn

When equipped with a tank camouflage kit "Cape" (Moscow Institute of Steel Development), The probability of detection in the near-infrared day and night vision devices, and scopes, thermal imaging systems and homing (GOS) is reduced by 30%. In the thermal range of probability of detection and capture of a tank with infrared homing down 2-3.

Drastically reduced the visibility of the tank in the range of radio — the temperature of the tank with masking and the background are the same. In the radar range and probability of detection range equipped with "cape" tank snizhetsya in six

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The electronic passport will facilitate the work of the locomotive

The Regulation of the automated system "e-passport locomotive." The electronic passport will be used for maintenance, unscheduled, current and factory types of repairs, as well as in maintenance and production of new equipment.

Electronic Passport (EP) to receive complete and accurate operational information on the carrying out of repairs locomotive availability and change of the equipment. Now it is possible to link the CE with current accounting systems of locomotives, the introduction of logical controls, that is made possible ban exit from the locomotive repair without completely fill a passport. All this is a lot easier

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Electronic record to the doctor has been running 100 Moscow clinics

To stop medical information-analytical system (EMIAS) already connected 100 metropolitan clinics. The press service of the Department of Information Technology in Moscow. In the halls of medical institutions established infomats for self-recording to experts at a convenient time for the patient. Plan a visit to the 77 clinics also are available by calling (495) 539 3000 and in a city portal of public services pgu.mos.ru. New institutions are added to the system daily.

To book a reception, it is necessary to pass the simplified registration of the Moscow government services portal (pgu.mos.ru), confirming the cell phone number

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