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In Magnitogorsk launched a new substation (photo)

The city began its work a new substation, aimed at improving the reliability of power supply of Lenin and the Right Bank districts.

Nnovoe equipment installed at the substation: open distribution system with two transformers of 63 MBA each, gas-insulated switches, transistors, current busducts and drains, switchgear system for 56 cells.

The construction of the 49th was sent to the substation 295 million: 208 million rubles invested in municipal enterprise "Gorelectroset" 86 million was spent from the city budget, the remaining amount on the development of urban energy allocated federal budget.


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GLONASS will help domestic companies to enter the global market

The Russian navigation market is growing faster pace. However, to enter the global level it needs more support from the business, says trade publication "Journal of GLONASS."

In 2011, the volume of domestic navigation market has increased several times: this was due to the completion of the formation of the GLONASS satellite constellation that provides is now 100% coverage of the globe. In the short-term positive trend will continue through the implementation of projects such as ERA-GLONASS implementation of intelligent systems to monitor and control public transport, full navigation equipment to equip the fleet of emergency services.


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General Staff: Russia may make a preemptive strike on the missile defense system

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Chief of General Staff of the Russian Armed Forces Nikolai Makarov said Russia could make a preemptive strike on the missile defense system in Europe, in the case of "aggravation of the situation." This was General of the Army announced May 3, at the conference "The factor of missile defense in the formation of a new area of security" in Moscow.

"Taking into account the destabilizing nature of the missile defense system, namely, creating the illusion of impunity application disarming strike, the decision to proactively use of existing weapons will be taken during the

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Autotor began assembling Chevrolet Malibu sedans

Kaliningrad factory "Autotor" in late April began trial assembly of the new flagship D-class sedan Chevrolet Malibu. Until the end of May with the Kaliningrad pipeline to get the first 32 car Chevrolet Malibu. According to "Avtotore", this model has become the 31 th, the production of which is being developed at the plant.

Consumers will be available variants with a 2.4-liter gasoline engine producing 167 hp. with., as well as with a 2.0-liter diesel engine producing 160 hp. s. Petrol and diesel units can be equipped with a six-speed manual or automatic transmissions.

Among the features of

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Boat Diver Gritsay launched

May 7, 2012 with a pile of "Plant of Nizhny Novgorod Ship" (KIT) launched the raid diving boat of A160 "Gritsay Diver" (building number 810). This is the third ship of the project, comes off the pile KIT spring of 2012.

With this event the company enters the final stage of the construction of a series of ten offshore diving boats in the framework of the Federal Target Program "Development of transport system of Russia" (2010-2015). The order for the series is available on the State KIT customer — the Federal Agency of Maritime and River Transport of the Russian

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The family of fuel supply next-generation battery systems developed in the Altai region

Unique and innovative products Company "Altai plant precision products" (AZPI) has now been successfully tested on a variety of techniques.

Altay Common Rail System (ACRS) runs performance tests on the car belonging AZPI MAZ-4371 with an engine of the Minsk Motor Plant, D-245.30 (Euro-3). At the end of April mileage of almost 3 thousand miles. Similar tests are carried out on the tractor "Belarus 1220.4" in Minsk (1100 hours operating time), ZIL-5301 "bull" in the town of Stary Oskol (run 45 thousand km). Being tested and marine applications. Reviews of the system, only positive.

Battery fuel supply system of a

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Innovative breakthrough Phazotron

Information about the invention was already on our website. Now the development and continuation:

From the new radar even "stealth" does not hide?

In recent years, an essential step in the design of complex systems, including electronic, is the development of architecture, which allows you to fully apply a systematic approach in their development and modernization. Under the architecture refers to the structural organization of the system as a set of functional modules and the connections between them.

Developed by "Fazotron-NIIR" together with research centers specialized electronic systems and management MAI scalable dual-band multi-function on-board radar (MBRLS) is

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Izhmash updated, including staff

In April weapon manufacture updated NGO "Izhmash" acquired a new director: he appointed Vladimir E. Labadin.

Labadin Vladimir E. was born May 30, 1974. In 1996 he graduated from the Volgograd Institute of Civil Engineering in 2005 — Institute of Business Administration of National Economy under the Government of the Russian Federation in "Economics and Finance".

Vladimir Labadin has extensive experience in the field of industrial production. He passed his career as a setup man for the machine to the general director of a large manufacturing enterprise. Led the reorganization and optimization of production

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RE: Who owns the CB or 2 +2 = 11 (Our response to Chamberlain)



Some "Malchish-Kibalchish" in his blog with 1,200-mi subscribers had the imprudence to assign us with a colleague the honorable title of "banksters lawyers." Thank you, of course. That’s only if we have paid in the same size (smile).

Along the way, the author has managed to accuse of plagiarizing his ideas of all who have ever touched on the idea of the Central Bank. Including Starikova and co. Several hysterical worrying about their copyright, it also had the imprudence to become personal. Well to the delight of the audience, demanding "bread and circuses" we

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On strengthening the Navy

On the basis of 242 Airborne Training Centre (Omsk) from May to begin training under the program of intensive military training. Education course is organized as a "survival" of intense cycle, during which practiced a situation as close to the fighting as in nature, and in the stress on students. Interestingly, of the approximately 800 military personnel, which will be held in the course of May and June, "winged infantry" are only about 200. The rest will come from the parts of the Southern Military District. This is due to the fact that the training of Navy and so quite

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