ETRAN system prepares contracts for 106,000 cars of SHAPE.

106,000 cars of Freight transferred to the automated control system ETRAN JSC "Russian Railways". IT-support for the project has implemented the company "IntelLeks."

Backlog regulatory framework of the actual situation on the market of rail freight recently led to considerable difficulties in the management of the Fleet. In order to enhance the management of the cars at the beginning of the year, in accordance with the Government of the Russian Federation of December 20, 2011 № 1051 "On the procedure involving a public company" Russian Railways’ rolling stock for freight and the establishment of a special order pricing

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At the landfill Prudboy check the updates of the heavy flamethrower system of Pinocchio

Updated heavy flamethrower system of "Pinocchio" checked in action on the ground "Prudboy." The complex increased power and range of a projectile firing.

Developer: C-500 — more than a typical AAMS

Promising anti-aircraft missile system S-500 will be radically different from its predecessors — the C-400 and C-300, said on Friday, CEO of "GSKB" Almaz-Antey "Vitaly Neskorodov.

"For obvious reasons, I can not tell you everything in detail and, nevertheless, I will answer: this is a brand new, does not overlap with the S-400 system, as used in its design than the one used in the C-400 technical solutions" — said Neskorodov, quoted "Interfax".

"They allow you to implement the problems solved by means of the system, on the other qualitative and quantitative level. And while we’re on the topic of

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Russian Space Agency experts spoke about the future of GLONASS

Russia — a country that has its own full-featured navigation system that, in today’s world is an important competitive advantage and factor in ensuring national security. What future for the domestic GLONASS system, representatives of Roscosmos told in an interview to the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets".

Over recent years, the GLONASS system is constantly developed and improved: positioning accuracy has increased by 10 times the orbital group was brought to full strength, were brought into orbit a new generation of satellites. Increased demand for satellite navigation services, especially in the area of control and management of vehicles. GLONASS technology also is

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Tested the updated fire system TOS-1A sun (photo)

During a special tactical exercises at the site "Prudboy" launched rockets increased firing range of the upgraded heavy firing systems TOS-1A "sun" on the target, simulating a group of tanks and infantry alleged enemy (Photo: ITAR-TASS)

Simulated target tanks and infantry group of alleged enemy

The complex TOS-1A "sun" increased power of the projectile and firing range

Servicemen separate brigade of the Southern Military District hit various targets of the missiles "Bumblebee"

Heavy firing system TOS-1A "sun" during a special tactical exercises on the ground "Prudboy"

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In the village. Pervomaiskii (Moscow region). Opened a modern refrigeration terminal

March 30 in the village of May Day, where he built a warehouse, officially commissioned the first phase of the project, which invested about 600 million rubles.

Refrigeration terminal is a two cameras, designed for storage 7200 tons, subject to the most stringent standards imposed on companies of this type in Russia and abroad. Technical capabilities allow the cells to maintain the temperature to -25aboutC. In developing the project, special attention was paid to the reliability of cooling system — design decision suggests that, even in case of failure of one of the parts of the system will continue to

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In Aviastar-SP, construction of Il-76MD-90A

In "Aviastar-SP", construction of Il-76MD-90A. The first flight model will soon be put under the current.

The enterprise involving all labor and the most modern production technology. Currently works on the airframe, systems installation and maintained equipment. Completed grade cabins pilot and navigator. Made efforts to ensure and test for leaks fuselage compartments.

"Under the current formulation is meant by the following: on-board installation of all manufactured and electroplaits elektrokorobok, held their continuity and voltage spetstokami from the bench. Further systems are tested on ground power and gidrostendov " — According to Deputy General Director of JSC "Aviastar-SP" Valery Tokarev.

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The system alerts the public about emergencies in Kamchatka showed full functionality

Installation of satellite system in the Peter and Paul Fortress-Kamchatsky

The system of public notification of an emergency in the Kamchatka region has successfully passed a comprehensive inspection and showed full functionality. This was announced today by the Minister and special programs for the Cossacks Khabarovsk Territory Sergey.

Head Office of Emergencies in the Kamchatka region on March 29 was checked all systems emergency alert. Checked the timeliness of the signals on the channels of TV and radio, fixed and mobile public address. "All systems in the course of due diligence showed its efficiency," — said Khabarov, noting that

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A new navigation system for T-72 and T-90

NGO "Progress" has developed a new navigation system GALS-D2M for Russian infantry fighting vehicles and troops, as well as main battle tanks T-72 and T-90. According to a press release, Received "Heathcliff" GALS-D2M significantly outperforms both domestic and American counterparts.

According to the NGO "Progress" in the GALS-D2M, among other things, includes a central control unit and navigation, satellite, speed sensor, lightbar driver as well as a color touch-screen display of the crew commander.

Navigation system can work in conjunction with the navigation systems GLONASS and GPS, including the bypass unauthorized access, and a uniform system of tactical

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Turboatom vigrav tender modernіzatsіyu Balakovskoї AES (Rosіya)

In 2012 bereznі rock "Turboatom" becoming peremozhtsem competition navigotovlennya i supply kit trubnoї condenser system KP-1650turbіni OK-12A Balakovskoї AEC. I took the fate tenderі 5 kompanіy, sered yakih BAT "Silovі machine" i TOV "YugPromServіs" (Rosіya). Capacitor Balakovskoї stantsії CCB vigotovleny Kaluzkim turbіnnim Plant (Rosіya). For pіdpriєmstva tsya Products serіyna. Sogodnі at virobnitstvі two capacitors for Novovoronezkoї AEC. Osoblivіst such obladnannya in fact scho pipe system vigotovlyaєtsya s nerzhavіyuchoї stalі. Contract planuєtsya uklasti nayblizhchim hour. Zamovnik ustatkuvannya BAT "Rosenergoatom Concern."

Dovіdka:Balakovska AES — naybіlshy in Rosії virobnik elektroenergії. Schorіchno won viroblyaє bіlshe mіlyardіv 30 kW. elektroenergії year. AES zabezpechuєchvert

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