Electronic record to the doctor has been running 100 Moscow clinics

To stop medical information-analytical system (EMIAS) already connected 100 metropolitan clinics. The press service of the Department of Information Technology in Moscow. In the halls of medical institutions established infomats for self-recording to experts at a convenient time for the patient. Plan a visit to the 77 clinics also are available by calling (495) 539 3000 and in a city portal of public services pgu.mos.ru. New institutions are added to the system daily.

To book a reception, it is necessary to pass the simplified registration of the Moscow government services portal (pgu.mos.ru), confirming the cell phone number

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In Aviastar-SP, construction of Il-76MD-90A

In "Aviastar-SP", construction of Il-76MD-90A. The first flight model will soon be put under the current.

The enterprise involving all labor and the most modern production technology. Currently works on the airframe, systems installation and maintained equipment. Completed grade cabins pilot and navigator. Made efforts to ensure and test for leaks fuselage compartments.

"Under the current formulation is meant by the following: on-board installation of all manufactured and electroplaits elektrokorobok, held their continuity and voltage spetstokami from the bench. Further systems are tested on ground power and gidrostendov " — According to Deputy General Director of JSC "Aviastar-SP" Valery Tokarev.

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The system alerts the public about emergencies in Kamchatka showed full functionality

Installation of satellite system in the Peter and Paul Fortress-Kamchatsky

The system of public notification of an emergency in the Kamchatka region has successfully passed a comprehensive inspection and showed full functionality. This was announced today by the Minister and special programs for the Cossacks Khabarovsk Territory Sergey.

Head Office of Emergencies in the Kamchatka region on March 29 was checked all systems emergency alert. Checked the timeliness of the signals on the channels of TV and radio, fixed and mobile public address. "All systems in the course of due diligence showed its efficiency," — said Khabarov, noting that

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A new navigation system for T-72 and T-90

NGO "Progress" has developed a new navigation system GALS-D2M for Russian infantry fighting vehicles and troops, as well as main battle tanks T-72 and T-90. According to a press release, Received "Heathcliff" GALS-D2M significantly outperforms both domestic and American counterparts.

According to the NGO "Progress" in the GALS-D2M, among other things, includes a central control unit and navigation, satellite, speed sensor, lightbar driver as well as a color touch-screen display of the crew commander.

Navigation system can work in conjunction with the navigation systems GLONASS and GPS, including the bypass unauthorized access, and a uniform system of tactical

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The third park will equip more than 1,300 buses GLONASS equipment

Petersburg bus to the middle of the summer will go more regularly: they equip the GLONASS system, which will allow dispatchers to track the traffic on the route in real-time. To obtain a license to continue activities until July 1, 2012 carriers must install satellite equipment. With innovations can be monitored regularity of movement, watch the traffic situation in the city, traffic jams, accidents, weather conditions.

JSC "Third park" already purchased the system for its 1,325 buses. When the bus goes to the route, information about his whereabouts enters the monitoring center of the carrier. A controller according

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In buses Serpukhov (Moscow region) is set GLONASS

In Serpukhov all private carriers (they are in the city 7) equipped with all the buses (85 units) of the GLONASS system.

Passengers probably will not notice any changes in the external buses. Tracker (a small box the size of a cell phone with a SIM card and the motherboard) installed in each bus, and supports satellite communications with the host computer in the control room, constantly passing the motion data bus. How was where to move, how fast — sees keeping an eye on traffic controller. You can connect to the tracker, at the request of the owner, and

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On Combating Corruption in Power

Energy companies began to fight for their transparency

The article provides examples of consistent and successful struggle against "kickbacks." It is hoped that this will affect the rates and, as a consequence, the rate of economic growth.

State-owned energy companies have started to introduce the Energy Ministry data on the incomes and assets of senior managers, as well as information about the owners of the companies-contractors. The test results of these data will be released in April.

About corruption in the power sector in December last year rose by Prime Minister Vladimir Putin, who said that

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Want a Russian war?

Again about the name

Want a Russian warYou ask in "Silence"Above the expanse of arable land and the "Fields"And "Birches" and "Topol"

Still ask the soldiersWhat’s the scoop "Option"As for the "Obuvka" on their feet,As "Goat" catching up fear.What smells "The Fly" and "tulip"And what filled our "Glass"In which places our "Vortex" and "Val"What is the "Cabbage" rules "Ball""Phantasmagoria" which"Fagot" plays and "Oboe".What gives our "Courier",And where there is a "barrier"Ask for "Metis" from "mulatto" asCaught in Russian "Zoo"What is associated with "Pinocchio" "Bumblebee"And from what saves "The Pipe"How to "Peonies" and "Stud"Our fragrant flower garden.What are the "Cacti"

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All-Russian Agriculture Ministry starts ochipirovaniyu cattle

Stand AFK "System" on RusNanoTech 2011

Stand AFK "System" on RusNanoTech 2011

"All-Russian Agriculture Ministry starts ochipirovaniyu bovine (cattle) with AFK" System " — Said the Minister of Agriculture of Russia Elena Skrynnik held March 27 III Congress of the Dairy Union.

"There will be allocated to all livestock ochipirovanie Russia, not only breeding animals. We struggled with this direction three years. Now we have received the approval of Dmitry Medvedev and Vladimir Putin, and begin to work " — Declares Helena Skrinnik.

It is planned that the company will implement the project "Sitronics", which is one of the

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The line for the production of barrier film

In February 2012, NGOs ARSENAL delivered and the next high-tech coextrusion line for the release of the film with a barrier layer. Earlier this complex in the production of a film made by the customer line of German manufacture. On the import line periodically had problems with geographic remoteness and support services obsolete technical solutions. As a result, the customer decided to purchase following a similar line to the Russian company. The choice in favor of NGOs ARSENAL was not made because of more favorable prices, but on the whole range of indicators.

The experience of the first two months

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