The mighty nimrod

IN THE LATTER HALF of 1942, German U-boats were sinking an average of 750,000 tons of Allied shipping a month — the Battle of the Atlantic was being lost. Not only were the vital cargoes not getting through but ships and merchant seamen were being lost faster than they could be replaced. Within a year the situation had changed and the U-boat ‘happy time’ was over as their losses rose dramatically.

This turnabout was in large part due to the increase in the anti-submarine capability of Coastal Command, air cover of the convoys in previously unguarded areas meant decreased losses

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Malaysian Su-30MKM Prototypes

SUKHOI IS continuing to test two Su-30MKM prototypes which, earlier this year, were derived from two Su-30MKI pre-production aircraft bearing side numbers 05 and 04. These were built at the Irkustk plant in 2000 and 2001 respectively. Under the S0.9 billion contract, signed in August 2003, the Royal Malaysian Air Force (RMAF) will receive a total of 18 Su-30MKM twin-seat super-manoeuvrable multi-role fighters in 2007-08.

The airframe, powerplant and major aircraft systems of the Su-30MKM will be the same as those for the Su-30MKIs in service with the Indian Air Force. However, avionics will feature a number of significant modifications,

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Forward momentum

Poland’s Soviet-era defence industrial base has been transformed by far-sighted government policies and international investment into an East European exemplar and an engine of economic growth, writes Guy Anderson

Poland’s status as a defence market and peacekeeping force has been transformed since the 1990s, first by membership in NATO in 1999 and then the EU in 2004: transnational bodies viewed by Warsaw as guarantors of the country’s security and economic well-being respectively.

The former Warsaw Pact country has shown a strong commitment to both defence investment in general and military procurement overall, illustrated by efforts to achieve interoperability with its

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DVD 2013 All Good Things…


Despite positive promotion, this year’s DVD show was noticeably leaner than previous events. With the drawdown from Afghanistan in full swing, defence spending cuts ongoing, and no sizeable vehicle-related requirements on the horizon, most commentators agree the biggest, best and most well-attended DVDs have sadly been and gone. Having just read what you could perceive to be a negative opening sentence, you’d be forgiven for thinking this year’s show wouldn’t hold much of interest for MMI’s readers;

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Bulletin Board

Denmark has invited eight prequalified European contractors to submit tenders for a wheeled or tracked armoured vehicle to replace its currently deployed Ml 13 series of tracked armoured personnel carriers (APCs) and variants. The Danish Army’s Ml 13s have already gone through a number of upgrades, including some under urgent operational requirement (UOR) funding for deployment to Afghanistan, but cannot be developed any further.

Denmark’s requirement is for between 206 and 450 vehicles (although around 360 units is more probably the maximum), and under current projections replacement vehicles are expected to be under contract by the end of 2014. The

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Binary star systems.

A binary star is truly an awe-inspiring phenomenon — two massive balls of plasma circling each other in a spectacular and reality-bending dance of death.

Just think for a moment about the raw power of our star, the Sun. From the immense thermonuclear fusion at its core and the coronal mass ejections (CMEs) thrown out from the surface to its truly awesome, Solar System-extending gravitational pull, our lone star is truly a magnificent spectacle. Granting life, taking life and bending light years of particulate matter to its will, nothing in the Solar System can compare to our star’s majesty and

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A Century of Play

We live today in a world of systems. The way that we work and learn, communicate and socialize, conduct our finances and engage with our governments—all these fundamental aspects of our lives are increasingly mediated through digital networks of information. We no longer research by consulting experts in encyclopedias or libraries. In the age of Wikipedia, we are the experts. This blurring of boundaries between producers and consumers, professionals and the public, has happened in photography too: who today is not in some way a photographer?

For the past one hundred years, the still and moving image embodied personal storytelling,

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BAE Systems will upgrade Korean KF-16 fighters

Defence Procurement Agency (DAPA) of South Korea has concluded with the British company BAE Systems a contract for the modernization of KF-16 fighters, reported Agence France-Presse. The deal amounted to 1.3 trillion won (1.1 billion dollars). Contract with BAE Systems was signed following a tender in which also participated American company Lockheed Martin. Under the deal, the British company will update the software 134 KF-16 fighters, also change the onboard computer systems. All work is expected to finish by 2021. In addition, DAPA wants to choose a favorite of the tender for the supply of radar with active phased

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Southern District received new anti-tank systems Chrysanthemum-S

More than 10 sets of new anti-tank missiles (ATGM) "Chrysanthemum-S" on the crawler, which replaced the complex "Storm", entered the artillery units of the Southern Military District (SOUTH), based in Ingushetia.

"In the near future to complete the connection fitting of the new anti-tank systems. Along with them will be representatives from the manufacturer to help personnel learn practical skills of new technology, "- said Friday the head of the press service of the Southern Military District, Colonel Igor Gorbul.

ATRA "Chrysanthemum-S" is designed to destroy modern and future enemy armored vehicles equipped with reactive armor, as well

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Southern Military District received the first batch SAM Tor-M1-2U News: 27/11/2012, Tuesday, 16:04:09Last updated 27/11/2012 at 15:50:54

Southern Military District received the first batch SAM "Tor-M1-2U" The troops of the Southern Military District received the first batch of anti-aircraft missile systems "Tor-M1-2U." On this, as reported by RIA Novosti, said deputy head of the press service of the Southern Military District Colonel Oleg Kochetkov. According to him, until the end of 2012 is planned to fully staff such complexes defense unit, placed in the Volgograd region.

Delivery systems "Tor-M1-2U" is implemented in the framework of the state defense order for 2012. The troops of the new systems

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