Moulding and Picture Frames with Avian Rogers and Les Cizek, ©1985 by Do It Yourself. Inc.. 5250 Seventy-Seven Center Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28210. 30 minutes, $19.95

This is the fifth in a series of six tapes from Do It Yourself Video Corporation, and I chose to view it because its subject matter is not covered elsewhere. It’s also the first tape I’ve seen featuring a team presentation, to wit. Avian Rogers, a TV Do It Yourself series hostess, and Les Cizek, a woodworker and teacher. The six videos are an expansion of subject matter covered in a TV series.


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Top of the table saws

My eye is often drawn to weak points on machinery, invariably poor locking and adjusting knobs and levers, but on seeing the Axminster TSCE12R I was drawn immediately to the quality of those same parts that so often let others down.

There are a plastic knob or two, but of good standard, but it was the blade-adjusting wheels that caught my eye. When I clocked these gleaming away with a heavy knurled central locking nut,

I had a good feeling; this was going to be a good ‘un, although with a price of slightly beyond the £2000 mark, I suppose

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Tests & Comments

When I was invited to sample the new Inca #280.10 table saw, I thought I’d be in for a real treat, a version of their #2100 (reviewed in Popular Woodworking Issue #34) that I could actually afford. Since the tool was not yet for sale in this country, there was no price on it. My friendly Inca dealer had both saws in his shop. Next to the 12″ saw, this new one is almost diminutive.

The machines differ other than just in size. The mortising table for the big saw is a rock-stable 92 pound behemoth that cost around $1,200

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Style points

First up: Mid-Century classics are reinterpreted as outdoor rockers. Vintage materials take shape in lighting. Plus: a bit of wit, whimsy and color for contemporary interiors. By Julie Smith Vincenti.

Strapped out

What can add a Mid-Century vibe to outdoor living areas? The Kantan II can, and it mixes brass with straps to make a home look good. Brown Jordan’s original Kantan, a 1950s vinyl-strap series by Tadao Inouye, is newly minted in brass and given high-performance Suncloth straps in either Sage or Marine. In addition to a chat-height lounge chair, a side table and a cocktail table, Kantan II

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Try doesn’t have to mean cramped. This top-floor apartment only had a footprint of 550sqf but the 4.5m-high ceiling and floor-to-ceiling bank of windows visually compensated for the lack of space. «Still, the configuration was tight, with a wall cutting the space into two: on one side was the bedroom and bathroom and on the other, the kitchen and living and dining space,» says Kelly Choong of Project File.

Said wall had to be taken down to open up the


Perfectly Placed

Setting the Perfect Table and Etiquette 101.

When it comes to hosting a formal dinner party, having everything perfectly placed makes guests feel both welcome and special. But with today’s busy schedules, it’s rare that family and friends sit down to enjoy a meal — let alone a formal dinner.

As such, hosting a dinner party can be daunting from knowing how to properly set the table — with forks, knives and spoons in their proper places — to employing the correct table manners.

But hosting a dinner party should not be cause to panic, says etiquette expert Nora Cline,

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Outdoor Table and Benches.

There are few things that compare with the simple joy of sitting down for a nice meal outdoors with the sun shining and a gentle breeze blowing. While this alfresco dining set can’t do a lot to guarantee you the perfect weather, it does provide a great place to enjoy it.

When my client approached me with this commission, the goal was to design a dining table-and-bench set that would accommodate up to eight people without appearing oversized or undersized. She wanted something with the kind of subtle grace that is usually lacking in commercial outdoor furniture, and made of

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New products.

1. Theo is a modular sofa system by Matthew Hilton for Case that offers versatile and comfortable seating options. Theo is available in leather or soft cover in various colors, in a three and two-seater sofa, armchair, chaise and corner unit. Tel: 020 7622 3506

2. Sweetpea & Willow’s on trend industrial style Spear Warrior coffee table shouts character and age. Its distressed metallic spear-like legs stand strong below the weathered surface. Made from eco-friendly reclaimed pine with an antique facade. Visit:

3. Cormar Carpets has boosted the number of its Express Collect centers from 10 to 16 throughout

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This dish is a perfect study in the balance of flavors and textures. The earthiness of the mushrooms will satisfy your craving for meatier fare.

Serves 4 Prep Time 20 minutes Cooking Time 10 minutes

— 4 shiitake mushrooms, stems removed and caps sliced in half

— 6 straw mushrooms

— 4 black wood ear mushrooms

— 4 table spoons oyster sauce

— 2 table spoons Chinese rice wine

— ½ cup chicken stock

— 1/2 medium carrot, sliced into rounds

— 1/2 cup cauliflower florets

— 1/4 cup snow peas

— 3 squares firm tofu (tokwa), cut

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Mid-market machine

Things are constantly on the up for the would-be table saw purchaser. Go back only a few years and it would be aluminium extruded tables for the entry and mid-level saws, but cast iron is the expected starting point for many of us now when we look for a table saw.

You can get a lot for your money if you look around, and here Record has gone for a small panel saw aimed at the light trade or higher end of the hobby market and equipped with some good features for around the £1000 mark.

Sliding beam

Most notable

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