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Cheaper analogues of expensive drugs


3.11.11.Lekarstva thing is ambiguous. Helpful or harmful or that medicine is always better to the average consumer does not solve. It is better to consult a doctor.

Doctors people mixed. For example, there are doctors who prescribe you medicines cost far for 500 rubles, indicating the specific pharmacy. Since then, that is from the sale of the drugs a doctor can get some interest. But does it always have to rush to buy expensive imported medicines, can I replace it with a cheaper counterpart, so that the treatment was successful, but that the damage was minimal purse? Complex question.

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People alienated

Residents of Tomsk to surprise free refreshments known confectionery, which Tomsk citizens and invited to the so-called "holiday waffles." However, as it turned out, the residents of the holiday was not all that is needed:starving people of Tomsk devastated laid tables before the event.

One of the witnesses of the massacre of the Tomsk for cookies and waffles hit his videotape users Runet. At the beginning of the movie can be seen long rows of empty tables dotted here and disposable cups.

Trying to snatch a little more "khaljavnogo" food, people break the box with treats, just the

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