Ivashkevich: No assaults not planned

September 28 people will gather on October Square at 8pm. Viktor Ivashkevich said that at 20.30 a press conference co-chairman of the political council of the United Democratic Forces under the screen, which is located at the entrance to the underground passage from the universama "Central".

Youth most active sector of society

"Favourites SLM hold a press conference, which will assess the level of democratic elections to be held. People who believe that these elections undemocratic, not free, it is necessary to make a new free elections, come to the square. No storms or Palace of the Republic, or the

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Night Siege — May 24

The web site blogs "Living magazine" at the moment is a flash mob on the abolition of benefits a number of categories of people. Nick spread ad with a call transfer when leaving public transport knocked talenchyk own. Reviews Blog "eolonir:"I was at one point one so beautiful youth tried to convey. It was terribly nice J. But unfortunately I have (thankfully) was travel. The young man was upset. Now I’m not going to razbivats heart. Since a full travel I do not have enough money :))); ""Yesterday gave ticket people dumbfounded. Rassmyayalisya But later. Took;""What do you wish to

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