Tim Ripley reports from Afghanistan on NATO air operations in southern Afghanistan, aimed at ousting Taliban insurgents.

AIR STRIKES recounted give some idea of the scale and complexity of NATO air support at the height of fighting between alliance ground troops and Taliban insurgents in southern Afghanistan over the summer. Air operations reached a peak in September as Canadian-led NATO troops swept into a Taliban stronghold west of the city of Kandahar and British Paratroopers battled to hold a series of isolated so-called ‘Platoon Houses’ in the north of neighbouring Helmand Province. According to US Central Command Air Forces, which

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The Taliban released 2-South Korean hostages

Elder ladies through a local tribe handed over to the red cross. Taliban dubbed this act a gesture of good will. 19 hostages still in their hands. Earlier, the Taliban killed two male hostages.Another hostage in the hands of the Taliban, who called himself a citizen of Germany Rudolf Bleshmitam through AFP said that he was sick, and asked for help in freeing the German government. He is detained since July 18.

NATO and the production of drugs in Afghanistan.

In late August 2008 the UN Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) released its annual report on the production of opium poppy cultivation in Afghanistan, which states: "No other country in the world except China middle of the XIX century, did not produce as many drugs as modern Afghanistan . "

After the invasion of U.S. and NATO forces, drug production has increased several times. Today it is Russia and the EU countries are the main victims of heroin from Afghanistan. It is noted that the rapid increase in the consumption of drugs in Russia in the last ten

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Results of a Taliban attack in Afghanistan, the utter impotence of NATO

In Afghanistan, April 15, held one of the most daring attacks by militants of the movement "Taliban" against NATO forces. In the course of a carefully planned attack on the preliminary data had been killed 4 civilians, 11 security forces personnel, about 80 people were injured.

Taliban attack, apparently, was a complete surprise as to command the International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF), and for the leadership of the country. However, quickly recovered from the shock, they both tried to imagine what had happened to bargain for themselves side.

Thus, Afghan President Hamid Karzai called the Taliban attack,

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The Taliban will not negotiate with the United States

"Taliban" to stop preparations talks about a peaceful settlement in Afghanistan. The basic premise of the termination of negotiations, according to a statement tablibov, Washington has been the failure of "conditions for the continuation of peaceful contacts." This was passed yesterday, "Vesti.ru."

Communiqué "Taliban" quoted by ITAR-TASS. The main obstacle is declared vague and unstable position of the United States. The Islamic Emirate has decided to end talks with the United States in Qatar — up to such time as Americans do not explain to their position on the issues and not vykazhut readiness to fulfill promises.

Recall that

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Snipers in Afghanistan

Sniper — A specially selected, trained and prepared for independent development of existing fighter, marksman, able to skillfully operate in a combat environment. Problem sniper — destruction of principle and unsafe targets appearing on kutsee time, the patient decided to select a comfortable moment, so probably hit them. Art sniper is that without the help of others to find the target, assess its relevance and hit one shot.

1. Sniper rifle L96 with 7.62 mm ammunition.

2. Through the scope sniper rifle seen two bodies Taliban killed by a sniper bullet Mark Osmond.

3. Fighters from the sniper unit "4

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Insight: Talibanistan watch online

Not enough people know that the largest ethnic group (about 40 million), which does not have its own country, are Pashtuns. Specifically, these tribes inhabit the forbidding mountains, the name of which — Talibanistan. Here accompanied by fighter sails away group journalists. But the military does not accept any responsibility for the safety of journalists. Afield Taliban do not act adopted laws, their — their own power and their leaders. It is here, rumored for a long time hiding bin Laden. What is the reason for such is the power of the people? The fact that the mountainous terrain

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Journalists who redirected BBC «F … off» from Sergei Ivanov

BBC television showed a documentary on the days of film under the title "Putin, Our homeland and the West. " The movie has attracted the attention of the public to excessive revelations of some high-ranking Russian officials. Namely, Sergei Ivanov, who is the head of the Presidential Administration, has permitted for a number of expressions, the form of which many apparently not associated with his usual restraint.

Sergei Ivanov spoke about the many events that have taken place to be first-2000s, and particularly attracted to the attention of those that told of attempts to movement "Taliban" to enter the

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The State Department referred to the Taliban cowards

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton Named fearfulness act Taliban, April 15 organized the series of terrorist attacks in Afghanistan. "What happened is true villainy, and we look forward to the spirited and effective response of the armed forces of Afghanistan" — quoted her Strait Times. The secretary also thanked the government of Hamid Karzai for timely reflection of the terrorist attacks, and requested to know if in the middle of a South American citizens are affected.

Sunday attack on Kabul was named "vernal coming Taliban. "In the end, several explosions killed 11 people, another 23 received various injuries.

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Geopolitical interests of America in Afghanistan

Take any area of geopolitical conflict everywhere is certainly America and NATO!

Vsesuschee international education led by the U.S. with its charter, instrument, democratic principles and the fight against terrorism and provokes regulates the flow of military conflicts in each zone separately taken.

The question of the terrorist attacks in America — the eggs and chicken. So it still comes first: the terrorist attacks in the United States or U.S. intervention in the affairs of other countries? Maybe the "Afghan problem" will give the answer to this question.

We need to start from the beginning, with the

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