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Having crafted a stable of acclaimed fitouts for clients including Aesop and Crumpler, Melbourne studio Russell & George is well-placed to discuss the changing face of retail. Directors Byron George and Ryan Russell talk to Gillian Serisier about their design process.

Australians reportedly spent $13.5 billion in online sales in the last year. How can design, and specifically your work, facilitate this evolution for bricks and mortar retail?

Ryan Russell The physical store is becoming an elaborate advertising platform for brands, as well as a connecting device to the online platform. Store design must address both environments, be it a

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SEPTEMBER 19 release of the film in theaters Claire Denis «Glorious Bastards» With Chiara Mastroianni in the lead role. THEREFORE Chiara talk to GQ about male hands. Shy and violence.

1. Claire Denis

Claire Denis amazing. It’s a little blond angel, which is hidden inside the bulldozer, Robocop. I’ve always been a fan of it. When in 1990 I saw her film «To hell with death» with Alex Deskasom he completely shook me. And becoming an actress, I always hoped that someday I could work with her. But when we finally met in 2001, I was ashamed and did

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Cyrus tells Proshutinskaya

It was his choice, the choice of a strong self-sufficient men — serve the woman he adored with eighteen …

One and a half years we have not seen him. Since the day when he first observed the birthday of Lyudmila Markovna without it. Because Gurchenko was no longer in this world, in this world, which in recent years has become unbearably difficult for her. It seems to me that only Sergey «held», he saved his wife from fatigue and despair. Out of the seven days of the week, five were filled by the fact that he tried to

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Mon to Freedom

Morning * Over the weekend, June 9 and 10 Grodno public protested against plans careless reconstruction of the historic center. Talk with Grodno activists, one of the organizers of public resistance Ales Zalewski * Mogilev damaged four of the monument to the town’s oldest in the Catholic cemetery. A few early June 10 s destroyed gravestones in the ancient cemetery of Bobruisk. Within a month, the police finds intruders who defiled the Jewish cemetery in Borisov. Reports on the extent of vandalism in the cemetery in Belarus* Reporting the summer military-patriotic education. 11 thousand Belarusian troops this summer will take

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Strangers go here

, 04.07.2005

Author: Natalia Timakov

Zone takes

Login marked by two boulders — it Tingri. Once it was a stone, then it broke, and we've got a kind of passage. Here you need to say hello and we say hello: "Hello, area." Next we go on the road, around which the grass, as if specially planted strictly on the line. Next stop — Sunny Meadow. They say that every day she changes color. Today, for example, bright bright green. It does not grow grass meadow: clearing the impression of a very well-kept lawn, beside rushing mountain stream —

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New Russian bomber pilots do without

Strategic missile carrier 5th Generation, called a promising set of distant aircraft (PAK DA) can become unmanned. This is told in the United Aircraft Company (UAC).

"To fully control the aircraft from the ground, we need well-developed network of satellites in space. Plans to build constellation they say that such a network, we will," — said a source in the UAC, indicating that Russian experts at have experience in the development of huge drones, citing the example of the "Buran".

The contract for research and development to create the PAK DA Defense Ministry signed an agreement with JSC "Tupolev"

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The secret government led by Etienne Davignon.

I have repeatedly posted information about the formations known as Secret Societies. Rumors about them so much that no one is really knows what to believe. Every year since 1954 "private" organization composed of the richest people in the world is going to discuss the world's problems. her head is a 73-year-old Viscount Etienne Davignon. What is it really this hidden group? ..

Etienne Davignon, in the past — one of the commissioners of the European Commission, and now the head of one of the corporations.

In Brussels,

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The fate of Belarusian

Society This year in Belarus were eliminated 54 schools, mostly Belarusian-language. And with the three previous years stopped working about 400 primary, basic and secondary education institutions. The number of children who are learning in Belarusian, in recent years reduced.

In the late 80s the entire Soviet Minsk only one she learned in the Belarusian language? What was the fate Inhabitant Nasty Lisitsyna and other children, who at various times in spite of circumstances studied in Belarusian?


"Minsk officials of us scoffed"

NowNasty Lisitsyna a good family life and a successful career. She graduated in Lithuania, where the

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Russia continued media attack against Lukashenko

Society Russian media continue to information attack against the Belarusian leadership. Critical materials that reveal the essence of the Belarusian regime, in recent days appeared on the most popular newspapers and radio broadcast sites.

After NTV own antilukashenkovsky series begins "Novaya Gazeta". Edition today publishes the first part of "the Gospel of evil" with the subtitle "The History of the big lie in the events and quotes", "Lukashenko has never been an ally of Russia. Many years he just was able to use the same cotton weakness in the legs, which still occurs in many the words "union" and "brotherhood."

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Tell the truth! laid cleaning driveways

Society Brest activists of the "Tell the truth!" collected 5419 signatures on a petition to the local authorities to ensure adequate cleaning of entrances to apartment buildings in services for housing and communal services of the city.

According to participant of the action Igor Maslovskoye, July 28 the document submitted to the Brest City Executive Committee, BelaPAN.

The appeal says that the number of houses cleaning driveways are not kept, and it is against the law.

Citizens who have signed a petition to require local authorities to oblige the housing and utilities to ensure quality execution of cleaning driveways,

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