Tan — a protective reaction of the skin cells (melanocytes) that in order to protect itself from the harmful effects of sunlight, produce melanin. That's why our skin gets a nice chocolate color.

Ever since ancient times, people thought the sun god, and the effect of sunlight on the human body — healing. The ancient Chinese, for example, was considered ideal sunbathing smallpox, and Hippocrates — from rickets.

Today we voprinimal sun is not as a deity, but as a source of several types of radiation. Some of these, we perceive as light, other — in the

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How to use a solarium?

Do you think solarium invented only in order to enable you to spot battle surrounding its flowering species? No, for our, frankly, unkind climate solarium— Virtually the only way to remedy the lack of sun, which negatively affects the mood and state of health. Especially after a long grueling winter.

Seven "for" the benefit of tanning: It stimulates the production of vitamin D — it is vital for the body to absorb calcium and phosphorus, is "responsible" for the fortress of muscles and bones. Activates all metabolic processes in the body, blood circulation and endocrine activity. In the

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Tanoreksiya — tan as a dangerous craze

It has long been known that the same low doses in a medicine, and in large — poison. This is also true for ultraviolet rays, which cause sunburn on our skin. For many, the fair half of mankind presence chocolate skin tone is the meaning of life, they spend all this time, money and health.

It is for them and coined the term — "tanoreksiya" (from the English. Tan — tan), That is painful, almost maniacal passion to tan regardless of the season. Exposed to it for the most part Teenage girls 13-16 years fromthose countries where the

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