Tannoy Precision 6.2


Precision by name, precise in nature, the Tannoy Precision 6.2s are a charming, fantastic- sounding floorstander. Consider them one of the frontrunners at the price…

The curved cabinet sides, the clean-looking aluminium trim around the drive units and the chunky terminals on the rear all combine to create an impression of quality

There’s an option to mass-load

The dedicated plinths complement the solid, sturdy speaker design. The spikes are adjusted from above using the supplied key, so you don’t have to mess about from below.

Unusually, the 6.2s give you the option of mass-loading the cabinet. Tannoy claims this

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Tannoy Definition DC10T


There are plenty of compact floorstanders adorning the pages of this Ultimate Guide, but surely if you want floorstanders it’s because you want to go big, right? Well big is what the Tannoy DC10Ts are.

The big enclosure and wide face is designed to accommodate doubled-up 25cm drivers that effortlessly produce the kind of mind-bending bass that 16.5cm drivers (the kind most of the competition uses) simply can’t match.

It’s by no means all about the bass

But what’s amazing is that the Tannoy’s manage to combine that with such agility and definition.

Notes start and stop precisely as

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