Wireless Recording

Generally, recording from tape to tape is done with the help of a lead, which is often associated with electrical noises. To avoid this,inductive recording is done, which is superior as compared to direct electrical recording.

For such recording from any source of sound, the sensor is placed near the speaker and the earphone pin is inserted into the external mike jack of tape recorder, which is set into the recording mode. In this way, recording free from surrounding noises and electrical disturbances is done.

The circuit works with two pencil cells which last quite some time due to low

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Moulding and Picture Frames with Avian Rogers and Les Cizek, ©1985 by Do It Yourself. Inc.. 5250 Seventy-Seven Center Dr.. Charlotte. NC 28210. 30 minutes, $19.95

This is the fifth in a series of six tapes from Do It Yourself Video Corporation, and I chose to view it because its subject matter is not covered elsewhere. It’s also the first tape I’ve seen featuring a team presentation, to wit. Avian Rogers, a TV Do It Yourself series hostess, and Les Cizek, a woodworker and teacher. The six videos are an expansion of subject matter covered in a TV series.


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Strangers do not go here

Based on the story Anatoly Roma «Collateral» scenario writers — Vladimir Valutskiy, Pavel Finn directors — Mr. VEHOTKO, Roman Ershov operator — Alexander Chechulina artist — composer Vladimir Kostin — EFREM PODGAITS soundman — Galina LUKINA

Roles performed:

Kosirev — Vladimir Basov (Jr.)

Natasha — LARISSA Guzeeva

Chumakov Yuri Belyaev


Lancers — Sergey Kozyrev

Kolupaev — Sergei Bekhterev

«Lenfilm», 1985

Widescreen, Color. 8 pieces of 2080 m.

…Committed a crime — from the safe fishing farm stolen ninety thousand. In one version of the offender — a repeat offender nicknamed «The Plague» — disappeared into the

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Typewriter, kind and unprecedented

In the Research Institute are developing new design office typewriters. We would like to say that the lever-segment cars, which are commonly used today, a long time to die. Although this design will also be celebrating its centenary, to improve it is necessary and possible. However, to the inventors did not follow the paths already acquainted with, instead of pointing to the shortcomings of individual nodes (which, incidentally, any «typing» thoroughly recognize) will tell better about the new designs of typewriters.

In place of the lever-segment cars come with a ball, easily replaceable head with letters. Keystrokes operator through

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And after 30 years in Belarus denied Caligula

Or impedes Culture Belarusians viewing porn?Chairman of the National Commission for the prevention propaganda porn, violence and ruthlessness Nina Froltsova assures all illegal to show the tape is not actually have any meaning, and promoting porn, violence and ruthlessness.Ms. Froltsova states lack the box office rejected movies hardly disturbs the Belarusian society is fed up with porn even in the midst of the 1990s and at the moment needs a completely different repertoire:"Lud our not so such illiterate. Occasionally this I heartily rejoice, yes, I’m an optimist by nature and I am glad for our population. In other words, the

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Action of solidarity with political prisoners in Minsk

85 protesters formed a column and marched from the metro station "Vostok" on the street Kalinowski. Front of the column protesters carried lattice to which was attached a banner "Today they are — you tomorrow!" Young people were holding a blue ribbon with portraits of disappeared politicians and political prisoners. During the campaign, activists handed out leaflets to passers-by with an invitation to come to the European march, which will take place on October 14.At the end of the action, the participants set lattice on the road and the bridge railing ribbon hung with portraits of political prisoners. Militiamen came

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Mogilev on Animaevka overpowered Russian animators

The festival jury headed by Belarusian director Misha Tumelya recognized Russian animation favorites in 4 of 5 nominations. In the nomination "The best experimental film" Tape defeated Estonian animation masters "Undercover meeting."Tapes "Belarusfilm" received at the festival only notable diplomas. On "Animaevka" Belarusian studio presented four cartoons.The Festival was held in the cinema "Rodina". During the 2-hours to the celebration has not been told of the 1st Belarusian word. Byelorussian was not in advertising or announcements festival.In today’s festival audiences have seen films multipliers from Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and the Baltic States.For the first time in the festival

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Mogilev underage youth activists — on the loose

The Department of activists were taken on the orders of the deputy head of the regional police department near eight o’clock. Policeman Tipo beheld how the guys spread white-red-white ribbon and each other passed overinflated white-red-white flag.The department seized 21 men and one tape flag. Activists said their rights on the seized items. Within 10 days, the police invent, what to do with ribbons and flag.During his imprisonment, activists questioned one juvenile inspector Captain Alexander Filipenko. It was urgently summoned to the police station duty police officers. During interrogations, the boys attended mom Rostislav Pankratov.For their own liberation guys said

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Maxim Zhbankova film festival

Positive memories this week associated with the British band "Allegedly Hot Fuzz." Directed by Edgar Wright and starring Simon Performer PEG previously determine ironic thriller "Zombie, whose name is Sean." And now decided on the bones together pagoysats recognizable police movies. Men respect Bruce Willis and Mel Gibson. But this does not prevent them reincarnate movie about violent cops in real prazdnichek delirium.All manufactured as follows. We have serial killers, corrupt cops, courageous hero brain. And frantic shooting in flight with both hands. But for some reason hard to keep from laughing. "Allegedly Hot Fuzz" — a distinctive example of

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Maxim Zhbankova film festival

This season bodren’kiye blekbastarav was already a lot. But far not any of them is worthy of our attention.Because usually start with the positive — "Hellboy II». There are amazing creators — with a beautiful commercial potential and ideal taste. Among them should allocate an old friend of our Guillermo del Toro. After "Pan’s Labyrinth" he vorachivaetsya kinakomiksu to aggressive — and, naturally, to the Redskins Hellboy. This young man from hell — one more shot!Del Toro was able to make a sequel of the saga hellboevskay better start. In other words, the second tape loop looks even more inventive

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