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The team that started it all

Kepler space telescope

To date, a huge majority of exoplanets we know of have been discovered by the Kepler space telescope team. Launched on 7 March 2009, Kepler sits in an Earth-trailing orbit around the Sun. Before its launch it was considered possible that planets in the universe were rare. Now, however, its thought that almost every star plays host to at least one planet.

The telescope uses photometry to simultaneously observe thousands of stars. It watches for dips in the brightness of these stars as a planet passes in front, known as a transit, and measuring three of these

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Tag team

You don’t always have to splash out on high-end bottles when winemakers are producing such great-value ‘ready-to-wear’ wines under their second labels.


‘diffusion labels’, in wine they’re known as ‘second labels’, the range somewhere-close-but-not-quite-at-the-top-of-the-line, offering wines of a great pedigree but not always for the same high price. Different tiers originally reflected natural differences in quality. These days, they also depict varying prices, styles and drinking occasions. Second labels are those made by a particular winemaker which, for various and usually honest reasons, aren’t as expensive as their top-tier counterpart. Due to the trickle-down effect,

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The Monster Energy MX Nationals circus hit the Raymond Terrace MX Central facility in preparation for the 2013 season. It was a chance for teams to have a hit-out on the track that will host the first round of the 2013 season and for the media to see the teams in action. Promoter Kevin Williams officially introduced the 2013 series with a press conference before the teams took to the track for the first time. Monster Energy Kawasaki debuted its new-look machines as well as new rider Adam Monea. Jay

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State award

Arriving in Leningrad after a long break, you see how to develop urban metro network. Metro in St. Petersburg is relatively young. Many of us remember a time when the diagrams, posted at stations and in trains Blue Express was designated only one line. Then it crossed the second, third … Today, underground railways connecting the center with many remote areas. Metro organically entered into a unified transport system of the city, it has become its integral part.

Here, on the underground routes, running a lot of great people. One of them — Leonid Vasilev, Senior Electrician Service signaling and

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How far will we go as the lords of Asian hoops invade the nation for the prestigious 2013 FIBA Asia Championship this month? We say:

Manila will be the epicenter of Asian basketball as 16 of the best teams in the continent will slug it for the FIBA-Asia Championship, August 1-11. It promises to be charged up spectacle of topnotch hoops, balls-to-the-wall action, and, of course, bushy crops of facial hair. Only the top three teams will get a Golden Ticket to the FIBA World Championship in Spain next year and have the chance to swap sweat with the likes

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They called us!

FAST dark. Suddenly, from a distance came the desperate cry. Someone lost in the reeds, called for help.

— It is necessary to help out! — I said vybredavshim of water neighbors halt.

— Will choose if not a fool — I answered hung ducks uncle. — Our legs are not state-owned.

— Then turn the car lights though. Let people see, where to go.

— Battery charging will you give me? — Uncle asked grimly. — No? Well, go with God.

He turned and calmly walked to a broken tent nearby. Behind him stretched shortstop.

What to do?

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Everything favours WP.

Western Province’s history of success at Port Elizabeth Golf Club, the coastal conditions, plus their experienced line-up, makes them favorites at the 52nd Interprovincial.

Eight different provinces have won titles (A and B sections) in the last five Interprovincials. Western Province and KwaZulu-Natal have each won twice going back to 2007, and there have been once-off triumphs in the different divisions for Central Gauteng, Gauteng North, Boland, Free State, Southern Cape and Limpopo.

While it’s encouraging to see the medals being spread around the country, it’s also an indication of how the tradition-ally stronger provincial unions have struggled to build

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SCIENCE leaves

This year the Russian team, «Formula 1» MARUSSIA Fl TEAM THE FIRST RUSSIAN SPONSOR: its official partner became the largest BOOKMAKER COMPANY «LEAGUE BET». What made «LEAGUE BET» to invest in this prestigious, but technically complex and non-traditional RUSSIA SPORT.

His first car I bought in 14 years — stunned almost unreal fact of life in the Soviet schoolboy honorary president of the «League Betting» Oleg Zhuravsky. — It was a «Zhiguli», «three rubles,» VAZ 2103 «.

Money for the purchase he collected himself, but still had to ask for help from the parents. So motorsports — a long-standing

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elegant on the Olympic stage, ready for the starters gun and the worlds cameras; but in architecture terms, the structure is far more method actor than glittering celebrity, as I found out talking to Mike Taylor, who led the design team for Hopkins Architects.

For rather than directing focus to the brief, glamorous moments in the spotlight, the team initiated the design process by working ‘from the inside out’ – like a silkworm making its cocoon – creating a streamlined sustainable container that will fulfl its function to minimalist perfection, and continue to inspire long after the cameras have moved on.

It is the long-term Olympics’ vision that is highlighted in this modest but beautiful structure, and a kind of truth in design: each element is there for a reason; there is nothing superfuous or self-indulgent, and maybe this is why people love it.

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Once rising sienna, any person becomes an actor. No matter what kind of scene — a theatrical stage, a political tribune or dais on the concert scene — people change. Of course, the actor on the stage much like the actor behind the scenes, but it inevitably puts on a mask role for which is presented to the audience. All this applies to musicians. But what role it chooses — matter. You can restrict the musical genre stereotypes — staring at the shoes, strumming, looking thoughtful or rush here and there and jump into the crowd, shaking her hair

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