Russian fighter T-50 will protect from the freezing

Ministry of Industry handy industrial development for the creation of the electrical innards Russian fighter fifth-generation PAK FA (T-50). For the development of integrated modular avionics (IMA) combat systems department is ready to pay almost 68 million rubles. Want to create a data-processing modules that are responsible for the implementation of most processes, aircraft navigation, on-screen display, navigation, and a lot of others — except for the simple kind of conditioning and the landing gear.

Almost PAK FA is ready, the first batch of aircraft should be, according to the plans of the Ministry of Defence, get off the

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Mosgortransa drivers began to prepare the gym

Moscow on Channel 24 story out of driver training "Mosgortrans" to driving in the winter season, using technology developed by "Logos — agent-based technology." Training takes place in modern simulators using multi-agent simulation of traffic on the streets of Moscow.

Drivers "Mosgortransa" prepared for extreme situations on the roads. Those who are for the first time this winter transports passengers must undergo special training. On virtual simulators students learn how the bus is in the winter when the ice on the roads and snow drifts.

In Vnukovo began to use GLONASS Mission Control

At the airport "Vnukovo" set up display and information system for monitoring and control of air and special vehicles SmartRamp using GLONASS technology, reports "Interfax" referring to the statement by the representative of SpaceTeam Service Yuri Gaylita.

Photo: Anton Annunciation, WG

According to him, the system "displays in real time the entire process of servicing the board." SmartRamp complex integrated with the information system, including a daily plan of flights, the airport data base of operations, system planning and resource management, positioning system technology and air traffic control system, he said.

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Ericsson CONNECT me — a man and a conductor!

At the Consumer Electronics Show, the company Ericsson presented to the public a very interesting technology called CONNECT me. This technology will allow to transmit information through the human body! How do you, for example, the ability to open a door with an electronic lock, simply by taking the handle?

It happens that the new technologies seem more like fun and it does not seem serious innovation. However, history teaches us that the first impression you can not trust — people have been known to laugh and on the first

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Get all of the wells

Petersburg professor Anatoly Molchanov has developed a technology that can significantly enhance the impact of oil reservoirs Russian oil fields will soon be over — articles on this topic regularly appear in the national press. Experts say: in fact 70 percent of domestic oil still remains in the bowels of the earth, and the problem lies elsewhere — in old fields is now extracted only one-third of oil, located in the formation. But how to increase the efficiency of oil wells?

Many fields of the Volga-Ural and West Siberia depleted due to prolonged use. Most of

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Blow up a diamond mine

Blow up a diamond mine

Valery Dolmatov, head of the intensive technologies SKTB "Technologist": "Our technology — the pride of Russia. In this area of carbon materials at our command — wide priority in the world "

It is amazing but true that up to 60% of dust suspension formed after the explosion of conventional military explosives, — artificial diamonds the size of 4-7 nm. They are formed in the center of the explosion at high temperatures and pressures of the conventional carbon, which is known to be present in trotyl and in hexogen.

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Beaming — Avatar technology is around the corner!

Long time no articles on new developments in the science of robots. Now, a team of scientists in several countries introduced the world to a new system called Beaming. With this technology, people will be able to fully control the real-time actions of the robot, wherever he may be. Technologies of the film "Avatar" became another step closer

Watch Beaming

The essence of the new technology at first glance is simple: a man puts his hands on a few motion sensors, 3D-glasses virtual reality and "calls" the robot located

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In Yaroslavl II began a tour of the annual call for proposals under the program UMNIK-2011

November 16 in Yaroslavl II tour kicked off the annual competition of youth innovative scientific and technical ideas, which is part of the federal program "UMNIK-2011." Their projects to the jury will present 54 participants. These are students, graduate students, young researchers from the regional center, Rybinsk, Yaroslavl and Ivanovo regions, whose works were selected for the I round the specialized sections "UMNIK-2011." Also as part of the contest winners will be protection projects of interregional conferences, competitions, seminars, research schools accredited by the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology in 2011. The selection of

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Americans are interested in the farm for the breeding of cattle in the Transbaikal

The delegation of the Chamber of Commerce of North Dakota USA visited the Trans-Baikal Territory to select a site for the creation of the Russian-American Company for the breeding of cattle (cattle) beef on American technology, told RIA Novosti on Monday, Deputy Prime Minister Alexei Koshelev region.

"The delegation, led by Deputy Trade and Industry of the State of Larry White has worked in the region for the program to create exemplary site in compliance with the American forms, technology and culture of beef cattle breeding. Initial accommodation option in the future of the company's Nerchinsk U.S. to accept in

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TsAGI the new technology of compact fans

TsAGI scientists have developed an innovative technology, high-performance compact axial fan systems for air-conditioning systems, engine cooling systems and electrical equipment.

As the press service of the institution, new methods of aerodynamic design fans provide combination of qualities such as small axial dimensions and high energy efficiency. They have dimensions of 1.5-2.5 times smaller than its predecessors, but the same performance, sufficiently high pressure and static efficiency (hs = 0,71). In normal fan power consumption in a similar arrangement would be about 40% more.

The proposed units are designed to operate in an environment where near

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