At the moment fans of hunting, fishing, outdoor activities, for those who are fond of cold steel, there is a great opportunity to choose a knife to taste. The first question that arises when choosing a product — quality steel blade. Hardened steel has the property that the hardness and elasticity within certain limits are inversely related. The hardness (wear) of the blade should be large enough that the product will not soon blunted, but not excessive, otherwise it will chip or break the cutting edge of the blade. With all the richness of domestic steel, the most suitable

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Features selection and use of resistors in the power engineering

Resistors, i.e. electrical appliances having predetermined electric resistance is perhaps one of the most common types of electronic components. They are used in the apparatus of practically any purpose and application. The correct choice of resistors, according to operating conditions and destination devices depends largely on trouble-free operation of equipment throughout its lifetime.

Apparent prologue and evidence-Application of resistors will the developers of power converter equipment misleading impression of the effect of small resistors, as extremely simple in terms of circuitry, resulting in the reliability of the instruments developed to poke device. However, it is not. singing, and apply

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About Developmental Biology strawberries

Knowledge of developmental biology of strawberries is essential for the proper development of farming and breeding of new varieties of this crop. Features of strawberries were studied very little, and the published data are often contradictory.

With this in mind, we decided to experiment with using the answers to the following questions: Can a strawberry pass vernalization able incipiently germinating seeds; what type of strawberries; Whether accelerating its development under the influence of low temperatures; when field ends vernalization this culture.

As objects of study used a strawberry varieties Kiev early number 1 and Marshall.

For vernalization seeds sown

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Crayfishes compete for optimal water temperatures

The survival of many animals depends on their ability to compete for resources—food, water, shelter, or territory. But could optimal temperatures be an equally valuable resource for cold-blooded species—and a reason for territorial disputes? Canadian scientists led by Glenn J. Tattersall have observed this type of competition in the Louisiana Crayfish, Procambarus clarkii. When it comes to securing a territory with the right temperature, this crayfish shows behaviors similar to those seen in traditional intraspecific rivalries.

The behavior of the Louisiana Crayfish was recorded with video cameras and analyzed later. The experimental containers (so-called shuttle boxes) were divided in two.

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HOW Grandmother

As we like to remember Grandma’s jam! Fragrant, berry to berry … And by all once, and secrets do not remember. Now do it! Quantity, time and temperature, we advise you and will do everything multivarka.

Recipes for Multivarki:

Tomato jam with chilli and allspice.

3 vosmisotgrammovye banks.

Cooking time: 1 hour 20 minutes.

What do you need:

2 kg of ripe tomatoes dense,

4 pod of red, not very sharp chili,

3-5 cm of fresh ginger root,

1 kg of brown sugar

1 tbsp. l. allspice pepper.

What to do:

Chile cut in half and remove the seeds

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Blue edges

You turn on your high-speed grinder. You offer up the bevel of your carving tool to the spinning wheel. Sparks fly. All’s going well, then — oh no! Suddenly, before you can react, a part of the cutting edge turns blue…

Bluing edges is a calamity: the blue colour marks where the temper — the hardness that the manufacturer imposed on the blade — has been destroyed. The blued part of the cutting edge is now soft; it will dull very quickly, even bend, next time you carve.

What can you do?

Other than re-temper your carving tool, nothing —

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2 Weeks Pregnant


The end of the second and beginning of the third week — the most suitable period for meeting the egg with the sperm. Some women may even feel ovulation (sometimes — in the form of a small cutting pain in the abdomen, is also changing the nature of vaginal discharge — they are heavy, thick, stringy, translucent, resembling egg whites). In addition, you can learn about ovulation by measuring the rectal temperature (ie the temperature in the rectum).


Egg is a sphere, its diameter 120-150 mm. She is able to conceive within two days.

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ELOS — a breakthrough in the field of aesthetic medicine

Today in fashion beauty and youth. Movie stars andshow business, whose faces we see regularly on the screen, at forty look at twenty, and thirty-sixty-five. There is something to strive for and to us! Not so long ago the only way to get rid of wrinkles, restore skin elasticity and firmness was an appeal to the plastic surgeon, but now, a host of high-tech non-invasive techniques. She is one of the latest innovations — Elos technology (ELOS — Electro-Optical Synergy).

To get rid of spider veins, age spots and excessive hair growth, improve skin tone, you need

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Vegetative dystonia: how to get rid of all diseases

It often happens that a person feels ill, goes to the doctors, doing a lot of surveys, but no one can put his diagnosis. Why is this happening? As the practice of medicine, often the symptoms of various diseases hiding one — the vegetative dystonia. About the disease, many have heard of but few know anything definite.

On what is dangerous vegetative dystonia, and how to identify than cure, we had a talk with the candidate of medical sciences, doctor of the highest category, the director of the medical center "ROSMID" Alexander Ivanovich Belenko.

— Alexander, as the

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Four new environmental chambers were put into operation at the Arzamas Instrument Plant

"Thanks to enroll in shop number 37 Arzamas Instrument Plant four climate chambers of heat-cold became possible to speed up the process of testing the impact of high and low temperatures when adjusting and delivery of products, as well as significantly reduce the workload of existing cameras in the division," — told in PR group of the plant.

Currently workshop started manufacturing new products, which requires environmental testing with more accurate parameters of temperature maintenance.

ReferenceThe cameras produced by "Volgogradelektronmash" entered the unit two weeks ago. The range of temperature in the chambers of ≥ 70 to +155

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