Record heat


September 13 in Dallas, Texas, USA, was established weather record. According to the National Weather Service (National Weather Service), 70 times a year the temperature rose above 38 ° Celsius.

The previous record was registered in 1980, with 69 days in the year reached this temperature indicator, reports Live Science.

However, another record in 1980 remains: this year in Dallas temperatures warmed up to 38 ° C for 42 consecutive days, from June 23 to August 3. 2011 get close to these figures: the temperature was kept at 38 ° for 40 consecutive days, from July 2 to August

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In Crimea, the birds are dying from the heat


15.06.12.V stuffy offices shuttles and we pine away in the heat. Fans, air conditioning, cold water — people are saved from the scorching sun as they can. But the feathered inhabitants of the peninsula are killed by heat, because other than the person to help them to no one.

In dry hot weather, when not that puddles do not find sparrows and chickadees, and even rivers dry up, the birds are killed on the fly. Dead they fall to the ground. First because of the high temperatures and lack of oxygen in the air, the sick and the dying

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In Togliatti fly drunk blackbirds


11.12.12.Zatyanuvsheesya season — warm for December, the temperature and the lack of snow — a negative impact on plants and animals. Due to abnormal weather birds eat the berries and drunken behave inappropriately.

Chief agronomist of the agriculture department m Stavropol Alexander Tyurin, explaining what is happening, compared with a blanket of snow, "There is a difference when you are sleeping under a blanket and without it?" Winter According to Turin, while not significantly affected, the critical temperature without snow, where they can begin the mass casualties — minus 15-17 degrees. But the fruit bushes such as currants,

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Pakistan and India in the hot loop

Pakistan and India in the hot loop Weather and Climate

Despite the fact that since the last sharp rise in temperature was already a whole week, and the cool monsoon season calendar for a long time has come, the Indian subcontinent is still covered by a zone of high pressure and abnormally high temperatures. For several days, the temperature in the northern and central India does not fall below +43 .. +45 ° C. The temperature of about +45 ° C reported in the Pakistani provinces of Punjab and Sindh. The absolute record for the region was recorded in Shriganganadare

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Ground covered high flow of solar plasma



Evening of March 1 in the magnetosphere of the Earth began a major disturbances associated with the entry of the world in high-speed hot solar wind. The first changes in the environment of the interplanetary plasma were reported March 1 at 9 am Moscow time: within two hours of the solar wind speed in the vicinity of the Earth has increased from 300 to 400 km / sec, and its temperature has increased almost five-fold, from 20 to 100 thousands of degrees.

Around 16 pm Moscow time began the second surge, accompanied by a further increase

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Residents of India suffer from abnormal cold

January 2, 2013. Residents of the Indian capital are suffering from unusually low temperatures.

On Wednesday, the thermometer did not rise above minus 9.8 degrees, which has not happened for 43 years. Forecasters predict that Thursday will be even colder. The Indians are trying to keep warm with improvised means. Especially hard for the poor.

A lot of traffic problems creates fog, which rises in the cities of northern India in the morning. Poor visibility caused a delay of more than a dozen trains, according to news agencies IANS.

In the Kangra Valley for the first time in 35

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In Belgium, the roses bloom


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01.01.12. Belgium celebrates New Year's Eve at unusually high for this time of year, temperature, reported on Sunday in Brussels, representatives of the Royal Meteorological Institute.

Reference thermometer Institute, established in Uccle district of Brussels, showed last night 10.4 degrees Celsius. This second result since 1883, when New Year's Eve was marked by temperature plus 11 degrees.

Meteorologists promise warmth even during the first few days of the new year, accompanied by a rather heavy rains. On lawns and flowerbeds flowers bloom in the Belgian capital, of which can be seen even roses, hot-season.

Source: Details

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Taimyr phenomenon: even cold polar bears

February 17, 2013. Taimyr Peninsula — Peninsula, the northernmost part of mainland Russia. Live and work here explorers — bearded men with stern faces and warm hearts.

The Taimyr Peninsula is located in the Arctic and sub-Arctic zone, which defines the extreme severity of the local climate. It is characterized by long cold winters with temperatures up to? 62 and short cool summers. The average annual temperature is £ 14.

In the past five days, Europe has experienced extremely cold weather. Daytime highs not exceed? 43, and nightly lows go for £ 50. Saturday night February 16 in Hatanga

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Cuba freezes: locals take out the warm clothes

February 18, 2013. A cold front came to Cuba over the weekend, bringing with it wind and night temperatures drop to unfamiliar people 5-10 degrees Celsius. Local radio urged Cubans get warm clothes.

The Institute of Meteorology said the "winter weather conditions in large parts of the country." According to forecasters, the temperature less than 10 degrees were recorded last night at 20 meteorological stations of Cuba. Temperature lows registered in the province Mayabeke — 4 degrees above zero and in the province of Matanzas — 5.8 degrees. Meanwhile, in Havana on Monday night temperature did not drop below 11.9

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People are confused about the vicissitudes of the March

March 23, 2013. Delay Spring in many parts of Europe sparked debate on the Internet, which has traditionally been accompanied by a sharp commentary. The most popular was a joke: "It was the 50th day of February. Still colder ".

Indeed, when on March 22 in the Moscow region, the temperature drops to -29, it brings a smile even meteorologists. In order to somehow add "heat", they proposed to measure the temperature in degrees Celsius is not, and go on the Fahrenheit scale.

However, the delay in the spring in many regions of Russia does not mean that it

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