England: Winter in early May

England: Winter in early May Weather and Climate

Residents of the south of England are at a loss on the weather surprises, fallen on their heads after the exhausting heat. Weekend brought to the British Isles snow, sleet and temperature approaching zero. North of the heavy rains all weekend will alternate with glimpses of the sun, and the highest temperature will not exceed five … six? C in Cornwall thermometer shows no more than 11? C.

In the county, Hough, United Kingdom, due to bad weather was canceled cricket tournament. In the south-west of Scotland established abnormally cold

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In Canada, there is a sharp cold snap

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January 25, 2013. After the air masses from the Arctic occupied almost all of Canada and part of the United States, in these States is experiencing record low temperatures. Minimum temperature in the Canadian Northwest Territories was? 43,1 ° C.

In Ottawa, the surface of all buildings icebound, even crackled walls of ice sheet contraction. Fortunately, the structure withstood the torture, and none of the people living in them was hurt. But from hypothermia in Toronto, one person died. In the city of Royun, Quebec, the thermometer dropped to? 40,3 ° C, which

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Wind farms can affect climate change

Wind farms can contribute to climate change Scientists have shown

According to new research, wind farms can influence the Earth's climate. To be precise, the new technology of obtaining energy involved in the increase in global temperature.

Usually at night the air closest to the earth's surface to several meters in height and more cold. Due to this cool and the soil itself. But near the large wind farms, where the turbine blades are constantly working, warm air from higher layers goes down and causes a general rise in temperature. It sounds quite convincing, because based on this principle, some

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In Penza come spring. Video


3.12.12.Penzentsy not know whether to believe her eyes. On the calendar in early December, and nature claims that spring has come.

"The bushes buds swell. This is not normal, "- said one of the cities. "We do not live in the south. Was not clear what time of year the window "- complained penzyak.

Most now have swollen buds of lilac. Bush, located nearby, woke earlier: its branches managed to grow fresh leaves.

And the grass on lawns snowless scary bright green. This does not cover the remainder of the summer, it is clear that the young shoots

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Tropical storm Shanshan off the coast of Thailand

February 22, 2013. A tropical depression in the bottom South China Sea was transformed into a tropical storm, "Shanshan" tonight with maximum force sustained winds of 65 km / h With a speed of 18 km / h storm is moving to the south-west and on February 23-24 to reach Malaysia.

The Department of Meteorology warned: Due to the strong north-east monsoon in bottom Bay and in the southern part of Thailand are expected torrential heavy rains c wind increasing to 15-30 km / h from 23 to 26 February. Strong wind waves up to 3 meters bottom Gulf.

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Weather is crazy


4.08.11.V last weeks weather in Lithuania to mind frightening predictions of scientists on global warming and the horrors that followed him.

Worldwide weather forecasters fix anomalies. On the Canadian border in an American town temperatures broke all records by jumping under 50 degrees.

In Russia, which has never happened before tornado, a hurricane blew Blagoveshchensk, still raging forest fires. In Lithuania, the tornado brought down trees and power lines, and sometimes hail the size of a quail's egg.

Storm force spared

Last week, many Lithuanians were frozen in a daze and found the strength, only to turn on

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The hottest place on the planet

The hottest place on the planet Weather and Climate

Of the textbooks we have long known that the hottest spot on the planet is the African city of El Azizia in Libya, where the temperature record was recorded. However, satellite data show that the first place belongs to the far point of the earth. Moreover, the palm of the year goes to the new "record."

Satellite image of Lut desert, Iran. July 6, 1999.

Record Aziziyah was established September 13, 1922, when the thermometer showed Weather +58 ° C. These high temperatures in the region provoked constant warm winds from

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Russian scientist: Soon will come a new ice age



While the Frozen Britain is preparing to freeze the whole of April, and leading scientists fever inflate information about global warming, a Russian astrophysicist assures the public that the summer will be. Earth is definitely on the verge of another ice age.

Officially, the British summer had come two days ago, but millions of oppressed frost, yearning for the spring thaw, the British, are doomed to withstand at least one more month of winter.

The test will last until May

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Bering Strait as a temperature stabilizer

Bering Strait as a temperature stabilizer Scientists prove

Group of climate scientists after analyzing computer simulations revealed that the strait that separates North America and Russia can become a stabilizer in global temperatures. This is possible because when the temperature in the Arctic strait dry, and the water from the melting ice of the Arctic can not get to the Pacific Ocean, and is returned to the Arctic Ocean. From there, the cold water masses fall into the Atlantic with no obstacles in the way of nature, and influence miridionalnuyu circulation of the Atlantic Ocean (AMOC) and the temperature of

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Fever is called increase body temperature above 370C. Thus appears a defensive reaction to infection, inflammation, cancer, or to allergens.

Most adult human cause temperature rise are infectious diseases, conditions associated with the formation of antibodies against its own body (autoimmune disease), malignant tumors, etc.

What if this happens

The normal body temperature of a healthy person can fluctuate throughout the day — from 360From 6:00 in the morning to 36.90C.16-18 pm. In children and the elderly in the morning and did the norm is temperature Body 356-36,00S.

An increase in temperature is caused by special agents —

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