In Scotland the winter again

In Scotland, again winter weather and climate

In Britain, the record high temperature overnight snow gave way to these blockages. For four hours the night in Scotland received more than 18 cm of snow. It is expected that the spring winter will continue its march further south to Wales and the north of England.

Most of the snow fell in the northern highlands, northern snow cover was about 10 cm in thickness.

After the March air temperature 23,6 ° C, in April, along with the snow came to Britain degrees-cold and harsh arctic winds. This weather with temperature differences of

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UK: heat and fires

UK: the heat and the fire weather and climate

Britain continues to break temperature records. For a week the temperature even in London showed +20 ° C, which is 10 degrees above normal. In Five Castle, County of Aberdeen, Scotland, recorded a temperature record in 22,8 °.


Holidaymakers on the beach, drank about. Man, UK. 26/03/2012.

Something similar happened in the country during the second half of March 2005, when the Botanical Garden Kew Gardens in London was 21.8. As then, now reigns over the islands area of high atmospheric pressure, backed by warm air currents from more southern

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Unusual winter in Kharkov. Video


11.01.12.V Kharkov-zero temperature and the rain was the Old New Year, will be replaced by snow and cold snap. Forecasters predict it. Meanwhile, the city began to swell buds on the lilac and apple trees

Primrose in the Crimea, swollen buds and rain almost all regions — such outstanding January this year in Ukraine. Internet users do not get tired display pictures of flowers that blossomed during the winter. Here are the photos that made the resident of Sebastopol on the streets, and put on LiveJournal. Geranium, marigold, roses and other plants are mixed seasons. After all there

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Drought in southwest China. Video


22.08.11.Yugo-western provinces of China are still in the grip of severe drought.

Because of the heat wave and the total absence of rainfall there arose a shortage of drinking water. The consequences of the summer heat — in the course of production.

In the center and east of the province of Sichuan in these days is unprecedented heat. The maximum air temperature exceeds 43 degrees in some places Celsius, residents prefer to move strictly from the air conditioner to the air conditioner, or not to go out.

Local meteorological sounding the alarm — if the heat does not back

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New temperature records in Moscow. Video


25.07.11.V Moscow this week expect new temperature records.

On Tuesday, the temperature is projected to rise to 33 degrees, and on Wednesday and Thursday — 35. In the second half of the week heat wave has to go down. As people flee from the heat — has learned Elena Slav.

Source: REN TV

The capital's weather forecasters promise increased heat

26.07.11.Po data meteorologist, on Tuesday in the capital of the thermometer will rise up to 33 degrees, the area will be even hotter — to 35-above zero.

While rain is expected again. The heat is kept in

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Australia collapsed to the unprecedented heat and fire: the maps had to introduce a new color

January 9, 2013. Abnormally high temperatures have forced the Australian forecasters update the scale of the climate on the map of the continent. In the weather bureau added two new colors to indicate the temperature is above 50 degrees, which already has a well-founded fear, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

If the earlier designation of the temperature limit of 40 degrees served orange color and shades, this week it has been made orange high. On Monday, the thermometer rose to 40.33 degrees, breaking the record of 1972, when temperature was 40.17 degrees. Tuesday, January 8 temperature in some

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Developed a record-sensitivity terahertz radiation

In Astro Space Center of Lebedev Physical Institute (FIAN ASC), together with colleagues from Moscow State Pedagogical University (Moscow State Pedagogical University) have developed a new class of mixers for terahertz radiation detectors. In its basic characteristics — noise temperature and a range of intermediate frequency band received mixers significantly outperform the existing counterparts. Its application can find it in the device space telescope operating in the THz range.

Simple terms, our scientists have come up with antennas for domestic space telescope project Millimetron and security scanners at airports considerably higher than on the characteristics

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Mexico is experiencing its coldest winter, and Australia — the hottest day

January 18, 2013. One of the major publications of Mexico printed on the front page of a sensational article about how thanks to the cold front in the country have come abnormally heavy frosts. In Madera and Sazas Grandes thermometer dropped to £ 13 ° C and? 11 ° C, respectively, which significantly worsened the situation on the road and increased the number of road accidents.

In 63 of the 67 states temperature air dropped below zero, 20 of them frost ranged from zero to No. 6 ° C. This cold is not episodic, and yet one day Mexico

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Developed radiation-resistant memory chip 1657RU1U

JSC SPC "ELVIS" announces the start of serial deliveries of radiation-resistant1657RU1U memory chips.

1657RU1U chip is a CMOS asynchronous static RAM (SRAM) with a capacity of 4 Mbps 512Kh8 organization is resistant to the effects of special factors and is designed for use in most radiation-resistant applications.

Indirect analogues are 1657RU1U chip UT8R512K8 (Aeroflex), AT60142E (Atmel), HX6408 (Honeywell) and AS5C512K8 (Austin Semiconductor).

In order to ensure the viability of high-quality devices in extrapolating radiation environment, the tests conducted on the chip 1657RU1U modeling devices.

The effects of heavy

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On the prospects of global average temperature for 2013

Heat waves in Russia in 2010. © NASA

March 23, 2013. So what changes will happen to the global temperature this year? Some experts say 2013 year be the warmest in history and continue the era of the heat wave. Other experts argue that, since 2014, will begin a new ice age. Some believe that in the coming years, the Earth will throw "then hot, then cold."

Let's listen to the opinion of Russian experts. Now, what about the so said a representative of Greenpeace Russia Vladimir Chuprov: "Techno human activity has led to an imbalance, so that

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