In Kazakhstan, a record cold. Video


20.12.11.V Kazakhstan came abnormal cold. Across the country, there is an unprecedented drop in temperature. Forecasters only manages to capture a record of thermometers, and rescue services transferred to medium security.

Unprecedented rain swept across Kazakhstan like a snowball. Temperature plummeted almost throughout the country. In the East Kazahstanskoyi Kyzylorda oblastyahiz-kickoff setback canceled classes in schools. On the track "Astana-Almaty" limited traffic. Traffic police do not allow cars to diesel. On the eve of Karaganda thermometer fell to a record low. Forecasters warn, this temperature was not more than thirty years.

Janat Satybaldiyeva, ENGINEER Forecasters "Kazhydromet": "On December

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Major accident occurred in CHP Novokuznetsk


20.01.12.Krupnaya accident occurred in CHP Novokuznetsk. At one point went down once all 11 boilers. The apartments are 150 000 people and 11 social facilities plummeted temperature.

— Homes and Condo Novoilinskogo boroughs temperature dropped sharply — told Life News in the emergency department of the Kemerovo region. — According to preliminary calculations, the area fell off about 150 000 people. The temperature is kept at around 30 degrees. At the moment, only one boiler running. The exact time of removal of the accident is not yet known.

Specialists monitor the temperature in the premises, all the information is

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Snowdrops bloom in Krasnodar, in the middle of winter

January 22, 2013. In the middle of winter Krasnodar marked by an unusual natural phenomenon — in the botanical garden of the Kuban State University because of the warm weather blooming snowdrops, told RIA Novosti on Tuesday Director Tatiana Yanenka garden.

Usually as harbingers of spring snowdrops bloom in early March. However, in the last week in the capital of the Kuban in the afternoon, the thermometer shows a positive temperature, sometimes up to plus 10-13 degrees. And last Friday in the temperature record was broken in 1955: the day the thermometer showed plus fifteen plus 13.3 degrees vs. 58

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World heats, cools off Alaska

January 4, 2013. Despite the global trend of global warming on Alaska there is a process of constant cooling, at least for the last decade, scientists report. In the first decade, Since 2000, the state is cooled by an average of 2.4 degrees Fahrenheit, according to online newspaper Alaska Dispatch.

In its report, published in Atmospheric Science Journal, Center for Climatic Research at the University of Alaska, reports that the figures are too large, given that it has been only ten years. Lowering the temperature was recorded in 19 of the 20 stations of the National Weather Service Alaska. In

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April Fools true stories




Several reports have appeared in the British press 1 April 2004, it could pass for jokes, if you were not truthful. Here are some stories from the list of unbelievable, but true news of the day: 1. Today, April 1, 2004, Britain's National Archives declassified plan adopted

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The Far East is in the midst of a freezing Asia

Cold Weather in Vladivostok. © Stringer Russia | Reuters

January 10, 2013. A rare case in history to have two consecutive months of winter were cold. January had followed the cold of December, which is an average of 3-5 degrees colder than was the norm.

All the New Year's holiday in Khabarovsk nights was below £ 30, the day the temperature is not exceeded? 23. Traditionally dawned frosty Christmas when in Blagoveshchensk temperature reached its lowest value since the beginning of the season? Is 36 degrees.

Record lows have not been achieved so far, but the difference

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The temperature in China has fallen below the 30-year low

January 7, 2013. Temperature China fell to its lowest level in nearly three decades. It was cold enough to freeze the coastal waters and trap the thousands of vessels in ice, according to official media. From the end of November, the country has become cold by an average of 3.8 degrees Celsius (25 degrees Fahrenheit). This is 1.3 degrees colder than the previous average, and temperature was the lowest in 28 years, according to state news agency Xinhua, citing to the China Meteorological Administration.

According to the China Daily, even the sea froze Laizhou Bay in Shandong province in the

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Sea-level rise can lead to cooling and storms

Catastrophic sea level rise, which we expect by the end of the century, may have the side-effect, so far escaped the attention of scientists. Melting icebergs will cool the seas around Greenland and Antarctica so that the average temperature the surface of the planet would fall a degree or two.

This conclusion is not in the published paper comes climatologist James Hansen Institute of Space Studies of NASA. Goddard.

But nothing to rejoice about. This effect will lead to more climate chaos caused by warming. For example, a winter storm intensity depends on the temperature difference between the pole and

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Spring breaks records

April 6, 2013. At 16:00 Moscow time in Volgograd air warmed up to 20.1, which is one-tenth above the previous high of 1977. On the verge of a record was temperature Saratov (20.2), against 20.7 in 1990.

Close for records temperature noted in Rostov-on-Don (+22.0), Stavropol (22.9) and Mineral Waters (24.1). Very heat this time also in Tambov (16.9) and Belgorod (18.3).

Removal of the subtropical heat continues temperature takes the new boundaries.

Source: News Gismeteo

Neva does not freeze


10.01.12.Glavnaya river Petersburg — Neva still not covered with ice due to the abnormally high temperature in December. "The fact that the ice on the Neva is not — this is an anomaly.

This is due to the warm December. Apparently, this year will be one of the later formation of ice on the Neva "- chief meteorologist Petersburg Alexander Kolesov.

This worries scientists. In this case, meteorologists expect frost gain in the near future and predict the formation of ice on rivers and canals of St. Petersburg. "There comes a frosty period. It is too early to

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