New report: Since 1997, there was an annual increase in global temperature

March 17, 2013. As reported by The Global Warming Policy Foundation, in a new report, written by Dr. David Whitehouse and published under the Fund policies of global warming, it is concluded that since 1997, there was no statistically significant increase in the annual global temperature.

After a review of the scientific literature, the report concludes that the stability is an empirical fact and a reality that defies the modern climate models. During the time that the global temperature Earth remains the same, the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has increased from 370 to 390 ppm.


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Interview. Roman Vilfand: Temperature above normal in Moscow

January 31, 2013. Temperature in Moscow in the coming days will tend to zero. About how much will last thaw and what other surprises weather is expected in the near future, in an interview to "Russia 24" said the head of the Roman Vilfand Rosgidromettsentra.

According Vilfand, the current thaw — absolutely not typical, as the climate norm by 31 January and 1 February — the coldest days of the year.

February 1, according to Roman Vilfand temperature will rise to £ 2 …? 4 degrees at night, the area is possible to thaw one degree. This weather

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Global warming, nuclear winter or natural climate variability?

January 18, 2013. 36th year Streak global average temperature higher than normal. The last 2012 year ? not the exception, he continued this trend, closing the top ten warmest climate in the rankings. According to U.S. meteorologists, the average temperature the planet was 14.6 Celsius, 0.6 degrees above the average for the XX century.

In particular, the United States experienced the warmest year on record.

Most scientists believe that the increase in global average temperatures and increased frequency of extreme weather events is due to the high intensity of industrial emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases that trap

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The water in the North Atlantic record warmed


* 01/28/11 * The water temperature in the North Atlantic, which is associated with the state of the Arctic Ocean, in the early 21st century has reached a record high values for the last two thousand years.

As RIA Novosti reports, citing an article published in the journal Science, the water from the North Atlantic Ocean has a decisive impact on the entire Arctic basin, in particular, the area of drifting ice. Prior to this, scientists have data on water temperature in the strait in just the last 150 years.

A team of researchers led by Robert

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Hurricanes gain strength

March 21, 2013. The number of hurricanes grow and increase their destructive power. This is the conclusion drawn by researchers at Peking University, analyzed the statistics of the past decades. This is due to the deep processes of climate change.

At the beginning of XX century, tropical cyclones seemed to be something not serious and did not present any particular risk for major settlements in the present time, the situation has changed: women's names mentioned hurricanes "Katrina" and "Sandy" now seem likely harbingers of the apocalypse, rather than ordinary natural disasters the forgotten soon as they are completed.


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Safety margin of ice in Antarctica depleted by the middle of the XX century — April 15, 2013 — OUR PLANETA.Novosti Ecology — Ecology Our planeta.Novosti


Antarctic ice were in the XX century, ten times stronger than the response to climate change, according to a study published in the journal Nature Geoscience.

Earlier, French scientists discovered that features layers of ice in the drilled hole can be determined how much of the fallen in a given year was subjected to melting of snow in the subsequent summer. Scientists from the British National Centre for Antarctic Studies (BAS) using climate model analyzed the data and restore the temperature regime in Antarctica in the last millennium.

"During the coldest period for

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In the Kuzbass appeared Ramson


Photo: Dmitry Marina

28.10.11.Prodavtsy Kalba (aka wild garlic) in late October and appeared immediately in the south and in the north of the area.

In Mountain Shoria sell it on the road near the village of Central, which is 35 kilometers from Tashtagol and to the north Kalba vendors can be found on the road Kemerovo — Anzhero Sudzhensk: cornering at Scout camp and the village of Sosnovka. And if the winter trade Kalb — amazing phenomenon, but understandable ("Komsomolskaya Pravda" has already written about the "taiga hotbeds" in which wild garlic, wrapped in foil, grows through the

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In Chukotka, the abnormal rise in temperature by 35 degrees


15.01.11.Anomaliya that January 13 marked the extreme north-east of Russia, has surprised even seasoned meteorologists.

Not only as a precursor (or not so soon) a new climate zone can be considered the most powerful to thaw the coldest — the Arctic coast of Chukotka.

In the village near Valkaray Pevek January 13 the temperature rose to +10,5 °!

This is — the undisputed record of all records. For comparison, usually in mid-January, the daily maximum is less than -25 °. Hence we conclude that the anomaly that exceeded 35 °.

Reporter Zaporozhye

06.08.12.Gibel 300 thousand birds in South Korea


08.08.12.Iz-last heat, established in South Korea in the poultry farms in the country killed more than 341,000 chickens and ducks, according to the official report of the Ministry of Agriculture on August 6.

Air temperature from 20 July steady at above 33 degrees Celsius in most parts of the country, according to the Korea Meteorological Administration, the news agency Yohap, which caused mass deaths of birds, which is very sensitive to temperature variations.

Source: Meatinfo

Heat in Pakistan


AFP photo

18.05.11.Nebyvalaya Pakistan.Temperatura heat exhausting air in some parts of the country is 45 degrees Celsius in the shade.

The last time forecasters noted such high temperature readings in 2006 in the eastern regions of Pakistan and India, when the sun warmed the air in the shade and 50 degrees. The situation was aggravated by the fact that the winter of 2006 fell to 40% less rainfall, and 25% — of snow.

As a result, 50 people were killed. These temperature anomalies, and this year promises to Pakistan difficulties with irrigation land.

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