On the threshold of global warming?

Weather last February was the most unusual in the history of weather observations. In dozens of Russian cities set new temperature records.

Thus, in the south, especially in Avstrahanskoy and Krasnodar regions, the temperature was abnormally low, and in Siberia and the Far East, by contrast, recorded unusually warm weather.

Frozen Black Sea, the canals of Venice were covered with ice. Central and Western Europe, Eastern America and southern Canada also experienced unusually cold winter. In North Africa and the Middle East low temperature led to the snowfall. On the first day of spring in northern Israel have

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Climatologists downgraded Greenland glacier

Group of Spanish and German climate scientists led by Andrew Ganapolsky held Modeling of snow in Greenland to global warming. Climate scientists have found that the temperature increase of 1.6 degrees would lead eventually to the complete disappearance of the glacier. The work of researchers published in the journal Nature Climate Change.

In climatologists have used their own model of water and energy balance of the snow cover Greenland REMBO published in conjunction with the three-dimensional model of the glacier SICOPOLIS. The correctness of the model used the authors tested by simulating the evolution of the

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France in anticipation of the 40-degree heat

The six departments of France announced an increased — orange — the level of anxiety in response to the severe heat, which the French weather forecasters predict the country.

"Friday will be still relatively fresh, but then the temperature will rise. Heat will last for at least the weekend," — said the National Weather Service "Meteo-France."

The most intense climatic conditions will be in the departments in the south-west of France, where the temperature rises to the level of 36-40 degrees Celsius. According to ITAR-TASS, in the Gironde department has a strong forest fire rages. The fire destroyed about

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The Arctic Circle your records

The day before in the annals of the weather, which recorded two polar weather, Naryan-Mar and Wrangel Island.

And, while Wrangel Island is located much closer to the North Pole, it was much warmer than in Naryan-Mar.

In the night of 16 August in Naryan-Mar, the temperature dropped to 1 degree, which is the minimum temperature for a given number — as it was cold in these day in 2006 alone. The cold came here straight from the North Pole, in the rear part of the northern cyclone.

On the island of Wrangel's another picture — here south wind

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Earth's climate: past, present, future

Our planet's climate is changing all the time of its existence. Countless past changes were local in nature, affecting only a certain continent or hemisphere, but occasionally the case of global things, each time bringing substantial "amendments" to the evolution of terrestrial organic life.

For example, everyone knows that the Ice Age has transformed the planet into a riotous blooming ice desert. However, for some reason, have little to say that the name "Ice Age" was given only to the most recent cold snap in the world, what happened in the time between 1.7 million and 10,000 years

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The first results of a cryogenic optical near field microscope

In the Physics Institute. PN Lebedev received the first results of the near-field optical microscope designed for operation over a very wide temperature range and is intended for use in the development of light and nanoistochnikov nanoinformatiki.

 Photo source:fian-inform.ru

Low-temperature scanning near-field optical microscope, "KrioSBOM101" designed and manufactured in collaboration of two innovative companies, AO KDP and «RTI. Cryomagnetic system ", accredited to the Innovation Center LPI. The microscope is installed in the cryogenic section of FIAN and is designed to study the topology and optical properties of nanostructures in a wide range of temperatures, which are conducted

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Haifa Conference on Climate Change

Evidence of a warming world were presented at a conference on climate change. Yossef Yak

Global warming Earth's climate and its impact on Israel — are the main topics discussed at the climate change conference held yesterday, February 28, at Haifa University, with the support of the National Center of knowledge.

Avner Furshpan Department of Meteorological Service of Israel led climate data on temperature changes at larger spatial front, collected at different times. He said that a similar study conducted in 2009 in Israel and found that over the past 50 years there have been significant changes in the

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Severe frost fettered Korea


27.12.10.Volna frost moved from eastern Russia and China on the Korean peninsula. For two days the temperature dropped by more than 10 gradusov.V Seoul, capital of South Korea, the thermometer at noon with 10 degrees below zero, and at night — 15 degrees below zero. And it is almost 10 degrees lower than usual for this time of year.

It was even colder in the mountains, where night temperatures dropped to 19 degrees below zero. Frosts and prevail on the southern coast of the country, including the islands in the Yellow Sea.

In addition, snowfall completely paralyzed traffic on

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Russian frosts! 30 prominent moments ('Sueddeutsche Zeitung', Germany)

It is a week as winter tries to freeze us, and it will last for seven days. Journalists wording "Jetzt" decided to gather all the things they have learned and experienced in the cold

  Nadia Schluter (Nadja Schluter):   1. Frostbite happens not only with the other (with the inhabitants of Eastern Europe). Three days later, after skiing some fingers still feel nothing.


2. Must have two pairs of gloves are thick and shapeless, which retains heat well, and thin to be able to cope with ATM machines and the sale of tickets and postage stamps

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Warming after severe frosts come to Sevastopol

Warming after a long cold weather came to Sevastopol, the temperature went up to one degree, the sea calm. The city verse wind and the clouds thickened, the forecast does not exclude rain, RIA Novosti reported.

In late January 2012, the Crimea and Sevastople came cold, the air temperature dropped to -18 degrees, the sea a heavy storm that broke embankments in Yalta and Alushta. In the Sevastopol during the cold weather in some quarters had problems with heating, but the local port was the only ice in the Ukraine, so navigation is not preryvalos.Mnogie Crimean tracks were

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