Unprecedented heat prevails in Argentina with the onset of summer

Unprecedented heat prevails in the environment in the central and northern Argentina, with the onset of summer in the Southern Hemisphere, said the Argentine National Meteorological Service (SMN).

In most provinces the temperature rose above the level of 40 degrees, exceeding the usual 10 degrees for the month options.

The country has dramatically increased power consumption due to the increased use of air conditioners, fans and refrigerators.

On Wednesday at 3 o'clock in the afternoon (22.00 MSK) in the city of Santiago del Estero, Tucumán, Chaco, Formosa, Catamarca expected temperature of 44 degrees Celsius. In Buenos Aires, will

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Thick fog and very low temperatures in northern India, killing 39 people

The entire north India shivered on Monday as 11 more people have died because of the cold, thus bringing the death toll to 39. Thick fog and low temperature disrupt the normal life of people. Cold weather prevails in Kashmir, the temperature drops a few degrees below freezing point, forecast light to moderate snowfall.Source: Times of India

In Western Siberia began global cooling

Western Siberia will become colder. This at the meeting with journalists Academician, Director of the Institute of Earth Cryosphere, Head of "Earth Cryology" Tyumen State Oil and Gas University, Vladimir Melnikov.

According to him, the air temperature varies globally with a periodicity of 30-35. Work has now begun stage cooling. Already this year, the average temperature in the region below the average. According Tyumen scientists in the former cycle temperature increased in most of Central Yakutia and western Siberia, and the lowest — in the European part of Russia. Now, the reverse process — in Siberia, Yakutia and the

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In the Arctic in summer heat

Atlantic cyclones moving along the Arctic coast of Russia, adopt not only wet, but also very warm air. And traditionally colder areas this time of year, the weather is far from the winter, and average daily air temperature exceeds the climatic norm by more than 10 degrees. That Sunday was no exception. The average temperature for the day was higher than the long-term values at 12-16 degrees.

This anomalous heat usually entails setting new records. Indeed, in the period from 2 to 6 December on the Arctic islands were amended in meteorological record.

And once the North Atlantic

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2012 was the hottest in the history of North Eastern U.S.

New data published by the Northeast Regional Climate Center at Cornell, show that the average temperature in the north-eastern United States for the period from January to July was the highest since 1895 and was +9,9 ° C. It is expected that the annual average temperature will also be a record.

Last 12 months (July 31, 2012) became the warmest for 117 years of observations in the northeast, the average temperature is +12,6 ° C was only 0.1 degrees less than the record of 1932. New temperature highs in July were recorded in many of the regional weather stations, the

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74% — this is the human contribution to global warming

Swiss climate scientists assessed the impact of human factors on climate change by the method of evaluation of the energy balance of the Earth — the amount of "incoming" and "outgoing" heat — and confirmed that a temperature rise in the second half of the 20th century has led primarily by human activities, the article says in the journal Nature Geoscience.

"Our results show that with an extremely high probability of 74% (+ / -12%) of the observed warming since 1950 was due to human influence, and less than 26% (+ / -12%) — natural fluctuations in temperature" — write

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In the Alps for the first time in 50 years at this time of year there is no snow

December 2. Ski resorts in Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland are forced to postpone the opening of the season. In the Alps, because of unusually high for this time of year the temperature there is no snow. That did not happen for at least 50 years. Tourists refuse to travel. Cable cars are idle. Instructors are unemployed. Weather breaks records in Norway. For several weeks, the temperature is above normal. Last month was the warmest in the last 145 years.

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Climate chaos: the cause of the storm in Northern Europe

Climatology report abnormal performance pressure, wind speed and temperature in some regions. The frequency of these anomalies related to natural fluctuations, can vary from a few months to several decades, and sometimes almost a century. Climate, indeed, has never been stable in the past. He went through a phase of warming and then cooling phase.Since the beginning of the autumn, the temperature in the stratosphere (20 to 50 km above sea level) began to fall in the North Pole. Such a reduction is quite common in this season, so-as the polar vortex weakens in the summer, and then gaining

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Climate skeptics go back down (Video)

A group of scientists known for their skepticism about the theories of climate change, to re-examine two centuries of global temperature data and found strong evidence for the fact that the Earth is hotter.

Lead author Richard Muller of the University of California at Berkeley (USA) only at the beginning of this year, members of Congress, there are concerns that in the XX century, there was a significant warming.

And his project Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature (BEST) has completed processing of the temperature, since 1800, from 15 sources, including the World Meteorological Organization and

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Global warming: melting not only ice, but animals

Global warming, as it turns out, affects not only the size of the ice cover in the Arctic, but animals with plants. According to a recent study, the gradual increase in the Earth's temperature will lead to the fact that even large predators over time much ground. But this is not the worst.

According to the Singapore scientists, many animals and plants are gradually reduced in size by global warming, according to Sky News.

This is due to the fact that by increasing the temperature of the planet, the animals will have to spend more energy and this

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