In Stavropol flowered apricot


Stavropol. December 29. Interfax-South — in Stavropol abnormal temperature increase due to bloom apricot, the agency "Interfax-South".

"Apricot bloomed in the yard of one of the houses on the street Shpakovskaya. I saw a flowering tree, driving down the street on public transport. People on the bus also drew attention to it and have a lively discussion of apricot blossoms, which usually occurs in the spring, "- said the agency was a resident of the regional center of Victoria Alexandrov.

She noted that the tree bloomed due to the abnormally hot December. On Wednesday, the air temperature in the

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Global warming is hiding in the depths of the ocean

According to studies by the National Center for Atmospheric Research, USA (NCAR), the oceans of our planet can absorb enough heat to equalize the rate of global warming for 10 years, although the long-term warming trend is preserved.

The study, based on computer models of global climate, points to the fact that the layers of the ocean at depths below 300 m may hide heat. It may shed light on the mystery of the "missing" heat in the last ten years — when was observed gradual increase in the temperature of the planet. The fact that the

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Time of the global warming debate is over

Published new compelling statistics about climate change on Earth

Has released new data on climate change on Earth. During the last 250 years the average temperature at the Earth's surface has risen by 1.4 degrees Celsius, with 0.8 degrees of them in the past half century. This means that all the recent cases of extreme temperatures, as Moscow summer 2010, the catastrophic drought in the U.S. in 2011, or the deadly heat wave in Europe in 2003 — the direct result of already hard-reaching global warming.

Waged with varying success heavy and prolonged fighting in

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In Antarctica, where there was no global warming

In Antarctica, the last 35 years it has become much colder, and the temperature continues to fall,

in spite of the global warming observed in the world, the conclusion made by U.S. researchers.

While the temperature of the rest of the continents increased over the last century, Antarctica is resisting the trend, although the reasons for this remain a mystery.

Over the last century the average temperature of the world's growing every ten years by 0.06 degrees Celsius. The exception was the period between 1979-1998 years, when the warming trend was more pronounced — 0.19 degrees Celsius.

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Catastrophic weather events are becoming the new norm for our planet


Shot taken from NASA satellites, shows us an epic winter storm, bury more than a third of the United States under the snowstorms and freezing rain. Photo: AFP

3.02.11.V past two decades, we have ignored the impassioned pleas of scientists realize that the continuous burning of fossil fuels is harmful to the earth. Now we will have to pay a heavy price for our mistakes.

If readers were yesterday in the satellite flying over America, they would have seen some truly amazing, even the sight. Much of North America was closed sprawling two thousand miles — from

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Record cold weather in Seoul


16.01.11.Nakryvshaya South Korea prolonged cold streak has now reached its lowest level for the last 10 years the temperature minimum, according to the State Hydrometeorological Service. In Seoul recorded minus 17.8 degrees, which is slightly below the temperature record January 15, 2001, when the temperature dropped to minus 18.6 degrees.

However, the most severe frosts — about minus 24.3 degrees was recorded in the area of the town Chhorvon (Gangwon Province) near the border with North Korea. Not escape the cold and the southern island resort of Jeju, where it was recorded minus 3.3 degrees.

According to the forecasts

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Summer 2011 was the hottest in the south of the United States for 75 years

Meteorologists recorded this summer, the highest average temperature in the southern United States over the past 75 years, reports

In August 2011, in Louisiana, Arizona, Colorado, Texas, New Mexico and Oklahoma established the hottest weather in their entire history. Temperatures average 30 degrees Celsius.

According to the National Weather Service, at least 22 people have been victims of a hot summer in the U.S..

In the city of Dallas, in the north-eastern Texas, within 40 days the temperature remained at 38.7 degrees.

In the state of Oklahoma was beaten temperature record

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Russia will flood the freezing rain

Forecasters earlier PROMISED Russia two babih summer, assured that after the warm September will be as comfortable in October, but the November thaw will bring the European territory of Russia freezing rain.

"We will go into the winter gently with thaws," — told reporters the head of the Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring (Roshydromet) Alexander Frolov. In October, the weather in the Eastern European and Russian territories is warm enough, a little lower than normal temperatures can sink to the Urals and Western Siberia. In November, temperatures close to normal or even higher are predicted

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Winter continues to move to Europe

As confirmed by the records of meteorologists, winter begins in Austria so glad, for this year, that is, at the end of October, just two times in the whole time of meteorological observations. First early snow has gone October 31, 1941, the second case relates to the 23-24 October 2003. Forecasters say the anomalous change in climate patterns over Europe and that winter in Central Europe will be prolonged and severe. Already fallen snow causes a lot of inconvenience residents of Austria, on the roads which have been several automobile accidents.

In addition to accidents in the region Carinthia

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Likely heat waves has increased by 50 times

According to climate scientists over the past 30 years, the frequency of heat waves around the world has increased by at least 50 times. The only reason for these changes is warming, is not supported by the results of climate models and forecasts and observations for weather and climate in real time.

In the period from 1981 to 2010, heat waves occurred on 10% of the globe. This is 50-100 times higher than in 1951-1980., When intense heat was only seen in 0.1-2%. Increased frequency and intensity of not only the temperature maxima. Increasingly began to see reports on over

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