The northern hemisphere is overheating

Source: University of Alabama Huntsville dashed lines area with an average temperature below normal; integrity of the loop marked overheated territory. Deviations from the norm are expressed in degrees Celsius

U.S. scientists published a map of "overheating" of the Earth. Abnormally hot weather recorded in the northern latitudes — near the Arctic Circle.

American scientists from the University of Alabama in Huntsville (University of Alabama Huntsville) with the support of NASA and NOAA published a report on recent climate change. To prepare the report, the authors used results of a new method that allows us to "distinguish" ecological regions

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Last year, 42 million people have fled their homes because of irreversible climate change

Last week, the UN announced the opening of November 28, 2011 conference on the problems of global warming. The event, called the United Nations Climate Change Conference, held in Durban (South Africa). It was visited by representatives of 40 countries of the world. However, scientists have noted with alarm that already occur in nature irreversible changes have led to an incredible increase in global average temperature of the planet, more frequent devastating natural disasters, the extinction of many species of animals and displacement from their homes of millions.The conference program is now being developed in Durban. But even the

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By the end of the week the temperature in Moscow falls below normal

As reported, summer just started, but forecasters are already afraid frosts. Is it true that in the central part of Russia became much colder? This leading "Morning of Russia" asked a leading specialist of the Center Weather PHOBOS Vadim Zavodchenkova.

Freezing the central regions of the country will not get any assured forecaster. They occur in the north of European Russia, in the north of the Urals and Siberia.

It is not an uncommon phenomenon, noted Zavodchenkov. Muscovites waiting for cooling without frost.

In the center of European Russia chill comes in the week. It is likely showers

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Climate: Rare for June snow falls in desert region of Namibia

Snow reports and photos quickly and widely distributed over the Internet and mailboxes with rare images depicting snow in areas usually associated with heat and dust, not holding cold and white blankets of snow. John Rabie from Namibgrens Guest Farm near Spreetshoogte Pass, where most of the snow and rain, described scenes of low clouds, fog and snow on Tuesday.

It was ice cold, especially when the wind was blowing, "he said. Snow fell throughout the day, from about eleven in the morning until noon. He said that the minimum temperature on Tuesday was minus two degrees Celsius, and

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Global warming by mid-century reign

In the next twenty years in the tropics of Africa, Asia and South America will have an unusually hot summer.

The greater part of the Northern Hemisphere has experienced irreversible growth of summer temperature. This is especially affect North America, southern Europe and China — within 60 years. And in general — to the middle of the century around the Earth is the coldest summer will be warmer than the hottest part of the summer the past 50 years.

Such a radical forecast issued to staff at Stanford University (USA). Lead author Noah Dieffenbach said: "We are often asked:"

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In New York, is expected to record heat for the last 80 years

In New York, is expected to record heat for almost 80 years, Bloomberg reports. The official said the National Weather Service, Tim Morrina, on Thursday the temperature in New York could reach 99 degrees Fahrenheit (37 degrees Celsius) and beat the historical record in 1933. In this case, Morrin said that in the weekend weather should return to normal. The thermometer will hover around the mark of 70 degrees Fahrenheit (20-25 Celsius). "It is the Sabbath will be 20-25 degrees. Roller coaster, you can say, "- says Morrin.According to him, this week the temperature has broken records in other cities

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In Latvia, hotter than Africa

In recent days in Latvia reigns unusual for the month of heat. Tuesday, June 7, in Ventspils air warmed to 32 degrees, and the average daily temperature in Latvia was 10 degrees above normal. Meanwhile, across Europe very cool, writes

On Tuesday in Latvia have exceeded the maximum temperature records. The highest temperature was recorded in Ventspils, where the air is warmed up to 32 degrees in Pavilosta maximum temperature was 30.9 degrees, and the air is heated up in Liepaja 30.1 degrees. In addition, the impact will be even hotter — the air can warm up to

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Europe is waiting for the hot summer

The air temperature in Europe hits record. In many states, this spring was the hottest in the last 100 years. Forecasters in one voice say that the summer heat will continue, but it will not be as strong as last year.

Summer in Germany again this year promises to be hot, forecasters say. Last spring was too warm and dry with an average temperature above the norm. More of the same weather will continue in the summer. "The weather looks good for the summer. We believe that the summer will be warm and dry, "- said the expert on

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Analysis of the myths about climate change

Global warming has become a topic of political debate. Some are calling for a "green" reforms, while others say that the topic of climate play an interest in the financial group. So a scientific problem, after moving from university conferences campaign posters, begins to grow myths.

Corresponding Paul Bandak asked to comment on some common ideas on global climate change doctors Yadvindera Mali, head direction ecosystem research and senior researcher of the Institute of Environmental Change, Oxford University.

Voice your opinion about this article and share your views on climate change.


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Climate Change Q & A

Melting of the ice can be a sign of serious climate changes

Most scientists from around the world agree that the Earth's climate is changing.

Some use the term "global warming" and make apocalyptic predictions. Others predict onset of a new ice age — and also make apocalyptic predictions.

Still others believe the evidence disputed the inevitability of catastrophic climate change. According to them, those who fuss around this topic, make it their own reasons — political, financial or otherwise.

Bi-bi-si try to understand the main issues that arise in the discussion of

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