Cold snap in many U.S. states

After the sweltering heat and drought in almost the entire U.S. residents had to witness the sudden change of weather conditions. Residents of Spencer, Iowa, to watch as the temperature dropped to +3,5 ° C. Most of the day there to keep the temperature below zero.

In Tioga, North Carolina, weather conditions, third decade of October were much worse, the temperature dropped to -8 ° C. A temperature record, noted in Stanley, Idaho, will be recorded in history as the coldest temperature september. The onset of cold weather is expected in Kentucky, there will be up to -2 °

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Heat in Bulgaria beats all records

On Sunday, in Bulgaria there were 30 temperature records. According to experts, this was the hottest day this year.

According to the Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, all was hotter in the city of Lovech, located in the northern part of central Bulgaria — 41.4 degrees. Over the temperature exceeded 40 degrees in Vratsa, Pleven, Knezha, Ruse, Montana, Sandanski and Svishtov.

In Sofia, was also set a temperature record — 37.5 degrees. In Pleven, Ruse and Veliko Tarnovo region authorities introduced a "red" danger level due to the steady heat. In the country

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Bulgaria has recorded three temperature records


13.02.11.Srazu three temperature records registered in Bulgaria. On the Black Sea air is warmed to 17 degrees. Throughout the country, temperatures ranged from 13 to 20 degrees. However, on Sunday, February 13, weather forecasters predict a cold spell, the thermometer will drop to 10 degrees.

Radio Mayak

In southern Europe over the summer

While Eastern Europe is struggling with a hard frost, not typical for December, and Britain is trying to keep from drowning after a series of showers, continental Europe wonders of abnormally warm weather, established during the celebration of Christmas. In 2012, this festival people of southern France and Italy had to meet in shorts and bathing suits.

On the Atlantic coast of France in Biarritz temperature at the end of December was 12 degrees above normal and was +24,3 ° C. Even in the summer on the beach is not always so warm. This figure is almost broke

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First ice in the Olympic Park

In the Olympic Park was a test namorozka ice on the two arenas. This is the playground of the Ice Sports Palace for figure skating and short-track and the Little Ice Arena. The casting rolls performed by Russian specialists, technologists, with extensive experience in major sports venues in Russia.

"Testing the ice fields — and this is an important stage — said vice-president of" Olympstroy "Alexander Gornostaev. — We check not only the quality of the ice surface, but also the work hladotsentrov, pipes through which the coolant flows. We can already say that the testing of the two

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Upcoming night in Moscow could be the coldest in 2012

Upcoming night in Moscow could be the coldest in 2012, and the temperature can drop to minus 26 degrees, according to a statement on the website Weather Center "Phobos."

As recalled by forecasters, at the present time is the lowest temperature in 2012 was recorded in Moscow on February 3, and was minus 24.6 degrees.

"But the situation is such that on the night of Monday this threshold is overcome, and the capital of the air cooled to minus 24 minus 26. As for the Central region, in some areas, and temperatures can fall to minus 36", — stated in

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In Beijing, the sharp warming went snow

In Beijing on April 14 the temperature exceeded 30 degrees Celsius in the last 10 years, a new record for mid-April. An increase in temperature caused early flowering poplars. Excessive amounts of poplar fluff, flying to Beijing caused inconvenience to pedestrians, cyclists and transport.

On the streets of Beijing was so much fluff that formed on the edges of "drifts" of fluff. Pooh is a strong allergen. According to a survey of medical staff city hospitals of Beijing, has sharply increased the number of patients with diseases of the proceeds from asthma, allergies and dermatitis.

At noon on

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Cold pole of the Earth suddenly moved to St. Petersburg

Weather forecasters Burukan, located 500 kilometers north of Khabarovsk, filed Thursday temperature of minus 52 degrees — the lowest on that day on the Earth's surface, according to the website "Meteonovosti."

Weather station Burukan is the latitude of Barnaul, Samara, Penza and located south of the city of Moscow Central Black Earth region.

"The lowest temperature on Earth was observed on 27 December in the Khabarovsk region, the meteorological station Burukan air cooled to minus 52 degrees. Abnormally cold weather in the region is held is not the first day," — said in a statement.

It is noted that in

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Siberia was the warmest place in Russia and has a temperature records

The capital of three regions of the south of Western Siberia were noted on Tuesday records of heat, the maximum temperature for April 12 was marked in Tomsk, Barnaul, Novokuznetsk, according to the website "Meteonovosti."

"The unusually early heat it to the south of Western Siberia. In some cities set new record heat. So, in Tomsk yesterday was plus 19.6, the previous record was plus 18.7 and celebrated in 1997. In Barnaul, the temperature rose to plus 22.0 versus 20.4 plus in 2008. Distinguished record and Novokuznetsk — plus 20.8 "- said in a statement.

The warmest place in

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The world’s first processor with multicellular architecture successfully tested

Completed testing of the first pilot batch of Russian multicellular processors in different temperature conditions. Functional tests were performed on microprocessors "Voronezh Semiconductor Factory-Building" (JSC "VSP-C"), which is secured bilateral act of the test. The trials involved Multicellular microprocessors MCp0411100101 in plastic QFP-208 and metal SQFP-240 (4245.240-6) cases.

Functional test microprocessors were held with major temperatures -60, +80, +125, tested for performance in these temperature ranges exercise universal system of testing microelectronic devices (Teradyne Integra j750e) and temperature test system (Thermonics T-2420).

During the tests, all samples multicellular processor MCp0411100101 in a sintered body SQFP-240 has shown efficiency

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