In America, the victims of severe frosts were two people

Two people have been victims of severe frosts, established in the central and north-eastern regions of the United States. As the representatives of the local authorities, a man and a woman, poisoned by carbon monoxide, were found dead on Saturday at his home in Chicago (Illinois). Police said the men were trying to heat the house, spreading the fire in a portable grill. As reported by the National Weather Service, the temperature in some states dropped to minus 30-35 degrees Celsius. Authorities in Illinois, Minnesota, North Dakota and other offers to people who have not really warm the home, including

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A heat wave in France and Italy

Hot air from North Africa reached the western and southern Europe. First heat visited Spain and Portugal, and now Italy and France.

In Spain, the heat prevails for several days, and not only in the southern regions, where there is usually warmer than most, but in the north. In the list of the hottest cities is Bilbao. In the capital of the Basque Country in the afternoon the temperature reaches 33 degrees, although the rate for the beginning of April-15.

Due to such a high temperature hospitals are overflowing victims of sunstroke and dehydration, as well as influenza, caused

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Record heat in Austria

Over the past week the Austrian air at the last day of June, warmed up to +37,7 ° C. Such abnormally high temperature is not fixed in the last 250 years. That is, from the start of meteorological records.Central European country with its neighbors, is experiencing record warm summer days. However, in Austria there are already the first victims of such excesses of temperature, even in animals. So, on one of the poultry farms, gasping from the heat, died 5000 of newly hatched chicks.

All of them were trying to find a way out of the barn, which was very

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Abnormal cold caused loss of livestock in northern Thailand

Incredibly low for March in Thailand temperatures cause mass deaths of cattle in the north of the country, said on Wednesday the newspaper Nation.

More than two thousand cows died from cold at a temperature of seven degrees Celsius in the mountainous region of Om Koi Chiang Mai province, the report said.

Abnormal cold, which brought to Thailand by the cyclone of China and Siberia, were established at the end of last week. In the north and north-east of the country daily temperature did not exceed 17 degrees Celsius, and in mountainous areas dropped to plus 5.7 degrees.


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Summer snow in Georgia

In a remote region of Tusheti in the northeast Caucasus state on one of the crossing was completely blocked traffic due to unexpected snow. Somewhat later, the movement was allowed to off-road vehicles. A few hours was formed snow height of 10 cm Meteorologists believe that this unexpected summer snowfall could occur due to a sharp drop in temperature to +2 .. +3 ° C in this part of the mountains, and in several regions of Georgia. Not typical for the summer time such low temperatures continue in the coming days. Possible additional rainfall and hail. In the capital,

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Climatic anomalies: in the beginning of April in the Czech Republic was summer

+25.6 degrees Celsius — a high temperature in Prague in early April until this year there was not once, this spring has put the real temperature record in the Czech Republic. The previous record was set in 1953, when the air temperature was 23.2 degrees Celsius plus. According to the forecasts of meteorologists, the warm weather will continue in the coming days — in the Czech Republic will be 20-22 degrees Celsius, according to "RIA Novosti" with reference to the Czech news agency CTK.

Heatwave gripped Beijing

The temperature in Beijing rose to +36 ° C, marking the start of the second period, the heat this year. The municipal weather bureau warned the public about the risk of heat stroke. The heat started at the weekend, after a week of rain. On the first day of July, the temperature reached +35,3 ° C, and the humidity is set from 70 to 80%, which is typical of the mid-summer in Beijing. Met Office predicted that heat and the next day, but the storm was expected to cool city. The first hot season this year in Beijing was

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United States: those who like it hot, talk about the origin of life




Over the past 20 years, scientists have become accustomed to the idea that a large part of life on our planet lives not on the surface, and in its crust. This theory led to new ideas about the origin of life, and where to look for life

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Ukraine has become cold to -28

C mid-February in some regions of Ukraine may be cold down to minus 25-28 degrees.

"Cooling in Ukraine will begin Feb. 10, but it will not be very strong. The temperature at night drops to -5 … -10 and day to 0-5 frost. February 11-12, on the contrary, will be a slight increase in temperature associated with the movement of the cyclone, which will be held from Scandinavia through Belarus and then on the left bank of Ukraine ", — the head of Ukrgidromettsentra Nicholas Kulbida.

According to him, starting from February 12, the temperature begins to drop again, but

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To the north of Greece looked winter

Atmospheric front sedentary cyclone centered over Corsica, received from the north portion of the cold air became active. Heavy rains were held in Italy and nearby islands, but also in Greece, where a day has fallen to 30 mm.

Today, in northern Greece, where ongoing invasion of cold air, the snow fell. 5 hours rose drifts up to 5 cm, and the temperature dropped to 0 .. -2 degrees.

Snow and freezing temperatures — a rare phenomenon in Greece, where at this time of the year is traditionally warm.

After a short visit of winter, the heat will be

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