100-degree heat in the northeast U.S.

Heat wave reached the north-eastern United States. For the fourth day in large parts held abnormally hot weather. So, 100 ° F (the temperature scale, which is used in the U.S.) — it's real.

They correspond to our 38 ° degrees Celsius. In the north-east in Boston, Philadelphia and New York the temperature reaches 34 … 36 °. Washington — the thermometer broke 37-degree mark. This temperature exceeds the norm by 6-8 °, in some places by 10 °, and only by 2-3 ° below the absolute record. Another south-west temperature rises to 40 … 43 ° (which

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Far East: a record heat erupted in the Arctic

Powerful heat flows from the south-westerly winds in the warm sector of the Yakut cyclone reached the far north-east. On the Arctic coast of Chukotka temperature above normal by 8-12 degrees! Afternoon air on June 20 there was heated to +22 .. +23 degrees. Wrangel Island maximum temperature reached 14.9 degrees, which is a new absolute maximum for the day. On this island, surrounded by the cold waters of the Chukchi and East Siberian seas, warming above 10 degrees is a rare event, and now almost 15! But cold nearby, about 200 km west of the temperature does not exceed

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Heat stroke on the U.S. East Coast

Climatic indicators in the north-eastern United States officially began summer. But its beginning was marked by extremely high temperatures and unbearable heat in the zone of high pressure. Over the Great Lakes and the U.S. cities of Chicago, Detroit, Indianapolis, Milwaukee and Louisville temperature was in the range 33-38 ° C. While in 2012, so hot already come to this part of the country. In Detroit, the thermometer showed 33 degrees more than six times since the beginning of this year. On the first official day of summer in Chicago, the temperature was fixed 13 times in St. Louis

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Upwelling hot African air in southern Europe

At the time when the people of the northern half of Europe can only dream of warmth and stopping rain, heat waves, celebrated last week in the southern half of the continent, has shocked even seasoned French meteorologists, particularly its achievements in the south-east. The specialists from Meteo France broke even interesting in respect of the atmosphere, the term "upwelling", which is usually used for lifting to the surface from the depths of the cold water, such as in coastal areas.

In this case, a huge wave of hot African air grew up to great heights, and

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In the U.S., created a map of the country's global warming

Today no surprise the accuracy with which scientists calculate the rate of change in global temperature.

It has long been estimated, where and how it has changed over the years. However, American researchers have been able to excel. Information about how the temperature has changed in the U.S. over the past 100 years it was not enough. Scientists estimate that global warming, despite its name, affects different states in different ways, and decided to create a "full-time on the" map of temperature change. The researchers were able to create a map on which each of the states observed in

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India: Heat leads to deaths of birds


7.06.11.Vysokaya temperature steady in recent years in the state of Andhra Pradesh, has led to a large increase in the loss of local agricultural poultry poultry factories. In addition, significantly reducing the rate of egg production, which is also a very negative impact on the financial profits of producers.

Even despite the fact that in the sky over the Indian state began gathering storm clouds, promising a welcome relief to poultry farmers in the north of the region continue to suffer from the unbearable heat, pressure and moisture, which has already led to the deaths of more than 250,000

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Hot rain in Saudi Arabia

June 8. The inhabitants of Mecca, Saudi Arabia got an incredible climatic surprise. They witnessed how the 45-gadusnaya heat abruptly gave way to heavy rain and thunderstorms. The most amazing thing is that the temperature of the air continued to be prohibitively high, especially for rain. The air is not cooled below +43 ° C, and its moisture content was held at nearly 18%.

That there was such an anomaly, needs front with high atmospheric pressure, able to keep rain clouds. In this case, the occurrence of hot rain has affected the sea breeze caused the coast of the

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United States experienced the warmest year in history

According to an analysis conducted by NOAA, North America, and in particular the U.S., have experienced the warmest 12-month period from 1895 to the present. Besides meteorologists have found that recently ended in spring 2012 was the warmest in this part of the world. The maximum temperature readings for all U.S. states. March-May 2012 The average temperature during May this year amounted to 17,9 ° C, which is 1,8 ° above normal. For the country as a whole it was the second heat of May in history. NOAA also reports that the first five months of 2012 were the

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In Argentina, came unprecedented cold and snow fall

Argentina became the freezer "," polar cold wave in Argentina "- with such titles came out in local print and online publications.

Not accustomed to even the minimum temperature is below zero Argentines muffled in coats, warm scarves, wearing hats and gloves. And the cold was the main topic of the day. The familiar question, "How are you?" Replaced the phrase, "How cool!"

On Wednesday morning the thermometer in Buenos Aires showed half degrees below zero, it was snowing and rain. Although snow melted immediately for local residents, this phenomenon was seen as extraordinary. The last time the

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Swedish summer begins with the June snow

Up to 20 inches of heavy, wet snow fell on Friday in different areas of the county of Västerbotten, shocking residents in the morning.

In many parts of northern Sweden, in June began with freezing temperatures and snowfall. Even in the south the temperature in the first day of June rose to just a few degrees above zero. The city district Bertnan Yemtland in north-western Sweden thermometers show? 6 degrees Celsius. This is the lowest temperature of the June in Sweden over the past 20 years.

Meteorologists predict that the first weekend in June will oshuschatsya in northern rather

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