Pakistan and India in the hot loop

Despite the fact that since the last sharp rise in temperature was already a whole week, and the cool monsoon season calendar for a long time has come, the Indian subcontinent is still covered by a zone of high pressure and abnormally high temperatures. For several days, the temperature in the northern and central India does not fall below +43 .. +45 ° C. The temperature of about +45 ° C reported in the Pakistani provinces of Punjab and Sindh. The absolute record for the region was recorded in Shriganganadare May 29, 2012 (+47,4 ° C). According to The

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Light Echoes Eta Carinae explosion threw astronomers puzzled

Eta Carinae — one of the most misinterpreted stars. 170 years ago, astronomers have taken a series of eruptions on the surface of a supernova. However, to their surprise, the star died. Since then, the windy nature of light seemed to be studied in detail, but the observation of the light echo of ancient blast again raise questions without answers.

Image of NASA, NOAO, A. Rest (Space Telescope Science Institute).

Light echo, open about a hundred years ago — is a bright light from a distant event (such as a supernova) reflected from the surrounding dust.


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Russian scientists have reported the end of global warming

Global warming ends: in the years to come decrease of temperature on a global scale, although its nature and will be sparing. This forecast was made, scientists from the Physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (FIAN).

Moreover, according to research conducted by the staff Dolgoprudny Research Station of the Institute, together with colleagues from the Central Aerological Observatory of Roshydromet and Institute of Nuclear Physics, Moscow State University, the process of global cooling has already begun, ITAR-TASS reported.

After the peak in 2005, the year is the average temperature on Earth has decreased by 0.3 degrees, and returned

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England: Winter in early May

Residents of the south of England are at a loss on the weather surprises, fallen on their heads after the exhausting heat. Weekend brought to the British Isles snow, sleet and temperature approaching zero. North of the heavy rains all weekend will alternate with glimpses of the sun, and the highest temperature will not exceed five … six? C in Cornwall thermometer shows no more than 11? C. In the county, Hough, United Kingdom, due to bad weather was canceled cricket tournament. In the south-west of Scotland established abnormally cold weather and in the dark on the street was to

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India covered the heat instead of the rainy season. Video


15.06.12.Anomalnaya heat prevails in India. Instead of the long-awaited in the north of the rainy season is getting hotter. On Thursday, the Delhi temperature reached 42 degrees Celsius.

[Manish Tiwari, a local resident] "It's very hot. To escape the heat we wear a towel and regularly drink cold water. But every day the temperature rises, the heat is not just going to save. "

[Vinod Sharma, a local resident] "It is becoming very hot, and the government should provide free cold water. Each bottle is sold for Rs 20-25. And in the area do not have access to

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Drought on the fields of the Voronezh region. Video


17.05.12.Dozhdey in these parts has been a month already. The last remnants of spring moisture away from the soil through cracks. According to specialists in these fields for the harvest will have to fight all summer.

Nicholas Tatarnikov, agronomist economy:

"For this, all we do. Plus fungicide treatment, insecticide. Trace elements are introduced. Work only at night. Day temperature does not allow. "

Early summer threatened the entire harvest — sunflower shoots wither, just to be born. In the afternoon in the shade temperature is forty degrees, but on the grounds — more pyatdesyati. Some farms

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In Prague, an absolute temperature record

The unusually hot weather in these days in the Czech Republic — in Prague on Monday an absolute temperature record, 40.4 degrees Celsius in the shade, the Czech news agency CTK reported, citing data from the National State Hydrometeorological Service.

"In the district of Prague-West meteorologists recorded a temperature of 40.4 degrees, 0.2 degrees higher than the previous record set in 1983," — said the representative of the Czech Hydrometeorological.

In the city of Pribram thermometer climbed to 37.6 degrees, 5.8 degrees higher record of 1892.

Nearby Beroun was also a record high temperature — 38.7 degrees, the top record

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December’s Spring in St. Petersburg. Video


The flowers are not in season. The gardens and parks of St. Petersburg comes extraordinary spring.

13.12.11.Na calendar — mid-December, but the temperature rarely falls below the day zero mark.

A feeling that the window is not the middle of winter, and early spring. Ducks important to dissect unfrozen ponds and lakes, not even grass turned yellow, and if renewed.

— On willows buds bloom — surprised visitors park on the Petrograd side.

People worry that because of the warm winter spring Petersburg remain without any greenery.

— But what if all the trees vymerznut? — Worried citizens.

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The hottest place on the planet

Of the textbooks we have long known that the hottest spot on the planet is the African city of El Azizia in Libya, where the temperature record was recorded. However, satellite data show that the first place belongs to the far point of the earth. Moreover, the palm of the year goes to the new "record."

Satellite image of Lut desert, Iran. July 6, 1999.

Record Aziziyah was established September 13, 1922, when the thermometer showed Weather +58 ° C. These high temperatures in the region provoked constant warm winds from the Sahara Desert. The previous record of 56,7 °

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In the Alps for the first time in 50 years there is no snow. Video


2.12.11.Gornolyzhnye resorts in Austria, Italy, France and Switzerland are forced to postpone the opening of the season. In the Alps, because of unusually high for this time of year the temperature there is no snow. That did not happen for at least 50 years.

Tourists refuse to travel. Cable cars are idle. Instructors are unemployed. Weather breaks records in Norway. For several weeks, the temperature is above normal. Last month was the warmest in the last 145 years.

Source: The first channel

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